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Name the people with these initials.
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Last updated: December 12, 2019
First submittedNovember 2, 2011
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Took a small step for man, but a giant leap for mankind
Neil Armstrong
Conquered most of Europe
Napoleon Bonaparte
Discovered that the Earth revolves around the Sun
Nicolaus Copernicus
"Sweet Caroline" singer
Neil Diamond
Wrote and directed "Sleepless in Seattle"
Nora Ephron
Comedic partner of Simon Pegg
Nick Frost
Republican politician who made a "Contract With America" in 1994
Newt Gingrich
"The Scarlet Letter" author
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Australian actress and singer of "Torn"
Natalie Imbruglia
"Come Away With Me" singer. Daughter of Ravi Shankar
Norah Jones
Tanya Harding's rival
Nancy Kerrigan
He starred in "The Producers" and "The Birdcage"
Nathan Lane
Anti-apartheid leader
Nelson Mandela
"48 Hrs." star
Nick Nolte
Mustachioed comedian who starred as Ron Swanson in "Parks and Recreation"
Nick Offerman
"Black Swan" actress
Natalie Portman
Former first lady and fashion enthusiast
Nancy Reagan
Her boots are made for walkin'
Nancy Sinatra
His AC power beat Edison's DC power
Nikola Tesla
In America, his name is synonymous with dictionaries
Noah Webster
Partnered with Crosby, Stills & Nash
Neil Young
Level 78
May 3, 2014
Norah Jones is spelled with an H. Quiz won't accept it when spelled correctly.
Level 66
Jun 10, 2014
Yeah I was really confused
Level ∞
Nov 27, 2017
Finally fixed
Level 71
Jun 7, 2014
Absolutely no clue who this newt gingrich is!
Level 79
Jun 8, 2014
No need to brag.
Level 71
Jun 24, 2014
Not bragging, I'm not American, and I had no clue what the question was about. Just messes with the scores when locally famous or infamous people are mentioned on the quizzes.
Level 64
Jan 7, 2015
Well, I've never seen / read Harry Potter, so you can imagine how that messes with my scores. It's just part of the game.
Level 74
Jun 15, 2015
I'm not American, but I know of Newt Gingrich. A name like 'Newt' tends to stick in the head.
Level 68
Jul 22, 2017
Not American, but I do remember him being in the news quite a bit over here in Britain in the 90's. Now Ron Swanson on the other hand, has me totally baffled.
Level 79
Sep 13, 2017
Things you lack: 1. knowledge of Newt Gingrich. 2. sense of humor
Level 74
Jul 4, 2018
3. humility
Level 54
May 27, 2018
He was Speaker of the House of Representatives and a candidate for president..... not exactly a local celebrity.
Level 72
May 27, 2018
flickerframe, would you say the same about Marine Le Pen, Nigel Farage, or Yanis Varoufakis?
Level 79
Jun 8, 2014
Didn't know that song but should have guessed Jones, she's always showing up on quizzes.
Level 50
Aug 8, 2014
My dad listened to her all the time. She was the only jazz singer I could tolerate, and as a result, that song is STILL stuck in my head for all this time.
Level 78
Sep 8, 2014
On every quiz with names I don't know I always guess Smith, Jones, Johnson, Jackson, Brown, Davis, Williams, Wilson, and Thomas. They often give me at least one correct answer. Worked again this time, too.
Level 56
Jun 9, 2014
It's Tonya Harding btw
Level 35
Nov 23, 2015
I only got Neil Armstrong!
Level 79
Sep 13, 2017
How is that possible? Do you live on the moon?
Level 81
May 27, 2018
Quiz is too Earth-centric. Only one moon answer!
Level 23
May 27, 2018
lol, saaaaame.
Level 83
Jan 9, 2016
I am amazed I still know some of these. Like those figure skaters.
Level 60
Aug 21, 2017
I just finished watching an episode of Spaced, so it was a bit of a coincidence having the Nick Frost question in here.
Level 76
Nov 27, 2017
Norah Jones is still misspelled.
Level 36
May 27, 2018
Hmmmmm. Comedic partner of Simon Pegg with initials NF. I assumed it was Nigel Farage.
Level 59
May 27, 2018
It's Tonya Harding, not Tanya.
Level 72
May 27, 2018
I wonder in how many countries people become synonymous with dictionaries. In Germany, that would be Duden, for Konrad Duden.
Level 74
Jun 9, 2018
Level 72
Jun 25, 2018
Level 60
May 27, 2018
It's Tonya Harding not Tanya