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First Name Movie Titles

All the movie titles are a person's name (single word). Based on the description, guess the movie.
Quiz by Quizmaster
First submittedAugust 9, 2012
Last updatedSeptember 20, 2014
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Yo, Adrian! I punched that guy's face in real good
Colin Farrell brings his considerable acting talents to this film about a Greek conqueror
A man is best friends with his childhood teddy bear, who has come to life
Biopic about the life of Ray Charles
Cultural learnings of America for make benefit glorious nation of Kazakhstan
They picked the WRONG girl to spill pig's blood on at the prom
Thanks to a miracle drug, a young woman can use more than 10% of her brain, giving her
incredible physical and mental abilities
Paris orphan lives in a train station and tries to fix an automaton
Cate Blanchett is the Queen of England
It's a hard knock life for this redheaded oprhan
Mischievous Parisian woman secretly improves the lives of those around her
Undersized Notre Dame student wants to be a football star
Musical version of a Charles Dickens novel
Movie based on a controversial Nabokov book
Genius girl uses telekinesis to defeat evil principal
Biopic about a Mexican painter with a famous unibrow
Presidential look-alike accidentally becomes the real President
Norse God must regain his mojo after being banished to Earth
Gay fashionista seeks to become the biggest Austrian superstar since Hitler
level 77
Oct 22, 2014
Got them all but took me a while to remember the presidential look-alike movie. Guess I wasn't the only one almost stumped on that one.
level 55
Jul 13, 2015
I'm kicking myself because I would have gotten it, but somehow missed reading the description. That used to be my favorite movie.
level 76
Oct 19, 2016
I could see the characters in my mind and I knew it was a four-letter name, but I just couldn't get it. I was trying all sorts of four-letter men's names - Carl, John, etc. Another twenty or thirty minutes and I might have gotten it. :)
level 67
Nov 15, 2016
One of my favourite movies ..... tomorrow, tomorrow there's always tomorrow.
level 72
Jul 17, 2018
That's the one I thought of as soon as I saw the quiz title. Kevin Kline had his good moments, but I was hoping that movie had been forgotten.
level 43
Oct 22, 2014
I think maybe the official (translated) title is "The Fabulous Destiny of Amelie Poulain" *ducks*
level 58
Oct 22, 2014
What's with all the eponymous women with telekinetic powers?
level 40
Oct 22, 2014
level 23
Oct 23, 2014
I completely ignored the word "Norse" and was like "why isn't Hercules working?!"
level 58
Mar 2, 2016
Sorry to sound snarky, but is the best description of Frida Kahlo, with all she suffered and achieved, have to include the word 'unibrow'??
level 49
Nov 15, 2016
Sure helped me with the answer.
level 45
Oct 31, 2017
Steel rod in back, or literal monkeys on her back be better?
level 72
Jul 17, 2018
No, if you've seen portraits of her, there is a lot more hair than that.
level 80
Nov 17, 2016
I guess Scrooge isn't a musical. :-)
level 67
Dec 8, 2018
It's also not the character's first name!
level 72
Jul 17, 2018
Shouldn't the answer be Rudy...Rudy...Rudy...?
level 72
Jul 17, 2018
God, I hate that movie.
level 47
Nov 21, 2018
Good quiz! I thought for sure you would have the 1955 Oscar winner "Marty" in here.
level 65
May 18, 2019
Should’ve known Amelie. For some reason I remembered it taking place in Montreal.