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U.S. States by Alternate Nickname

We give you two un-official or prior nicknames. You guess the state.
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Last updated: September 04, 2012
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Pineapple State, Rainbow State
Orange State, Alligator State
Mormon State, Friendly State
Land of the Midnight Sun, Seward's Folly
Apache State, Copper State
Razorback State, Hot Springs State
Bear Republic, El Dorado State
Crossroads of America, Hospitality State
Land of the Rolling Prairie, Tall Corn State
Spud State, Gem of the Mountains
Highest State, Columbine State
Mitten State, World's Motor Capital
Mother of Presidents, The Commonwealth
Mother of Modern Presidents,
Heart of it All
Creole State, Fisherman's Paradise
Chesapeake State, Terrapin State
Bellwether State, Ozark State
Heart of Dixie, Cotton State
Corporate Capital, Blue Hen State
Beef State, Tree Planter's State
Cactus State, Colorful State
New Mexico
Rough Rider State, Sioux State
North Dakota
Old North State, Tar Heel State
North Carolina
Baked Bean State, Pilgrim State
Liberty Bell State, Quaker State
Friendship State, Chili State
Cowboy State, Park State
The Crossroads of the Revolution,
Tomato State
New Jersey
level 1
Nov 3, 2012
Got Florida Arkansas Wyoming and New Mexico. How do I only get those?
level 70
Jan 7, 2013
The New Mexico one was hard, and I live there!
level 73
Jan 22, 2016
I got New Mexico and I'm Canadian and never visited NM.
level 56
Jul 24, 2016
The cactus state? How many states are know for cactus? Like three. If you didn't get that in two, three guesses I'm dissapointed in you.
level 41
Jan 19, 2017
na it wasnt
level 70
Jan 3, 2013
Missed Nebraska - tree planter??
level 69
Jan 7, 2013
Good quiz idea, but why not have all 50 states? @pitzikat - this is kind of obscure, but I think this is what they were talking about: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nebraska_National_Forest
level 21
Jul 4, 2013
I agree that this quiz needs all fifty states in it.
level 69
Jan 7, 2013
Actually, now that I think about it, it's probably this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arbor_day
level 33
Jan 7, 2013
Get out--I guessed them all...and with 2:22 left on the clock!
level 51
Jan 8, 2013
Did it with 1:10 left. That makes me happy, happy, happy!
level 18
Jan 8, 2013
texas is more of a cowboy state than wyoming will ever be.
level 34
Mar 17, 2019
Sounds like a personal problem.
level 56
Jun 27, 2013
many of these are very obscure
level 75
Dec 21, 2013
100% with 2:25 left. nice quiz!
level 33
Mar 3, 2014
Wisconsin is Cheese State. Add it!
level 67
Mar 15, 2014
Massachusetts is the Bay State.
level 75
Jan 12, 2015
I live in Missouri and our best-known nickname is "The Show-Me State". We are also known as the Cave State and Gateway to the West. We have been known as a bellwether state in national elections, but I am unaware it's an actual nickname.
level 65
Feb 13, 2015
I think calling Colorado the Columbine state is pretty disrespectful, not to mention kind of morbid
level 55
Apr 13, 2015
You do realize that columbine is a flower, right?
level 64
Nov 15, 2018
It is our state flower, not disrespectful at all.
level 28
Dec 17, 2015
How is Texas only at 33%!?!?
level 54
May 13, 2017
Because everyone knows that Texas is known as "The Lone Star State". It makes sense that Texas would be referred to that way here.
level 27
May 23, 2016
never heard ohio called either of those things. and I live here.
level 80
May 25, 2016
I've lived in Iowa my whole life and never ever heard any of those nicknames. We're often (unofficially of course) referred to as "The Refugee State" or "The Pork State" The clues given fit Nebraska way better as corn isn't even our top agricultural product (eggs are) and we have a pretty mixed basket in terms of prairie, bluffs, hills, and wetlands as opposed to Nebraska which is all corn and flat prairie
level 65
Jun 30, 2016
I lived in New Jersey for more than 25 years. I only ever heard "Crossroads Of The Revolution" because I'm a history buff, and I never once heard "Tomato State". Clearly, the more well-known "Garden State" would have been too obvious for this particular quiz, but these nicknames are approaching extreme levels of obscurity, lol.
level 66
Dec 7, 2017
"Crossroads of the Revolution" was on our state quarter, so it's not THAT obscure. I've never heard Jersey called the Tomato State, but we are well-known for our tomatoes.
level 61
May 10, 2017
Does New York have any nickname?
level 66
Mar 14, 2018
Its official nickname is "The Empire State," which is where the name of the Empire State Building comes from, but it's possible it has other, less official nicknames as well that I don't know.
level 55
Mar 21, 2018
I'm pretty sure you've mixed up Iowa and Illinois. Illinois is known as the Corn State and the Prairie State. Although those aren't the exact words you used, Iowa is usually just the Hawkeye State.
level 68
Jun 12, 2018
According to Wikipedia, the Hospitality State is Mississippi. Is "Hoosier State" too obvious? If not, that might work better.
level 61
Jun 18, 2018
3:29, I think this was easier than the official nicknames quiz. Perhaps the official nicknames are more aspirational whereas these actual/alternate nicknames are more based in reality?