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General Knowledge Quiz #146

Answer these random trivia questions.
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Last updated: March 6, 2016
First submittedMarch 6, 2016
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What Olympic event involves throwing a spear?
What type of product is Dom Pérignon?
What pope, who died in 2005, was the second longest-serving pope of all time?
John Paul II
What werewolf movie starred Michael J. Fox?
Teen Wolf
Fill the blank in this Shakespeare quote: Something is rotten in the state of _______
On what holiday would you be most likely to hear someone say "Erin go bragh"?
St. Patrick's Day
What country's flag features the Star of David?
What does someone need to wear if they are myopic?
What is ghee?
Clarified Butter
What syndrome causes motor tics, and in 10% of cases, can cause compulsive cursing?
Tourette Syndrome
What famous guitar player called himself a voodoo child?
Jimi Hendrix
What object did Jason and the Argonauts seek?
The Golden Fleece
What French fashion company sells its Birken Bag over $10,000, but makes it nearly
impossible to purchase in order to create the illusion of scarcity?
Complete the analogy: Mrs is to Frau as Mr is to ____
Who was Castor's twin brother?
What is the second largest object that orbits the Earth?
International Space
What type of boat, popular in Cambridge, is propelled by pushing a pole
against the bottom of the river?
What instrument is like a trumpet but doesn't have any valves to change the pitch?
What UN agency designates "World Heritage" sites?
What country's population peaked at around 128 million in 2010?
Level 85
Mar 7, 2016
Maybe just "Space Station"?
Level 77
Mar 7, 2016
"ISS" will work.
Level 69
May 17, 2016
Level 31
Nov 11, 2018
Yes, just Space Station should be an acceptable answer ?
Level 45
Mar 23, 2020
Another vote for "space station"
Level 78
Mar 8, 2016
What about clarion for bugle?
Level 48
May 16, 2016
Trumpets originally did not have valves (which is why one with valves is called a "valve trumpet"). "Historically Informed Performances" of baroque music use valveless trumpets, as do many performances of the triumphal march in "Aida." thus, the question about "what instrument is like a trumpet but doesn't have any valves to change the pitch" is not well-defined.
Level 80
Aug 12, 2018
Trumpets with valves have been the standard in most places for over a century. The question is plenty clear enough.
Level 44
May 16, 2016
Birkin, not Birken, for the bags.
Level 79
May 16, 2016
is the space station not still referred to as Mir?
Level 67
May 16, 2016
That was the Russian space station. it was crashed into the ocean once the new one was operational. The one that is there now is the international space station because it is a joint effort with a bunch of countries. within the space station itself there are american, Russian and Japanese sections and astronauts from those countries plus the UK, Italy, Canada, Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands have visited it.
Level 73
May 17, 2016
What about contact lenses for the myopia question ;-)?
Level 50
May 18, 2016
Surprised so few got Japan right. Seems like we have a lot of Geography buffs around here and their population decline has been big news.
Level 28
May 19, 2016
can we change that to public holiday? I kept typing in Ireland, Irish, Dublin, as in a vacation to.
Level 62
May 19, 2016
That would also be confusing as a public holiday is one that people get off of work here, and that doesn't include St Patrick's day.
Level 78
Nov 15, 2016
Kept wondering why it didn't take Raúl for Castro's brother...
Level 44
Jan 14, 2017
What the does Erin go Bragh mean Do you mean Éireann go breá? That is actually in Irish unlike the made up term in this quiz yet I have still never heard this term used and I'm from Ireland
Level 68
Jul 2, 2017
Very difficult to play a Bugle well. For an example of great Bugle playing see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99tCg596QSc
Level 23
Jun 5, 2018
thought I knew flags, but missed Israel!
Level 16
Jun 24, 2018
You should accept wine instead of champagne, or make it clear that you are looking for something more specific
Level 80
Aug 12, 2018
If you actually know what Dom Pérignon is, the correct answer is probably your first guess. And if you did guess wine first and it didn't work, then it would be an obvious second guess.
Level 66
Apr 1, 2020
Would trombone be a correct answer to the instrument question?