Statistics for Tourist Attraction by Negative Review

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So many tourists inside that there's basically no room to move.
The Mona Lisa is completely over rated!
Musée du Louvre
Watch Gladiator instead....The Colosseum
The lake is wonderful but when you come for the monster, don’t travel there
since it will not show up.
Loch Ness
If you enjoy waiting in line for 3 hours, getting on a boat, looking at a statue, and then
waiting another 3 hours to get on a boat you would give it 5 stars.
The Statue of Liberty
My hostel organised a driver to take me to Giza and back. My driver took me to a place
where I could get a camel. I foolishly hadn't read reviews about the animal cruelty.
Pyramids of Giza
Surrounded by tourists all trying to take their picture whether it's holding up
the tower with their feet, arms or bottom.
Leaning Tower
of Pisa
£21 per person is excessive to see a pile of rocks from a distance.Stonehenge
Shrouded in pollution; 750 rupees entry fee for foreigners and almost nothing for locals.Taj Mahal
The number of "abandoned" dogs at this site is a travesty and should be an
embarrassment to the Greek people.
The Parthenon
If you really want to stand looking at wax figures and pay over-inflated prices
while missing the real parts of London, this is the place.
Madame Tussauds
You are a giant hole in the ground. You were caused be erosion. Can you say "overrated?"Grand Canyon
The Crown Jewels have a people mover so you cannot spend any time looking at them.The Tower of London
Not in a tower. Cannot be rung, AND it's broken.Liberty Bell
Could not fathom the rabid bunch frantically trying to get their picture taken in front of this
very nice but underwhelming statue. Copenhagen has so much more to offer.
The Little Mermaid
Basically a cash grab. Unless you absolutely need to see where Elvis slept,
forget about it. Neighbourhood is sketchy.
Swiss prices with Peruvian services.Machu Picchu
New fast pass system is horrible!!! Unless you have money prepare to wait in long lines.Disney World

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