U.S. General Knowledge #8

Answer these random questions with an American focus.
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Last updated: October 24, 2015
First submittedJuly 17, 2015
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What is the "twin city" of Minneapolis?
St. Paul
What were the Spruce Goose and the Spirit of St. Louis?
What is forbidden by the Fifth Amendment, but happens on a game show
hosted by Alex Trebek?
Double Jeopardy
What fraternal organization is known for wearing fezzes and driving miniature cars?
If I have two Benjamins, three Jacksons and a Hamilton, how much money do I have?
What city in Kansas did people need to "get the hell outta"?
Dodge City
What TV program once concluded with "A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney"?
60 Minutes
What animal appeared on the back of a nickel from 1913-1938?
What are forbidden on Michigan's Mackinac Island?
Who is the President of the Senate?
The Vice President
What movie was about a crashed U.S. military helicopter in Somalia?
Black Hawk Down
What was the lowest terror alert level ever reached?
Elevated (Yellow)
What were installed on the White House roof by Jimmy Carter
(but removed by Ronald Reagan)?
Solar Panels
What singer, nicknamed Bocephus, sang the theme song to "Monday Night Football"?
Hank Williams Jr.
What kind of "handles" do Oklahoma, Texas, and Florida have?
In what state do Ducks battle Beavers?
In what magazine would one find "Humor in Uniform" and "Life in These United States"?
Reader's Digest
What criminal was famously pursued by Eliot Ness?
Al Capone
What 2008 Presidential candidate was not born in a U.S. state?
John McCain
What alien was over 200 years old, wanted to eat the family cat,
and had a girlfriend named Rhonda?
Level 88
Jul 20, 2015
*Alert level.
Level ∞
Jul 28, 2015
Level 82
Jul 28, 2015
The Panama Canal Zone was an unorganized territory of the United States from 1903 - 1979. John McCain was born there on August 29, 1936. You'll need to correct that question.
Level ∞
Jul 28, 2015
Changed the question slightly to avoid confusion.
Level 60
Oct 23, 2015
How about accepting Hank Jr, for Hank Williams Jr? Very common nickname for him
Level 71
Oct 23, 2015
How about accepting Aircraft for Question 2?
Level 79
Oct 23, 2015
Love that you accept Gordon Shumway for ALF.
Level 49
Oct 23, 2015
The animal is actually a bison, not a buffalo. Yes, they are called "Buffalo Nickels" but you should also accept bison, since that's what the animal is.
Level ∞
Oct 24, 2015
Bison will work now.
Level 67
Jun 14, 2019
At one point I was afraid I wouldnt get ány. Normally with I allready dont know too much us question, but well they often are history or sports and I dont know much about that anyway.

These questions were quite varied :) (Though personally I dont think Alf fits in this list, sure it might ve been an american program, but it is not typically or exclusively american like the other questions. Wouldnt call it american general knowledge).

I managed to get 4 but they were just the logical answer. Yellow (levels codes of anyhting usually are colors) solar panels (not much to put on the roof, though I think I ve heard about this) panhandles, admitedly I first tried lovehandles... And alf, that was the only one I got through "knowledge" instead of logic. (None of the other answers mean anything to me btw, not in relation with the question anyway, ofcourse I have heard of an airplane ;) etc)