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Current Events by Year, 1970-1989

Based on the clues, guess these things that happened in each year.
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First submittedAugust 27, 2013
Last updatedAugust 27, 2013
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This city ceases to be divided by a wall
Terrorists from this country cause Pan Am 103 to crash into Lockerbie, Scotland
This British P.M. wins a rare third term in office
Margaret Thatcher
This space shuttle explodes
This reformer becomes leader of the Soviet Union
Mikhail Gorbachev
The Soviet Union boycotts the Summer Olympics held in this city
Los Angeles
121 million Americans watch the final episode of this TV show
The U.K. fights a war with this country over the Falklands Islands
This political leader quips "Honey, I forgot to duck" after
being shot in an assassination attempt
Ronald Reagan
This volcano violently erupts in Washington State
Mount St. Helens
Ayatollah Khomeini seizes power in this country
Over 900 followers of Jim Jones commit suicide by drinking poison
mixed with this beverage
Flavor Aid
This singer leaves the building for the last time
Elvis Presley
This Canadian tower becomes the highest free-standing structure in the world
CN Tower
Pol Pot becomes dictator of this country
President Nixon is forced to resign due to this scandal
Several Arab states launch a surprise attack on Israel during this Jewish holy day
Yom Kippur
The U.K. fights the second "Cod War" against this country
Relations improve as American athletes visit China to play this sport
Table Tennis
The Aswan Dam is completed in this country
level 77
Nov 23, 2013
100%. Never heard of the first or second Cod Wars, but got Iceland on my first guess.
level 77
Nov 23, 2013
always knew there was something fishy about that place
level 82
Nov 5, 2014
level 72
Jul 11, 2019
The world may never know how truly close they came to using the haddock option.
level 76
Oct 11, 2015
Every time I hear about the Cod Wars I become more and more incredulous. Seriously, we fought Iceland over fish? Crazy, crazy Britain.
level 69
Apr 4, 2016
Why not? You fought Argentina over sheep? Well, maybe I do see the difference ;)
level 77
May 3, 2016
You can't have a meaningful connection with a cod.
level 54
May 3, 2016
you just haven't tried hard enough. It's all about the music selection.
level 49
May 6, 2016
We did not fight Iceland over cod or Argentina over sheep
level 49
Mar 22, 2018
never heard of it either, I guessed a few countries before I got Iceland lol
level 68
Nov 23, 2013
Only missed Mount St Helens but should have got that too.
level 55
May 7, 2014
If you grow up in Washington you get really, really tired of hearing about that damn thing.
level 70
Nov 25, 2013
Much as I disliked the man, it's a bit unfair to say that Khomeini 'seized' power. He came to power after a popular revolution, supported by the majority of Iranians. The fact that he betrayed their trust and imposed the theocracy they still have now does not change the fact that they initially welcomed him.
level 77
Nov 26, 2013
There was definitely a seizure of power in Iran. A couple of them, actually. A lot of people don't know that the Shah, who was last in the line of kings going back 2500 years to Cyrus the Great, was actually forced out of power twice. The popular narrative seems to be that he was forced on the Iranian people by Americans. Prime Minister Mosaddegh had seized power similar to how Hitler seized power in Germany, both were popularly elected but then went on to take more power than they were granted by their office. Mosaddegh oversaw the wholesale theft of the energy infrastructure in Iran that had been built by foreign companies, and this was part of why foreign powers helped to see the rightful ruler (the Shah) returned to power over Mosaddegh. We only hear about the Shah being unpopular in the West because of his oppressive police state-like policies, but in truth he was mostly unpopular because he wanted things like equality and education for women and peace with other states (Israel).
level 77
Nov 26, 2013
this made him very unpopular with the ignorant, violent, misogynistic clerics of the country, and so they, along with spiritual leader in exile Khomeini, fanned the flames of discontent which eventually resulted in the popular uprising that sent the Shah packing a second time. There were other factors, including the rise of Communist influence and (significantly) a slumping economy, but the issues that took center stage were the religious ones which is of course why the people were happy to see Khomeini's return from exile. However, he was not given supreme power, and it was in the same year that he did in fact seize it from the interim government, citing authority from God. The extent to which this was a popular movement or not can be argued. He probably was supported by a majority of Iranians. But it's still accurate to say that he seized power. He was not elected. Coups can be popularly supported.
level 53
Jan 21, 2014
comparing Mosaddegh to Hitler shows your true colours.
level 55
May 7, 2014
level 80
Sep 3, 2014
What a stinging rebuttal Tecumseh!! Way to address the core of kalbahamut's argument with a well thought out parry! Impressive rhetoric, I must say!
level 77
Nov 26, 2016
I'm only comparing the way in which they usurped power. Aside from that, they were both nationalists, and a little xenophobic, but that's about where the similarities end.
level 38
Feb 5, 2018
Agree with you 100% regarding the Shah and Khomeini. It's a shame that people form opinions based on the media reports and not by doing their own research!
level 71
Jun 5, 2014
Thank you Forrest Gump for teaching me the answer to the 1971 question :).
level 77
May 3, 2016
Could have helped for '74, '77, and '81, too
level 68
Sep 20, 2014
Ah... the cod wars, we meet again.
level 36
May 5, 2016
I tried every iteration of Mount St Helens and it didn't work. Are we seriously supposed to include the period!?
level 53
May 11, 2016
Leave out the Mount. It worked for me, no period necessary.
level 69
May 6, 2016
Not that it actually caused a problem for me, but for the sake of accuracy, I feel like maybe including Kampuchea as a correct answer as well as Cambodia would be a good move. That was (and, in Khmer at least, still is) the name of the country at the time and Democratic Kampuchea is widely used in English for at least that particular period of its history.
level 60
Jun 17, 2019
Got them all with 2 seconds left. Last one finally came to me after many guesses, and I had just played a game of it at lunch.