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Countries by Picture #2

Guess the countries that are depicted in these images.
Click an image to see a larger version and for attribution
Last updated: March 05, 2018
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level 57
Mar 6, 2018
When i search on google images of Socotra (Yemen), the image of what you say is Madagascar is the 6th on appearing. Are you sure that it is from Madagascar?
level 76
Mar 6, 2018
If you follow the copyright link, it tells you exactly where in Madagascar it is.
level 59
Mar 6, 2018
That's hilarious. This specific tree is endemic to Madagascar. The source that uses the photo to promote a trip to Socotra shows you something you will definitely not see. You'd see similar trees but not this one.
level 55
Jun 12, 2018
Don't mix up baobabs from Madagascar and Dendrosicyos from Socotra.
level 66
Jun 12, 2018
Are those particular baobabs specific to Madagascar? Or did you just have to guess all the countries with baobabs, like I did?
level 62
Mar 6, 2018
Interesting. I kept thinking Yemen too, for that one.
level 81
Mar 8, 2018
Do vaguely Asian-looking people only wear fur and hang out with birds in one country?
level 72
Mar 10, 2018
Eagle hunter is still more specific than the Balinese dancer, if you don't know the folk costumes in detail.

Kyrgyz dresses are certainly different, and apparently the tradition is not alive anymore in Kazakhstan itself (or China or Russia), though you can take a photo with an eagle at many tourist places around there.
level 78
Mar 17, 2018
I love picture quizzes, and really enjoyed this one. I agree with what tschutzer and Djilas are saying, though. I vastly prefer the pictures of landscapes, cities, or buildings to those of people.
level 37
Jun 12, 2018
The Madagascar picture was difficult. People who aren't specialized in botany would spend time typing in almost every african country
level 52
Jun 12, 2018
That's exactly what I did. I kept on thinking it was East Africa like Kenya or Tanzania but when that didn't work I tried a lot of other African countries. Never thought of Madagascar :P
level 54
Jun 12, 2018
The Vietnam one is pushing it, that could easily be most of the neighboring countries
level 71
Jun 12, 2018
Same goes for the Ecuador one. Random-looking Andean mountain with a llama (or alpaca or vicuna) hanging out in front of it on a plateau? Could also be Peru or Bolivia. (I know that mountain is the highest in Ecuador and all (thanks to the picture's link), but does it really have distinctive features that the average, or even better than average, Jetpunker can recognize?)
level 65
Jul 29, 2018
At first I thought so too, but it's the hat that makes it distinctly Vietnamese.
level 56
Aug 23, 2018
The non la (conical hat) is specific to Vietnamese people. Thai and Lao different shape, Khmer people tend to wear Krama (scarves)
level 21
Jul 20, 2018
the vietnam just looks like an ordinary paddy feild............could be in india also
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