U.S. Geography General Knowledge #1

Answer these random American geography questions.
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Last updated: December 5, 2019
First submittedNovember 8, 2015
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What mountain was officially known as Mount McKinley until 2015?
On what bay does St. Petersburg, Florida lie?
Tampa Bay
What is the capital of Puerto Rico?
San Juan
What did the United States buy from France in 1803?
Louisiana Territory
What pioneer trail started in Independence, Missouri and ended in the Willamette Valley?
Oregon Trail
What U.S. territory in the Pacific was taken from Spain?
What volcano famously erupted on May 18, 1980?
Mount St. Helens
What mountain range, starting with the letter B, can be found in western Massachusetts?
The Berkshires
Not counting the Great Lakes, what is the U.S. lake with the largest surface area?
Great Salt Lake
In what National Park would you find Half Dome?
What is the largest city on the Columbia river?
In what city is the U.S. Military Academy located?
West Point
What state is the #1 producer of maple syrup?
What is the tallest type of tree in the U.S. (and also the world)?
Coast Redwood
What city's Presidio was at one time a Spanish, Mexican, and U.S. fort - and is now a park?
San Francisco
What New Hampshire mountain is famous for having the highest wind speed
ever recorded in the U.S.?
Mount Washington
What type of animal is depicted on California's flag?
Grizzly Bear
What notable University is located in New Haven, Connecticut?
What city in Rhode Island is famous for its many mansions built during the late 1800's?
What canal connects the cities of Buffalo and Albany?
Erie Canal
Level 76
Nov 9, 2015
What a nice gift on my birthday: a new quiz that earned me 5 points the first time through. Thanks Quizmaster!
Level 85
Nov 10, 2015
Happy birthday!
Level 63
Jan 29, 2016
Wow, I never knew the name of Mount McKinley was changed. You'd think that would make the international news. Maybe I missed it somehow.
Level 78
Jan 29, 2016
It made the news for a couple of days.
Level 71
Jan 29, 2016
Made for a great Daily Show episode
Level 72
Apr 28, 2016
Saw it in the news here in Australia. Was't exactly front page, but it was there.
Level 78
Jan 29, 2016
I was going to point out that there are several military academies in the US, - Naval, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marine, but then I realized there is only one US Military Academy. Not sure how the Army's gets to be THE one. I guess because it was first? Fun quiz, BTW, even if I did miss Mt. Washington.
Level 58
Jan 29, 2016
I got Washington while attempting the clue for Columbia River, then realized the river part of it. *facepalm
Level 58
Feb 1, 2016
I did the same exact thing...and still missed Portland lol
Level 44
Jan 29, 2016
With questions on Mass, Verm, NH, RI, and Conn - is it okay to guess that the author of this quiz if from somewhere in New England? :-)
Level 57
Jan 30, 2016
Berkshires = "mountain" range NOT!
Level 59
Feb 1, 2016
You got a point "The Berkshires, is a highland geologic region located in the western parts of Massachusetts and Connecticut, although the term "Berkshires" is normally used by locals in reference to the portion of the mountain range that lies within Massachusetts."
Level 76
Oct 31, 2016
"...and so was the Turnpike from Stockbridge to Boston; though the Berkshires seemed dream-like on account of that frostin'..." Thank you, James Taylor and "Sweet Baby James". Only reason I got this one.
Level 41
Apr 2, 2016
Lived next to Newport RI for years... Been in all those mansions.
Level 47
Dec 23, 2016
Can you accept coastal redwood?
Level 13
Mar 10, 2017
For the question What state is the #1 producer of maple syrup?, I typed in VT and it didn't work. Can you make it so that state abbreviations can work on this quiz too?
Level 32
Jan 23, 2018
Please accept Wake Island. It was also transferred from Spain to the US after the Spanish-American War.