Quizmaster's Series

A collection of all the series created by this user.
Series# RatingTakes
General Knowledge2122124.1212,067,021
Countries by Letter24204.888,410,512
Country Flag15154.893,674,236
Vocabulary by Letter46464.082,013,680
Brand Logos994.391,951,119
Geography by Letter25254.381,698,733
Answers by Letter49494.111,555,469
History by Letter25254.311,196,261
Animals by Letter18184.171,002,763
Geography General Knowledge12124.38978,630
Foods by Letter17133.88972,357
Things that are Colors13133.96948,191
Country Shape Quiz554.90904,580
Biggest Cities by Letter26114.35759,304
Locations by Letter22224.02742,896
Countries by Clue17174.59741,968
U.S. State Trivia50504.24710,968
Catchphrases by Decade443.68694,920
Movies by Letter25204.09682,042
Title in the Lyrics14144.25673,316
Musical Acts by Letter20164.12668,220
People by Initials20203.94625,173
Biggest Cities by State49244.03589,175
Who Did That Song by Decade13134.16584,284
Historical Figures by Picture774.33529,760
Mythical Creatures224.42490,633
History General Knowledge12124.28483,820
Fictional Characters by Letter18184.05481,921
History by Decade26264.21478,665
Biggest U.S. Cities by Letter2594.32463,104
Asian Geography by Letter26154.44458,276
Who Starred in That Movie12124.10426,875
The Americas Geography by Letter17173.96425,559
#1 Hits by Decade664.44418,706
Satellite Images10104.47398,666
Celebrity Mug Shots333.90393,387
Pictures by Letter25253.99387,138
U.S. General Knowledge53534.02384,772
Biggest Cities by Continent334.79383,576
Celebrities by Picture by Decade15154.08373,878
Double Letter Vocabulary13134.10364,418
Double Letter Answers15154.00362,830
Geography Chain884.39361,383
Alliteration by Letter13133.88348,739
Groups of Four334.26339,194
Landmarks Picture Quiz224.25337,448
Types of Things664.23316,463
British-American Translation333.43310,803
Name a Valid Country554.97305,023
Crowed-Sourced General Knowledge15154.13304,629
Answers Contain a Number993.84300,464
Famous First Name13133.91295,934
Groups of Five224.16291,367
City to Country664.52288,055
Historical Events by Month12124.36285,290
Random Acronyms773.91279,217
Famous Animals334.07278,570
History by Century10104.42274,995
First Lines of Songs554.24271,742
Random Movie Quotes553.94270,316
Ten Most Populous Countries by Continent444.95269,546
Movie Character to Movie334.31265,631
Most Populous Countries by Year444.66265,497
Year in Review994.15261,542
Groups of Seven334.21254,771
Easy General Knowledge554.28254,064
Events in History664.33249,381
Bacon Puzzles884.14245,969
History Chain884.26240,439
Word Puzzles11114.11237,462
Things that Go Together553.88236,838
5-Letter Word Chain Game554.19236,485
Four Letter Word Chain Game554.27233,221
Sayings About Animals444.08229,766
NCAA Logos224.20229,056
Movie Chain994.24224,650
Countries that Beat ...884.52221,974
Regions of Countries444.75221,928
Groups of Six334.39217,865
English Idioms334.23211,224
Car Logos224.37210,931
Geographic Groups of Two444.55208,197
Movies with Animals in the Title224.19207,764
Countries by Borders334.98204,102
Five Letter Geography544.40203,178
Music Trivia by Decade994.18200,990
Famous Duos333.99198,308
U.S. Presidencies13134.21197,437
Multiple Choice General Knowledge664.28195,538
Groups of Three223.97194,403
April Fools'993.73193,780
Musical Instruments by Picture224.22193,031
Who Did That Pop Song?223.87192,777
Religion General Knowledge554.35190,772
Memorable American TV Characters553.99185,579
Actors by Last Name444.02183,779
First Names of Historical Figures224.34183,348
Sports Terms333.67179,501
Car Brands224.00178,659
Movies with Names in the Title334.14175,147
Things Named for People444.19174,015
Groups of Eight224.28172,427
Countries by Satellite Image554.71172,132
Places in their Native Language224.81171,324
Two Letter Answers444.17170,660
