H Answers Quiz #2

Guess these random things that start with the letter H.
All answers are a single word
Quiz by Quizmaster
Last updated: September 27, 2018
First submittedApril 29, 2015
Times taken16,531
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Name of 8 English kings
Her face launched 1,000 ships
Notable escape artist
Certain eye color
France's shape
Popular sans-serif font
Engelbert's last name
Jester with a checkered costume
Strongman of Greek mythology
First to climb Everest
Calvin's stuffed tiger
Last name of Uday and Qusay
Zeppelin that burst into flames
Cardiologist's forte
Many-headed serpent of Greek mythology
Capital city whose name rhymes with "annoy"
Political opposite of a dove
Angels have them. Beyoncé can see yours
Ethnic group from the mountains of Indochina
Ice world of "The Empire Strikes Back"
Musical instrument that is a symbol of Ireland
Where goulash came from
Sled dog breed
# in a Twitter post
Level 71
Jan 13, 2016
I tried Harley Quinn from the batman series, knowing it was probably false. Was shocked to see the answer! Never knew her name was derived from that :P
Level 85
Jan 13, 2016
The more you know.
Level 60
Jan 13, 2016
as rightly liberal with other spellings could do the same with hobbes and allow hobbs.
Level 71
Mar 2, 2016
Agreed! I was like "what other Calvin with an H could there be?!?"
Level 78
Jan 13, 2016
Only knew Hmong from Clint Eastwood's film, Gran Torino.
Level 72
Mar 6, 2019
There are sooooo many Hmong working in the central valley of California. A beautiful culture.
Level 55
Jan 13, 2016
Good quiz. Never heard of Calvin or his stuffed tiger though.
Level 51
Jan 13, 2016
You must be very young, then. Calvin and Hobbes is one of the best cartoon strips ever written.
Level 71
Jan 13, 2016
Or simply not originally from the English speaking world. I also hadn't heard of them until I started using Internet more often.
Level 46
Feb 13, 2017
Calvin and Hobbes is pretty good, but it was from a while ago, and is from the U.S. If you're from another country or younger, you may not have heard of it.
Level 80
Aug 20, 2017
I was never a big comics guy, but I loved Calvin & Hobbes. I thought it was brilliant and very funny. Even inspired me one winter to make my own two-headed snowman in our front yard....just to crack my brother up. (he got me started with C&H) Best snowman I ever made. Definitely made my brother laugh. I wonder what the neighbors thought though? :-/
Level 72
Sep 26, 2020
I used to read Calvin & Hobbes when I was younger, and I still do. It's by favourite comic by the bye.
Level 73
Jan 13, 2016
I'm hmong those people that missed Hmong.
Level 58
Jan 13, 2016
+1, internet person, +1.
Level 66
Jan 14, 2016
Yep, updooting this.
Level 52
Sep 28, 2018
i have been there and met them... was ashamed i could not remember the spelling
Level 60
Jan 14, 2016
Yeah, the 'France' clue is pretty ropey.
Level 79
Jul 29, 2016
See QM's reply above. L'Hexagone is a pretty common name for France.
Level 35
Jan 17, 2016
How come only 44% got "Hoth"?
Level 60
Feb 8, 2017
Because only 44% knew it.
Level 83
Apr 19, 2019
It's not well known to Hmong quiz takers on here.
Level 72
Sep 26, 2020
Never heard of 'Hoth'.
Level 67
May 23, 2018
I didn't understand the grammar of the second question. When I finally managed to get the answer anyway, I realized that "faced" is supposed to be a noun.
Level 50
Sep 27, 2018
"Face" is misspelled as "faced" for the second hint.
Level 78
Jan 25, 2020
H Answers Quiz #1 and #2 both include Hanoi as an answer. I'd suggest to change one of the clues to Vietnam's biggest city, Ho Chi Minh City.
Level 65
Jan 10, 2021
Took me ages to realise that # didn't mean "number", just got it in the end though. Not much of a tweeter.