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General Knowledge Quiz #54

Answer these random trivia questions.
Last updated: November 26, 2018
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In what galaxy is our solar system located?
The Milky Way
What substance is also known as "black gold"?
According to a popular misconception, what animal buries its head in
the sand when threatened?
Who was the "Man of La Mancha"?
Don Quixote
What is the call sign of the plane carrying the U.S. president?
Air Force One
What type of tree do acorns come from?
What was the name for the system of racial segregation in South Africa prior to 1994?
What island do Cypriots come from?
If you order fromage at a French restaurant, what will you get?
What is either an exclusive sport or a Ralph Lauren brand?
What celebration marked the 60th year of Queen Elizabeth's reign?
Diamond Jubilee
What word can mean either "a student" or "a part of the eye"?
What tool is used to measure atmospheric pressure?
What Colombian dance fitness program is practiced by over 15 million people?
What metallic toxin is present in tunafish?
What word often follows blood, mandarin, and agent?
What two well-known minerals have a name that ends in Z?
Who was the lead actor in the "Bourne" series?
Matt Damon
What country has a population of over 150 million but has never won an Olympic medal?
level 53
Nov 8, 2012
missed two- should have only missed one but couldn't spell the 'man of la mancha' answer!!
level 78
Dec 21, 2018
It's helpful if you know the English word quixotic, which is derived from The Man of La Mancha's last name.
level 61
Nov 8, 2012
A barometer is really meant to measure atmospheric pressure, not air pressure.
level 8
Nov 8, 2012
Usually my biggest issue is spelling stuff correctly. I missed three because I didn't know how to spell them.
level 56
Jul 9, 2013
spelt don qiuxote wrong, darn!
level 58
Jul 19, 2013
Any chance that you can take Quijote or don Quijote for don Quixote? Quijote is the actual Spanish spelling of the word and how it appears in the original work.
level ∞
Jan 26, 2015
Okay, Quijote will work now.
level 58
Apr 27, 2014
7% didn't get Milky Way, that's about enough life for me one day, *bashes head against wall repeatedly*
level 68
Dec 3, 2018
Calm down. Have a Snickers™.
level 66
Mar 8, 2015
Argh I knew Don Quixote but I didn't know how to spell it...
level 61
Mar 17, 2015
Pepper and coal are also sometimes being referred to as black gold
level 57
Mar 17, 2015
I didn't know the black gold one so I tried coal, lead, and even Halle Berry; I don't think I would have ever gotten oil
level 43
Mar 22, 2019
Oil that is. Black Gold. Texas Tea.
level 43
Mar 24, 2019
Well the next thing you know Ole Jed's a millionaire.
level 57
May 25, 2017
Shoulda gotten Mercury. Tried Arsenic and Lead.
level 47
Nov 14, 2017
If you order fromage, you should get fromage. Unless the french serve you everything other than what you want.
level 78
Aug 24, 2018
Now the REAL question. Is a Cypriot from Europe or Asia? ;)
level 74
Oct 9, 2018
the real question - if a cypriot moves to russia, have they moved continent?
level 66
Nov 28, 2018
The real question - if you don't see a "Cyprus in Europe or Asia" debate in the comments, are you really on Jetpunk?
level 68
Dec 3, 2018
Too many people get incontinent over Cyprus.
level 76
Dec 5, 2018
It is the greatest question of our times.
level 69
Dec 24, 2018
Close second: Australia, island, continent, or both?
level 73
Dec 5, 2018
I was trying like crazy to figure out why Zircon wasn't working for the mineral one...D'OH! Also, I'm disappointed that "Texas Tea" is not accepted for "Black Gold."
level 54
Mar 22, 2019
Oh my gosh, I fully typed "Texas tea" like it was a knee-jerk.
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