Illinois Trivia

Name these things associated with the state of Illinois.
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Last updated: July 20, 2015
First submittedJuly 19, 2015
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Biggest city
State capital
State nickname
Land of Lincoln
Illinois is located in this
region of the U.S.
… and is part of this industrial "belt"
Rust Belt
Illinois borders this Great Lake
Lake Michigan
Never put this on a hot dog
Illinois way to spell "the"
Will it play in this city?
This city is joined at the hip
to Champaign
Actor/politician born in Illinois
Ronald Reagan
Blue-collar sitcom set in
the fictional town of Lanford
River on the western border
Mississippi River
Stadium where the Cubs play
Wrigley Field
1920's gangster who lived in Cicero
Al Capone
City where "Wayne's World" happened
This city is prounounced Care-O
University in Evanston
What is Jewel Osco?
a Supermarket
What species is Sue?
(found at the Field Museum)
Level 70
Jul 20, 2015
Alright...firstly...Chicago does not equal Illinois. Nothing ticks off Illinoisans like assuming the whole state is just like Chicago. Only in Chicago is it a faux pas to put ketchup on a dog. And also, only Chicagoans say "the" like that. Remember, Illinois reaches really far from north to south, so you have three distinct dialects. The northerners sound a little like the Chicago caricatures, the middle is the plain dialect (the kind that newscasters use) and the south is a distinctly southern dialect. Lastly, it's Northwestern...not northwest.
Level ∞
Jul 20, 2015
Fixed the Northwestern error. For the rest of it, all I can say is sorry. I really tried to make the quiz not just about Chicago.
Level 58
Aug 26, 2015
Yeah, but nobody cares about the Cardinal fans down south. Go Cubs!
Level 72
Aug 26, 2015
It still accepts Northwest, my next answer was erndrug store
Level 82
May 20, 2019
Yep, still accepts "Northwest".
Level 64
Sep 7, 2019
I seriously doubt that ticks off Illinoisans as much as you say, considering that about 75% of the state's residents live in the Chicago metro area, which also means that, at least by stereotype, well over half the state's population says "da" instead of "the" and detests ketchup on hot dogs. Second, the reason most outsiders have the perception that Chicago composes most of Illinois is because, sorry, the majority of notable stuff about Illinois relates to Chicago. The quiz also includes Urbana-Champaign, Peoria, Reagan, Jewel, the Rust Belt (definitely not a Chicago vibe), Cairo, and the Mississippi River. You could maybe add Caterpillar and Cheap Trick, who's from Rockford. Other than that, you're really reaching. What else do you want? A clue about Fayette county?
Level 74
Jul 21, 2015
Since I'm not from around these parts, could someone please explain the Peoria clue?
Level 44
Aug 26, 2015
I live in Peoria. The saying basically says if it can play in Peoria it can play basically anywhere. (Referring to plays and movies and such)
Level 63
Aug 10, 2015
If it plays in Peoria is a cliché type of phrase on whether a movie or a play will be any good. Stone to the bone Chicagoan, but a great point noted..."just outside Chicago is a place called Illinois".
Level 78
Aug 26, 2015
It became a popular phrase during the era of Vaudeville. It's not necessarily whether or not it will be any good, but whether it will appeal to dull, mainstream Americans. Supposedly if they like it, anyone will like it.
Level 72
Aug 26, 2015
"Will it play in this city?" All I could think of is the World Series and NO.
Level 69
Feb 19, 2017
A few things have happened since this comment.
Level 78
Aug 26, 2015
Nothing about the Sucker State?
Level 64
Aug 26, 2015
I'm from illinois and i don't even know some of these lol
Level 21
Mar 22, 2017
Level 27
Apr 11, 2016
I didn't know that Jewel Osco was mainly an Illinois thing, I shop there all the time.
Level 66
Jan 17, 2017
Yup, based out of Itasca, IL
Level 71
Jan 27, 2017
Didn't know the sitcom....I don't watch much traditional network TV
Level 64
Sep 7, 2019
Maybe you could add a question about the four governors who were sentenced to prison in a span of less than 40 years. Good times. Also, the official state nickname is actually the Prairie State. Nobody calls it that though...