People by Country554.33170,367
European Geography554.40167,377
Movie Titles by Synonyms444.18166,520
Current Events by Year554.41166,300
First, Seconds, and Lasts664.07163,494
Movies by Clue444.16162,731
History Analogies444.41162,630
Groups of Two444.09160,131
Border Crossings224.98160,064
Famous People by State46244.05159,968
Movie Trivia by Decade994.29159,282
U.S. State Shapes224.78158,828
Geography Analogies554.36156,959
Famous Dictators224.55154,629
Things with Geographic Names443.79153,974
Video Game Characters223.74152,011
Simpsons Trivia553.78149,440
Country Flags with the Most Color774.88148,814
Country Superlatives444.51148,643
Countries by Picture664.24148,094
Fads by Decade553.99147,773
Olympic Medal Table224.73147,639
Longest Borders by Country334.95146,019
World Cities by Clue444.34145,651
Airport Codes224.38145,478
Art Works by Picture334.33144,750
Random French Words334.45144,706
Six Letter Geography334.48144,624
Famous Trios334.22144,500
Sayings About Food224.25143,766
Famous Movie Scenes444.24143,120
Science General Knowledge334.47141,710
Slang Definitions443.79140,315
Shapes and Symbols223.90139,968
Characters From Books334.16139,373
Movie Title Antonyms224.45136,178
Computer Nerd Acronyms224.46136,156
American Corporate Slogans333.94134,401
Highest-Grossing Movies by Decade444.34133,326
#1 Draft Picks223.98133,183
Most Populous Modern-Day Country by Year554.91132,319
Islands by Country224.59132,202
Latin Words334.69129,894
Words with a Silent Letter663.88128,871
Most-Guessed JetPunk Answers334.17128,719
Bible Quotes444.32128,521
Word Shortenings224.20127,511
NBA Basketball Nicknames224.17127,430
Family Guy Trivia223.92127,338
Movie Character to Actor444.20126,737
Commonly Misspelled Words224.24126,119
WWII Trivia224.41125,333
Mammals by Picture554.26124,880
History Generator Puzzles883.89124,132
Shared Prefixes444.20122,587
Word in the Middle444.06121,885
Geographic Groups of Four224.47121,754
Cliche Quotes334.12121,011
Irregular Plurals224.33120,674
Random Translations443.90120,392
Famous Villains334.16120,385
Series of Things334.22119,935
Country Picture Puzzles1434.26119,786
Bible Characters224.17118,500
Three Letter Acronyms334.05115,106
Word Scramble Animals224.30114,198
Animal Varieties334.40114,173
American TV Shows by Cast334.06111,782
Music by Year544.28111,526
City Where it Happened334.35111,230
Songs with Animals in the Title224.20111,010
Star Wars Trivia224.31110,549
Name That Object333.66109,502
Job Titles334.09109,202
Oscar Actors by Picture224.15108,580
Landmarks of Countries334.32107,879
NFL Players' College Teams333.74107,688
Movies General Knowledge553.88107,287
Compound Words554.05107,069
Geography True or False444.37106,554
Christmas Trivia223.90106,367
Multiple Choice Geography334.51105,805
World Leaders444.09103,172
Shared First Names224.40102,907
50 States, 50 Cities224.31102,711
Cities by Tourist Attraction223.72102,148
Geographic Groups of Five224.47101,909
Words Pertaining to Things334.20100,716
Who Wrote that Book224.28100,613
Band Members334.12100,416
Letter Equations333.77100,039
Countries Bordering Each Other334.7699,976
American TV Catchphrases223.7099,186
Movie Co-Stars by Decade444.0098,594
Animals A-Z224.1397,152
Geography of Former Empires664.4296,902
Geographic Groups of Three224.3896,678
American History Quotes224.3496,015
Famous Married Couples223.7395,711
Ethnic Groups by Country224.2295,593
Random Spanish Words224.4495,570
Parts of Things224.4693,778
Deaths by Date and Cause224.1993,529
NFL Team Leaders333.9093,388
Geographic Groups of Seven224.4293,191
Books with Names in the Title224.2292,735
Four Letter Place Names224.2992,561
Numbered Answers334.1992,207
Titled People334.1992,039
History Multiple Choice554.3491,969
Historical Rulers224.2291,247
U.S. Cities by Clue334.0691,129
