Countries with the Fastest 100 Meter Sprinters

Name the countries with the most sprinters who have run 100 meters in less than 10 seconds.
Through July 13, 2019
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Last updated: July 16, 2019
First submittedJuly 26, 2016
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United States
United Kingdom
Trinidad and Tobago
South Africa
Level 74
Jul 26, 2016
Here's the quiz to name the eight sub-10-second world record holders.
Level 71
Jul 31, 2016
As somebody who knows very little about athletics/the olympics and cares little about them, I have to admit, I'm surprised that Kenya isn't there. I always thought they dominated running, or maybe it's just long distance running?
Level 80
Jul 31, 2016
i thought so too
Level 79
Aug 17, 2016
Indeed, Kenyan runners shine in long distances, almost as Jamaicans do in sprint.
Level 60
Jan 17, 2017
Kenya has long distance runners
Level 70
Aug 17, 2016
Different sort of build usually, 'Fast Twitch' muscles are big and bulbous and tend to fatigue faster and are built for sprinting, whereas 'Slow Twitch' muscles are longer and slender and enable long-endurance distance running. That is why the great Kenyan long-distance runners are slight of build and carry no excess weight in big bulbous muscles. Usain Bolt is a one-off individual in that he is tall and angular compared to e.g. Gay, Powell, Blake etc. who are very muscular. That is also why Usain takes a little while to get going in the 100m compared to Gatlin for instance but why he is also so fast in the 200m and will probably be so in 400m etc. if and when he decides to take on those distances.
Level ∞
Aug 6, 2019
To be fair, Olympic long distance runners are extremely fast in the short distance as well. Mo Farah can run the final lap of a 10000 meter race in under 51 seconds.
Level 80
Aug 17, 2016
No Kenya or Ethiopia? I guess they are more distance runners, not sprinters?
Level 39
Aug 19, 2016
Definitely. Sprinting seems to have a high concentration of people from the Caribbean, as distance running tends to pull in more Africans.
Level 38
Aug 17, 2016
What about Namibia?
Level 47
Aug 17, 2016
What about them? Is Frankie Fredericks four people?
Level 80
Aug 17, 2016
He's as fast as ten fast men!
Level 80
Aug 17, 2016
Frankie ran under 10 seconds 27 times. The 4 sub-10-second runners from Namibia's much larger neighbor South Africa ran under 10 seconds a total of 7 times combined. Can Namibia help it if it concentrated all its talent into one man? Besides, how many of these other runners have raced a cheetah?
Level 51
Aug 17, 2016
Christie was from Great Britain.
Level 22
Nov 10, 2016
USAIN BOLT is my all time favourite. I also loves to play quizzes based on him.
Level 33
Jan 3, 2018
7/7 Big up T&T!
Level 43
Jan 4, 2018
Level 82
Aug 22, 2018
These figures naturally need updating each year, which as of Aug 2018 are USA on 55, Jamaica 20, UK 10, Nigeria 8 still (which includes a Portuguese/Nigerian runner), Trinidad 6, South Africa 5 and Canada 4. Honourable mention should go to France with 3 and China, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Qatar, St Kitts, Turkey and Zimbabwe all with 2, and Antigua, Australia, Bahamas, Cuba, Italy, Japan, Namibia, Netherland (Antilles), Norway and Oman all with 1 runner. Also it seems common that runners are born in Jamaica and compete for another team (including Linford Christie (UK), and Kemar Hyman who ran for a Cayman Islands team). If you take population size into account, it suggests Jamaica has more sprinters per person than anywhere else - 1 per 145,000 people. However from the full list, Saint Kitts has had 2 sub-10 runners, Antigua & Barbuda had 1 sub-10 runner which gives them 1 top sprinter per 28,000 and 103,000 people respectively. So perhaps those two are the best places to find sprinters.
Level 72
Aug 6, 2019
A per capita test would render far more interesting results.
Level 56
Aug 6, 2019
In this list the UK seems to be ranked lower than Nigeria on fastest time despite having more sub-10 runners. Then the USA is ahead of Jamaica despite having a slower fastest time therefore ranking them on total sub-10 runners. Why is the quiz maker using different criteria to rank the countries at different points in the list?
Level 66
Aug 6, 2019
First time I read the description I thought this was a 10 second quiz and thought, "just because they have to run fast, doesn't mean we have to guess that fast. This is ridiculous." Thankfully I was wrong.
Level 75
Aug 7, 2019
What is the sort order here? It seems to be neither # of runners, best time, or alphabetical order.
Level 61
Jun 16, 2020
Should you swap the third and fourth answers, so it would be arranged by Highest # to lowest?
Level 20
Jun 30, 2020
i finished this quiz in 24 seconds having 7/7