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Iraq Country Quiz

Name these facts about the country of Iraq.
Quiz by Quizmaster
Last updated: January 25, 2017
First submittedJanuary 24, 2017
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Capital city
Country invaded by Iraq in 1990
Official languages
Most populous city in Southern Iraq
Ocean gulf that Iraq borders
Persian Gulf
Two main rivers
Ancient name for the region between these two rivers
This "caliphate" has operated in Iraq since 2013
Dictator of Iraq, 1979-2003
Saddam Hussein
Political party of the above
Iraq fought a bloody war against this country from 1980-88
These foreign invaders sacked the capital city in 1258 AD, ending the Islamic Golden Age
The Mongols
Ancient capital where the Great Ziggurat was located
King of the above city; His code of laws called for "an eye for an eye"
This legendary sailor of the seven seas was said to live in Iraq
Former U.S. prison where detainees were abused
Abu Ghraib
These two words, meaning "God is the Greatest" are written on the flag
Allahu Akbar
This Biblical patriarch was born in the city of Ur
Name of Iraq's currency
Iraqi Dinar
level 74
Jan 24, 2017
Quite easy. Just basic info and stuff that got lots of media attention. It's ok but a second part would be nice, with some less well known stuff. E.g. Najaf and Karbala as holy places, Asian cup victory during the war
level 57
Mar 31, 2017
I was expecting a question on Nebuchadnezzar.
level 73
Mar 31, 2017
I tried that first for the Babylon king clue, but then saw the part about the eye for an eye and got the correct answer.
level 72
Jan 24, 2017
Also allow "akhbar"? A google search on that spelling variant throws up lots of answers.
level ∞
Jan 25, 2017
level 67
Mar 31, 2017
Its really annoying that there's no universally standard method to transliterate Arabic into English. By most conventions though, when we use 'kh' together in a word it stands for the letter خ or "Khaa", which sounds like the noise you make when gathering up phlegm before spitting (seriously) and has no equivalent in English. Its not the same as "Kaf" which is your normal 'K' sound. So I dont know how that spelling of Allahu Akbar came about, but if we use the usual convention then Allahu Akhbar could be translated as 'God knows more' or 'God knows best'. So it becomes a completely different phrase.
level 63
Mar 31, 2017
I'd like to upvote this comment - then I realized this isn't Reddit or Imgur lol
level 77
Apr 2, 2017
I was told it means "god news" if pronounced incorrectly.
level 67
Apr 22, 2017
@kalbahamut Yeah it can mean that too, if the second 'a' in Akhbar is stressed, i.e. if it is a long vowel rather than a short one. The short vowel is like the 'a' in 'mustard', but the long vowel is like the 'a' in 'car'. Again, having no standard transliteration symbology means It's hard to distinguish between them in English without any context.
level 60
Jan 24, 2017
I couldn't figure the second official language other than Arabic, I tried Persian, Boom! Persian Gulf pops up. Couldn't figure out what country Iraq had a war with, tries Is, for Israel, Boom! ISIS pops up. I'm thinking, "Man I am great at this quiz!"
level 66
Jan 27, 2017
I was typing in an answer for the motto on the flag. I typed "allahu akhbar" and BOOM!
level 50
Mar 31, 2017
Brilliant comment is brilliant
level 73
Apr 5, 2017
It's not. It's very inappropriate, that's what it is.
level 70
Jan 25, 2017
May you accept Abram for Abraham, that's the original name of him in the bibel. Also, the IS opperated in Iraq since 2003. Although they hadn't a caliphate back then, I think the clue could be phrased better.
level 47
Mar 31, 2017
ISIS has not been around since 2003. The conditions under which the development of terrorist organizations in the area began in 2003. Cough...Bush....cough.
level 70
Mar 31, 2017
Terrorism didn't begin with Bush - the first organisation of what would become ISIS was even founded in 1999 as "Jama'at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad". It changed it's name several times since then. Just using the time it was actively percieved in western media is not an optimal solution in my opinion.
level 71
Mar 31, 2017
Sindbad should also be accepted since it is a widely used spelling. The great ZIggurat of Ur should be acceptable too.
level 52
Mar 31, 2017
I typed in Simbad so many times
level 67
Mar 31, 2017
For the sailor you should probably also mention his work in Necessary Roughness.
level 73
Mar 31, 2017
That comment just happened! Yes!
level 53
Apr 12, 2017
Could we please have questions about things other than the Western stereotypes about Iraq and 'exotic' Iraq? I mean we invaded the place under false pretense for God's sake, at least we ought to know about the real country that we destroyed!
level ∞
Apr 13, 2017
So add a bunch of questions that no one knows the answer to? You could have at least suggested a question. I actually think this quiz is a great balance of modern and historical Iraq.
level 70
Feb 27, 2018
Good quiz! A few variations on the spelling of Allahu akbar would be nice. I tried Allahu akbah and from there every variation I could think of except the right one with an R at the end
level 38
Apr 1, 2018
Excellent quiz! - Always misspell Mesopotamia as Mesopotania; don;t know why..
level 79
Jan 31, 2019
Probably because a lot more countries/regions end in "-ania" than "-amia."
level 76
Apr 29, 2018
Might want to update the quiz. Happily I think ISIS has been kicked out of Iraq.
level 46
Jul 26, 2018