Science Vocabulary334.2690,947
Geographic Groups of Six224.3390,945
Google What's the Difference224.4889,493
Seven Letter Geography334.3388,161
U.S. Presidential Trivia224.6086,181
Google Suggestions224.1285,782
U.S. Geography General Knowledge444.2585,701
Oscar Actresses by Picture224.1885,449
World Capitals by a Single Clue544.2884,944
Dumb it Down443.9384,920
What Word am I Thinking Of334.0684,914
Islands by Shape224.3983,941
Movies by Country333.8282,995
College Sports Conferences444.0881,958
Song Title Antonyms224.2081,471
Word Scramble - Cities224.5580,801
Countries by Wikipedia Description554.5680,550
Answers are Elements224.3380,506
First Names as Last Names334.0680,478
Movies by Year444.2380,337
Movies with Places in the Title224.0280,253
IST Vocabulary Words334.0379,988
Players by Team History333.9879,219
Companies by Country224.2778,758
Fish by Picture224.0778,684
Movies with Colors in the Title223.5278,477
Name a Valid Word334.2578,267
Cities by Wikipedia Descriptions664.4378,140
TV Theme Songs224.1177,419
Country Name Etymology224.9577,374
WWII A-Z224.4677,330
Biggest Countries Bordering Oceans334.0276,927
Musicians by Picture554.1076,524
Band Names by Synonym224.3775,871
Music General Knowledge443.9075,664
Fictional Animals223.9275,346
NBA Players' College Teams223.9574,586
Fictional Characters by Country223.9374,235
Three Letter Answers224.0573,912
Song Titles by Synonyms334.0973,598
Who Did that Hip Hop Song223.7773,532
One Syllable Rhyming Answers443.7773,149
Famous Parents and Kids223.8873,034
One-Name Historical Figures223.8672,945
Groups of Things - History224.1372,783
First Name Vocabulary223.8372,496
Quotes from Historical Figures224.4172,274
Closest Capital City Pairs224.8971,507
News Stories - Name the Country554.3671,379
Natural Features of Countries224.7071,127
Repeated Answers223.9671,117
American Junk Food Brands223.8171,110
Famous Siblings224.0670,863
"Like" Similes224.0170,521
Cities by Landmark224.0170,359
Foods by Alternate Definition223.5070,337
Stores in the Mall223.6369,698
Famous Families224.0769,565
Islands by Largest City224.4969,325
People Who Died Young224.1269,040
Animal Idioms224.2868,335
Songs with Names in the Title223.9467,215
U.S. State Superlatives224.4366,483
U.S. Sports Trivia773.6666,177
History by Century A-Z664.3966,098
Famous Last Names224.1065,825
Countries by Bordering Flags224.9165,569
Movie Title Vocabulary224.1064,874
Word that Comes Before444.1764,695
Embarrassing Chapters in History443.7664,105
Movie Professions223.4564,078
Words Containing Animals224.0563,598
Musical Acts by Country224.3163,193
People with Animal Names223.6963,160
American TV Trivia by Decade664.0763,128
Walking Across Borders with Hints224.9162,166
People by Clue333.9661,867
Historical Middle Names223.8561,795
Cities Chain224.4561,512
World Cities A-Z224.3561,407
First Names of Authors224.1361,113
U.S. State Quarters224.4260,963
Top Five Capitals by Category224.5660,645
Albums by Decade554.2060,025
World Language General Knowledge434.5459,970
Movies by Death224.0459,938
Asia Geography334.6159,862
Songs from Broadway Musicals224.1159,391
Reality TV Show by Synopsis223.4859,278
Ancient Roman Trivia224.6158,291
"As" Similes223.9658,282
Athletes by Country224.2057,964
Cartoon Characters334.3657,658
Six Letter Word Chain Game334.3657,319
Also Known As333.7356,799
NFL Yearly Stats333.8856,788
Books with Animals in the Title224.2656,351
Quiz on Historical Years554.2356,330
Classic Novels by Plot224.5556,265
Interesting Facts554.2756,153
Bordering Countries by Clue224.9555,275
Cold War Trivia224.2755,082
Movie Settings - Cities223.9255,024
Celebrity Scandals224.0454,823
Countries by Partial Satellite434.6054,513
Fictional Alliterative Names224.0053,940
Science Multiple Choice224.4453,612
Random Nicknames223.9253,553
