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J Vocabulary Words Quiz #2

Guess these vocabulary words that start with the letter J.
Quiz by Quizmaster
First submittedDecember 22, 2014
Last updatedSeptember 5, 2018
Times taken12,277
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Baby kangaroo
Catchy commercial song
Chili pepper native to Mexico
Cheerful in the manner of Santa
Cheerful in the manner of Zeus
Fragrant plant used to make tea
Islamic term that can mean either
holy war or inner struggle
Fatty flesh around the chin
A mild hex
Impassible, overgrown forest
Prostitute's client
Slang for coffee (named after an island)
Japanese martial art with grappling
The sides of a door frame
Type of coarse fiber material
Unit of energy. About 1/4th of a calorie
Wharf or dock
Menacing footwear of a fascist thug
level 76
Dec 22, 2014
"course" fiber?
level ∞
Dec 23, 2014
Even when you mentioned it, I didn't see my error immediately. Fixed now, thanks.
level 61
Mar 3, 2017
Kept trying juke...I knew it was something like that.
level 60
Apr 21, 2019
I tried jupe first! Then got it.
level 69
Jul 21, 2019
Of coarse.
level 72
Dec 23, 2014
You're never too late to learn something - all this time I thought a john was a hooker's pimp! My lack of on-the-ground research is showing
level 78
Aug 27, 2015
I think you got away with it!
level 60
Apr 21, 2019
I got all except John. Never heard of it.
level 67
Aug 20, 2015
Should it be 'Cheerful in the manner of Jupiter'................ ie Jovial
level 75
Aug 27, 2015
By Jove you're right!
level 61
Aug 27, 2015
All this time I thought it was a doorjam. I had no idea there was a "b" stuck on the end. I love when I learn something new from a quiz that I thought I already knew. Thanks QM!
level 75
Aug 27, 2015
I couldn't spell joule. I hate it when I know it but just can't spell it. Jool? Joole? Joul? I gave up too soon thinking that must not be the word.
level 75
Aug 27, 2015
I'm not sure where we're supposed to post our opinions on the new look, so I'll make my comments here. Regarding the new look, I have no problem with any of the changes except the "start quiz" button. It will take time to get used to it, but I'll eventually stop typing madly as soon as the screen changes. My real problem with it, is it gives the cheaters an easy way to look up all the answers before they even begin the quiz. I suspect the stats will really be skewed now.
level ∞
Aug 28, 2015
We can't really police "cheating". The easiest way to cheat is just to open the quiz in another window, hit give up, and then paste all the answers. You're really only cheating yourself.
level 26
Aug 15, 2018
"Ju jitsu" is accepted, but not "jiu jitsu".
level 56
Apr 21, 2019
Well now I know jowl is not spelled with an 'e'. Thanks!
level 55
Apr 21, 2019
Nice quiz! I just wanted to point out that "jihad", literally, means "struggle". It does not mean "holy war" nor does it mean "internal struggle". The latter meanings are derived only when "jihad" is used in a sentence, not on its own.
level 65
Apr 22, 2019
I think that hex is American slang, so a different clue would be helpful. Like others, I've never heard of John used in that context. Maybe more American slang?
level 43
Apr 24, 2019
definitely not used in UK, think they're called 'punters'