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History Multiple Choice #3

Can you answer these multiple choice questions about world history?
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First submittedJuly 15, 2019
Last updatedJuly 15, 2019
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1. Where was the Mayan civilization based?
Around the Yucatan peninsula
Southern Africa
2. Where was the Metric System developed?
Ancient Greece
United States
3. How did Gandhi die?
Pancreatic cancer
Hunger strike
Assassinated by a Hindu nationalist
Still unexplained to this day
4. What happened to Persia during the Mongol invasions?
The population was reduced by up to 90%
The leaders were killed, but life remained the same for most people
A flowering of culture and literature
5. Were Italy and the United Kingdom allies or enemies during World War One?
6. How were Holy Roman Emperors chosen?
Chosen by the pope
Elected by a small group of princes
Democratic vote of the people
7. Has the United States ever invaded Canadian territory?
The U.S. invaded Canada during the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812
8. Who was Anton Chekov?
A designer of aircraft
An explorer
A chess player
A playwright
9. Did Egyptian pharaohs ever marry their sisters?
10. What style of architecture is exemplified by the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris?
Art Deco
11. Where and when was Siddhārtha Gautama, aka Buddha, born?
≈ 500 BC, Nepal
≈ 1 AD, Palestine
≈ 570 AD, Saudi Arabia
≈ 900 AD, China
12. Did the Crusaders ever capture Jerusalem?
Crusaders held territory in the Levant for about 200 years following the First Crusade
13. Which of the following was NOT one of the Ancient Wonders of the World?
The Parthenon
Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Colossus of Rhodes
Great Pyramid of Giza
14. What was the Holodomor?
A famine in Ukraine deliberately made worse by Soviet policies
The merger of Germany and Austria in 1938
The migration of modern humans into Europe during the Ice Ages
The eviction of the Acadians from Canada in the 1700s
15. How long did Hitler envision his "Third Reich" lasting?
10 years
1 million years
100 years
1,000 years
In reality, it lasted 12 years
level 79
Jul 16, 2019
And here I thought the Holodomor was an early precursor to the Holodeck.
level 76
Jul 16, 2019
Got everything right, but thought maybe it's worth pointing out that there *was* a flowering of culture and literature under the Timurid Empire which was one of the successor states to the Mongol Empire in and around Persia. I guess that was many years after the invasions, though, not during them.
level 71
Jul 16, 2019
I thought Italy was a member of the triple alliance? And after a year they switched sides?
level 58
Jul 16, 2019
Yes, Italy was part of the Triple Alliance, but it was a defensive pact in nature and never participated in WW1 on that side. Technically Italy was neutral until they joined the Allies in 1915 after some negotiations had taken place.
level 45
Jul 17, 2019
I have a question, I would like to make some quizzes in other languages, maybe even a series, how would I go about doing that?
level ∞
Jul 18, 2019
You can change the language of your quiz in Step 1 of the quiz editor.
level 45
Jul 18, 2019
Oh, ok. Thanks!