Nearest Capital City224.5353,547
Movie Characters by Last Name224.0350,841
Vocabulary by Language224.3050,830
Inventions by Country224.2449,570
History True or False224.3048,552
Cities by Satellite224.3848,155
Religion A-Z224.1847,350
Cars by Alternate Definition224.1747,342
Political Figures by Last Name224.2845,446
-Tion Vocabulary Words334.1144,973
The Only U.S. State224.3244,933
Book Titles by Synonyms224.4844,086
Bodies of Water by Satellite224.1743,676
Analogies of Countries224.6343,654
Greek Mythology General Knowledge224.6243,606
Years in History224.5143,089
Movies Based on a True Story224.1543,012
Answers are Movie Titles224.2742,872
American Inventions223.7142,755
South America Geography224.6442,516
U.S. College Towns223.9442,172
Eight Letter Geography224.1542,146
Best of Mal's General Knowledge334.1441,950
Africa Geography Quiz224.8141,704
Has Anyone Ever Done It334.4441,586
Islands by Satellite Image224.3040,872
Biggest Cities by Trait224.2240,731
U.S. States by Clue224.2840,633
Genius Level General Knowledge334.4340,629
U.S. History Multiple Choice444.3940,329
Famous Islands224.2340,286
British Geography Quiz224.2740,043
What's in a Name224.0539,811
Character to Author224.4839,364
NBA Basketball General Knowledge223.7339,349
USA Tourist Attractions223.9938,917
One Letter Answers224.4638,717
Cities by Picture224.3438,597
Same Start and End Letter - Geography224.0137,680
Movie Title Initials224.0837,397
Musical Acts by City223.9837,113
NBA Basketball by Year224.4137,085
Who Directed That Movie444.1236,836
Literary Quotes224.2836,375
Famous Lines of Poetry224.5036,220
U.S. Pop Culture by Decade443.9935,851
Bible Stories224.2535,543
Born Here on This Date223.9135,371
Last Names in U.S. History224.2235,317
Movies with Numbers in the Title224.0934,898
Who Starred in that TV Show333.9134,360
Famous Foreheads223.7734,180
Organizational Acronyms224.3834,083
New York City Trivia223.9933,971
Books by Clue224.4233,282
Word Math223.7332,916
People in History by Wikipedia Descriptions334.4232,910
Two Syllable Rhyming Answers443.7132,901
British History Multiple Choice224.3032,846
Songs with Places in the Title224.0832,736
Latin and Greek Roots114.2932,562
General Knowledge True False224.5632,374
U.S. Political Figures by Picture224.1331,931
Songs by Synopsis224.2731,793
Something of the Something224.0931,380
Technology Giants554.0231,239
Pays par image664.0431,179
Landmarks of U.S. States224.2030,957
European Cities by Picture224.3230,939
Seinfeld Trivia224.4230,407
Movie Multiple Choice224.0930,369
U.S. States by Wikipedia Descriptions224.4629,949
The Places They Went224.5329,764
Nearest Major City224.2629,254
Home Cities in History223.9227,745
English Inventions223.5127,327
Birds by Picture334.0827,209
Word Puzzles - TV Titles224.4426,960
U.S. Cities by Picture224.1626,428
NFL Football by Year224.3126,093
World Puzzles - Book Titles224.3725,409
Former Spouses223.8225,260
Movies by Haiku224.0124,986
Animals in History334.2724,981
Word Puzzles - Movie Titles224.0524,957
Events by U.S. State224.2823,141
City to River224.4723,104
Mammal Knowledge224.0922,752
Jonathan's General Knowledge334.1222,343
Countries by Haiku224.5122,000
Multiple Choice Numbers224.2321,728
Baseball A-Z224.3121,613
Baseball Player Nicknames224.0421,604
MLB Baseball by Year224.1819,515
Same Start and End Letter - History223.8918,616
U.S. States by Picture223.7817,806
Word Puzzles - People223.9717,564
Leaders by Date224.3016,119
Vocabulary Chain223.9515,547
American TV by Clue224.3415,524
Materials From History224.3615,406
Bird Knowledge224.2514,170
Actors by Role224.1513,918
Rhyming Vocabulary213.2412,430
Insect Knowledge224.1012,258
TV Characters by Last Name224.2312,059
TV Character to Actor223.9511,701
Major League Baseball Knowledge224.3710,176
Fictional Characters by State114.128,679