Vocabulary Words Ending in "Ster"

Based on a definition, try to guess these words ending in the letters "ster".
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Last updated: March 26, 2021
First submittedDecember 6, 2011
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Slang for a tornado
High-grossing film
King's fool
Handrail on a staircase
Trendy person
British school principal
One type of British lawyer
One third of a pregnancy
A man who sews
Place in a monastery devoted to
religious seclusion
Older unmarried woman
Evil. Originally, it also mean "left".
To stuff and cover furniture
Circus leader
Popular synthetic fiber used in clothing
Delay tactic in the U.S. senate
Sports car without a fixed roof
To isolate a jury from outside influence
Member of a criminal enterprise
Case for carrying a gun on one's waist
Level 53
May 12, 2014
As a sewing professional and word geek, I'll just mention that "sempster" is a valid (and older) alternate spelling. Also the not-very-p.c. "sempstress", but that doesn't fit this quiz.
Level 50
Jun 18, 2014
Did you hear about the man who fell into the upholstery machine?

Don't worry, he's fully recovered.

Level 72
Aug 16, 2014
That's my kind of (bad) joke : )
Level 44
Aug 16, 2014
"Quartermaster" threw me off because I was in the Navy - it means something very different there.
Level 66
Aug 16, 2014
I have to be honest, I have never heard of a seamster. Feeling pretty stupid right now.
Level 86
Apr 30, 2015
Surely you've heard of a seamstress? And you can probably figure out how the male counterpart would be named (actor-actress, mister-mistress, adulterer-adulteress). I'd never heard the term before either, but that's how I figured it out.
Level 73
Apr 26, 2015
No "Quizmaster"?
Level 74
Mar 26, 2021
He's there, in bold at line 3.
Level 73
Sep 7, 2016
A spinster is not necessarily old...and its a much better word than "bachelorette"
Level 83
Apr 15, 2021
It's anecdotal, but I just polled every young woman in my office and it was unanimous...they'd all rather be called a bachelorette than a spinster! ;)
Level 67
Feb 24, 2018
So I tried reupholster time and time and time again. Could not figure out why it wouldn't work. I guess something needs to be upholstered before it can be reupholstered. Doesn't help that I'm sitting on a couch that needs to reupholstered
Level 73
Jan 6, 2021
the word always makes me think of Patrick Leigh Fermor's definition of domestic cats - 'interior desecrators and downholsterers'.
Level 75
Apr 3, 2018
Filibusters don't only happen in the US Senate. They happen in many parliaments around the world, and often in the lower house as well as the senate.
Level 73
Mar 30, 2021
Agreed! You may wish to generalize this - filibuster happens in Canada at both federal and provincial levels, and there certainly are no senates in provincial government.
Level ∞
Mar 30, 2021
If we generalize it people will complain about all the places where it doesn't happen.
Level 73
Mar 26, 2021
Got 5*. It's ok but don't really understand why more challenging quizzes don't get featured. No offence meant
Level 84
Mar 27, 2021
Going through the winter semester in my room, watching my hamster spinning his wheel, trying to master this quiz, or just bluster my way through it.
Level 83
Mar 28, 2021
got stuck on the car one, all I could think of was boxster.
Level 71
Mar 30, 2021
I kept reading the first one as slang for tomato. Clearly I missed that one.
Level 62
Apr 9, 2021
You missed hamster