Famous People Named George

Based on the clues, can you guess these famous people and fictional characters named George?
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Last updated: July 26, 2022
First submittedAugust 8, 2010
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Famous George
1st President of the U.S.
George Washington
Author of "Nineteen Eighty-Four"
George Orwell
Star of "Ocean's 11"
George Clooney
"Pygmalion" playwright
George Bernard Shaw
Female novelist
George Eliot
George Sand
Composer of "Rhapsody in Blue"
George Gershwin
Member of Wham! who later recorded "Careless Whisper"
George Michael
Creator of "Star Wars"
George Lucas
Hard-charging American general of WWII
George S. Patton
American general who made a plan to rebuild Europe
George Marshall
According to legend, he slew a dragon
Saint George
Boxer and grill salesman whose five sons are also named George
George Foreman
One of the Beatles
George Harrison
Monkey of children's literature
Curious George
Don't "misunderestimate" this U.S. President
George W. Bush
Hungarian financier who broke the Bank of England
George Soros
Belfast born soccer player who said "I spent a lot of money on booze, birds,
and fast cars – the rest I just squandered"
George Best
Tarzan-like cartoon character
George of the Jungle
British sea captain who is the namesake of a major Canadian city
George Vancouver
Level 44
Dec 21, 2011
Only knew George Sand because of Gossip Girl...pretty sad place to gain literary knowledge...
Level 43
Apr 19, 2016
Better there than nowhere, right?
Level 78
Jul 26, 2022
"All I know about opera I learned from a cross-dressing cartoon rabbit."
Level 61
Jul 31, 2019
Level 54
Aug 25, 2012
Ack! I spelled Foreman wrong... 15/20
Level 75
Oct 24, 2013
George, George, George, George, George and George will not be happy!
Level 43
Sep 10, 2013
Good quiz. Got 19 out of 22.
Level 57
Mar 24, 2014
Don't understand the clue "don't underestimate him." What's the reference?
Level 84
Jul 31, 2019
it's a riff on a Bush quote
Level 33
Mar 21, 2015
I've been to George Sands house...
Level 87
Apr 18, 2016
Was it nice?
Level 60
Apr 18, 2016
I never knew Patton's first name was George. There's my one new thing I learned today!
Level 39
Apr 20, 2016
Seriously?! I was expecting Prince George or George Weasley at least! I used to think this site was holy. Not anymore! (HP fans will get my reference)
Level 71
Nov 23, 2022
Level 46
Sep 14, 2016
I took this quiz hoping there would be George Weasley hehe
Level 48
Dec 8, 2016
How can I forget Patton!?! He shares my surname

(or similar - Paton/Patton)

Level 54
Jan 2, 2019
Elizabeth George- famous female mystery writer... but nope.
Level 61
Jul 31, 2019
William and Kate ___________

Do you really want to hut me? __________

Level 28
Nov 2, 2021
Why can't I just type George then it will just fill it all
Level 76
Jul 26, 2022
Assume "computer" should say "composer"
Level 75
Jul 26, 2022
Computer? Surely you mean Composer of Rhapsody in Blue?
Level ∞
Jul 26, 2022
Now that AI can write music, it's all the same.
Level 86
Jul 26, 2022
Love that quote from the Northern Irish footballer. Think I'll add it to the signature line in my work email.
Level 71
Jul 27, 2022
The clue about Wham! is factually inaccurate. Careless Whisper was recorded by both members of Wham during the height of their fame. Wake Me Up before You Go-Go came out about a month before Careless Whisper (May and June of 1984?). The song is actually credited as “Wham featuring George Michael” in the United States. Interestingly, Ridgley (Wham’s other guy) played acoustic guitar, but wasn’t given a credit in most music markets, except the USA. George definitely led the project, but the “later” in the clue is wrong/misleading.
Level 66
Jul 30, 2022
Mercedes’ Formula 1 driver who’s just took his maiden pole position could already be in this list!
Level 56
Oct 11, 2022
OMG yes
Level 52
Sep 28, 2022
My favourite George Best quote is "I once gave up booze and women - it was the worst 20 minutes of my life"
Level 83
Nov 23, 2022
No Jefferson or Jetson?
Level 72
Nov 23, 2022
Level 87
Nov 23, 2022
Two fictional TV dads (The Jeffersons and The Jetsons). Don't know how well known they are outside the US.
Level 62
Nov 24, 2022
Considering Marshall is also a military rank, it's hilarious to me that there was a person called General Marshall.
Level 43
Nov 25, 2022
sort of sad that George Eliot only scores 36% whereas several of the other Georges that have rather less merit score about double. (and I don't mean George of the jungle as I have never heard of that).
Level 53
Nov 25, 2022
No George Mason?