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General Knowledge Quiz #57

Answer these random trivia questions.
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First submittedSeptember 11, 2012
Last updatedApril 12, 2019
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What ancient nation was led by pharaohs?
What do you call a six-sided polygon?
a Hexagon
According to Dante, what is the worst of the seven deadly sins?
What element has the chemical symbol Fe?
What type of bird is considered a national symbol of New Zealand?
What was Cameron Diaz's first major movie? (hint: her co-star was Jim Carrey)
The Mask
What is the square root of 625?
What actor frequently performed alongside his dancing partner Ginger Rogers?
Fred Astaire
What blockbuster movie trilogy was directed by the Wachowskis?
The Matrix
What is frozen carbon dioxide called?
Dry Ice
What Korean martial art translates as "the way of the hand and foot”?
What is deer meat called?
What small, former Soviet republic is the poorest country in Europe?
What is Aspartame?
an Artificial Sweetener
In what activity can you be named Mr. Olympia?
What does the green represent on the flag of Saudi Arabia?
In what country would you be most likely to say "Kanpai" before taking a drink?
Who was shot nine times in 2000, but survived and went on to
become a famous rapper?
Fifty Cent
What country's largest city is Dar es Salaam?
Some people insult the city of Cleveland by calling it "The Mistake on the Lake".
What lake is Cleveland located on?
Lake Erie
level 36
Nov 29, 2012
Dante's Divine Comedy addressed a slightly altered and not-quite-straightforward list of sins. I suggest you change it to refer to Catholics, instead of Dante.
level 55
May 12, 2014
It's not that hard. There are only 7 possibilities.
level 51
Apr 28, 2015
You could just change it to Aquinas. He was working from the standard list and also thought pride was the worst.
level 37
Apr 28, 2015
How many people know Aquinas though? Dante is relatively well known in pop culture, unlike Thomas Aquinas.
level 34
Dec 10, 2013
Moldova also consumes more alcohol per capita than any other country. One probably leads to the other, but I'm not sure which leads to which.
level 55
Apr 28, 2015
For the The Mask question, I ignored the Jim Carrey hint and tried "E.T." Once again, I know that I will go to my grave not knowing the difference between Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore.
level 67
Apr 28, 2015
No chance for allowing Vanity for Pride?
level 75
Apr 12, 2019
"Vanity, definitely my favorite sin!"
level 62
Apr 29, 2015
Could you please add Moldavia as a possible answer for Moldova?
level 67
Aug 13, 2015
If I remember correctly, Moldavia was the fictitious country in Dynasty. A heretofore unknown Carrington daughter was going to marry the prince, & all the wedding guests were gunned down at the reception.
level 58
Oct 25, 2015
Hopefully not! That's like saying please allow Englandia for England, or Americana for America.
level 73
Feb 20, 2017
Nope. Moldavia is the Latin/English/... name for a historical region in the northeast of Romania and around, Moldova is the Romanian name. Republic of Moldova decided it wants to use Romanian name also internationally, possibly because Moldaviya is also Russian name.

Moldova = Côte d'Ivoire = Timor Leste = Cabo Verde
Moldavia = Ivory Coast = East Timor = Cape Verde
level 73
Feb 1, 2019
Moldavia was just the only one of those that successfully lobbied the (anglophone) world to use the native name.
level 5
Dec 15, 2015
its a good quiz
level 69
Feb 27, 2016
They think it's Moldova it is now. (British humour)
level 33
Mar 6, 2016
Should accept weightlifting for bodybuilding
level 51
Jun 24, 2016
Negative, just because you are a weight lifter, doesn't mean you are a bodybuilder.
level 61
Sep 20, 2016
Different sports!
level 66
Mar 2, 2017
Perhaps when they start lifting weights on stage during the competition and it figures into the judging of a bodybuilding competition. But until then, THEY'RE NOT THE SAME THING!!!
level 76
Feb 1, 2019
Yeah, no. Weightlifting is about developing your capacity to lift weight. Bodybuilding is about making your body as "perfect" as possible. The weightlifters at the Olympics have plenty of fat on them. Bodybuilders have to maximize all of their muscles -- regardless of their function -- and get their body fat level as close to 0 as possible. A bodybuilder would probably not be a very good weightlifter, and vice versa. They are completely different pursuits.
level 66
Jun 6, 2018
Thanks for the quiz. Would you accept "cardice" as a name for solid carbon dioxide. It is commonly called that in UK laboratories.
level 59
Jan 9, 2019
I typed fitness for bodybuilding. I meant the same thing here atleast we use it interchangibly. a fitnessguy=a bodybuilder.
level 70
Feb 1, 2019
Slight typo in the rapper question: "when" should be "went".
level 43
Apr 12, 2019
Yes, it should say *when not when in question 18. I agree!
level ∞
Apr 12, 2019
level 55
Apr 12, 2019
i had put weight lifting...
level 22
Apr 12, 2019
Crap what do you call a six sided polygon!
level 68
Apr 12, 2019
In case anyone else is wondering why the color green represents Islam on the Saudi flag: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_in_Islam
level 45
Apr 12, 2019
Please accept sweetner as a spelling mistake for sweetener
level 60
Apr 12, 2019
All the kids saying "50, you tough. Nine shots just wasn't enough."
level 53
Apr 13, 2019
is "bodybuilding" really a sport? That's like calling modeling a sport.