Indian Ocean General Knowledge

Can you answer these general knowledge questions about the Indian Ocean?
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Last updated: August 6, 2020
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What is the largest island in the Indian Ocean?
Who was the first European explorer to sail from Europe to India?
Vasco da Gama
What gulf borders Iraq, Iran, and Qatar?
Persian Gulf
What fictional Arabian sailor sailed the Seven Seas of the Indian and Pacific Oceans?
What sea borders India, Oman, and Pakistan?
Arabian Sea
What river flows through Bangladesh on its way to the Indian Ocean?
Ganges /
What is the most populous Australia city on the Indian Ocean?
What bay separates India from Myanmar?
Bay of Bengal
What Tanzanian island, starting with Z, was once an important trading center?
What island was formerly known as Ceylon?
Sri Lanka
Two cities with a metro population over 15 million border the Indian Ocean. What are they?
What canal connects the Red Sea to the Mediterranean?
Suez Canal
What city has a building, under construction, that is planned to be the tallest in the world?
What country is the island of Socotra part of?
What is Kenya's largest city on the Indian Ocean?
What bird onced live on the island of Mauritius, but famously went extinct in the 1600s?
What language, starting with S, is a lingua franca of Kenya and Tanzania?
What country controls the island of Réunion?
25% of the world's goods travel through the Strait of Malacca - which connects the
Indian and Pacific Oceans. Name one of the two largest cities on that strait.
Kuala Lumpur or
Level 83
Dec 5, 2017
FYI - many Arab people are not big fans of calling that body of water the Persian Gulf. They prefer the name Arabian Gulf.
Level 73
Dec 5, 2017
*take out the world's smallest violin
Level 80
Apr 1, 2018
This nonsense started very recently. Look at any old Arab map from more than a couple decades ago and the body of water is identified as the Persian Gulf
Level 70
Apr 1, 2018
Old Sailors never die, they just become nitpickers on jetpunk.
Level 54
Dec 5, 2017
Another spelling for the sailor's name exists (without giving it away) it includes a d in the middle of it.
Level 78
Dec 8, 2017
Yeah, but only his kids called him Vasco dad Gama.
Level 58
Mar 24, 2018
Level 69
Apr 1, 2018
Nice one. But yeah, if you prefer Mumbai to Bombay, you should probably prefer Sindbad to Sinbad.
Level 78
Apr 1, 2018
Well played.
Level 38
Apr 1, 2018
What is the most populous Australia-N city on the Indian ocean? *Spelling error
Level 62
Apr 1, 2018
Kuala Lumpur is not on the Strait of Mallaca. Medan is though!
Level 35
May 7, 2018
Can you consider Sindbad as well. We have grown up reading his stories with this spelling of his name.
Level 65
Feb 13, 2019
Mumbai and Karachi are not the Indian Ocean - they lie on the Arabian Sea.
Level 78
Mar 27, 2019
Do you mean the Arabian Sea that makes up part of the Indian Ocean in much the same way that the South China Sea makes up part of the Pacific?
Level 72
Apr 30, 2020
By what standard is Karachi even close to 20 million??? Even city pop puts it lower.
Level ∞
Aug 6, 2020
Citypopulation used to have them higher. Not sure what changed, but I changed the quiz.