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Geography by Letter - Y

Guess these geographical answers that start with the letter Y.
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First submittedApril 26, 2013
Last updatedJune 10, 2019
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Currency of Japan
Oman's neighbor
China's longest river
The first national park in the U.S.
(and also the world)
National park in California
City in northern England
Jewish dialect of Eastern Europe
Country that dissolved into
many pieces in 1991
City in Belgium near where five
WWI battles were fought
Huge city just south of Tokyo
Far northwest Canadian territory
Crimean city and WWII conference location
Capital of Canada's Northwest Territories
Informal term for a person from the U.S.,
especially the northeast
A term for the ethnic group to which
98.5% of Japanese residents belong
City formerly known as Rangoon
Capital of Armenia
Type of portable dwelling found in
Central Asia
Mexican peninsula known
for a prehistorical meteor impact
level 44
Aug 4, 2013
20/20 couldnt think of yalta until the last second
level 62
Apr 2, 2014
Yiddish is a language, not a dialect.
level 59
Sep 10, 2016
Yiddish can also be thought of as a dialect of German written in the Hebrew alphabet.
level 76
Jun 11, 2019
The difference between language and dialect is very subjective, and usually political rather than linguistic.
level 37
Apr 5, 2014
Could NOT spell yangtze, even though I knew that was the answer! :( But its not like I was ever going to do well on this quiz anyway, lol
level 40
Jul 28, 2014
Good quiz. I'm surprised more people didn't get Yokohama.
level 61
Aug 8, 2014
I kind of feel like you should cut more spelling slack for a river name that is not even written in the alphabet in it's native language. I guess that's just sour grapes because I waisted so much time typing "yanzi" "yang zi" "Yang Ji" (all spellings I've seen in China).
level 61
Aug 8, 2014
But, hey, that's just me griping because I missed it. Fun quiz!
level 55
Jul 27, 2015
I got it easily, but I think you have a point. If those other spellings have been used, I think they should be accepted.
level 52
Oct 12, 2018
clearly spelling English is a challenge, too, waisted ?????
level 75
Jul 17, 2019
stone222: spelling is one thing, transliteration is another. A language may have more than one competing system for romanisation/transliteration, or no system at all. Japanese for example calls its systems romanji, which has a number of varieties. Chinese linguists developed Hanyu Pinyin in the 50s to replace earlier efforts, and it is dominant (and officially sanctioned by the Chinese govt), but certainly not universally accepted. So yeah, clearly transliteration is a challenge too. Don't get me started on transcription (like the International Phonetic Alphabet aka IPA). I dare anyone to make a quiz in IPA. Here are some question marks for you, in case you are fresh out. ?????
level 61
Sep 13, 2019
@stone222, how about you write in chinese... so we can all make fun of your spelling... if you can even make words.
level 71
Oct 16, 2015
Also, it sounds so nice and peaceful to say that Yugoslavia "dissolved". Czechoslovakia dissolved; Yugoslavia violently exploded.
level 68
Sep 10, 2016
Imploded probably gives a better sense of what happened there.
level 71
Jun 17, 2019
Fair point.
level 59
Sep 10, 2016
I was convinced that Mongolia's Bogdkhan Uul is the world's first national park - am I missing a caveat or fact here?
level 67
Dec 31, 2016
I believe that the area you are referring to was proclaimed a religious area and preserve in the 18 Century. A little different from a National Park. If that was to be the criteria for a National Park then the Australian Aboriginal areas of Australia (such as Uluru) would predate all National Parks by a few thousand years.
level 34
Mar 17, 2019
Actually there are many cities in northern England beginning with Y.
level ∞
Jun 10, 2019
level 76
Jun 11, 2019
...are there? What is another example?
level 71
Jun 17, 2019
Oopsie daisy, Genius!
level 85
Jun 11, 2019
I was fairly sure 98.5% of Japanese were not part of the Yakuza but that was still my first guess! (I know it is not considered an "ethnic group"!)
level 61
Sep 13, 2019
yea, it was my only guess, because I didnt know the answer..