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Taylor Swift has recorded 232 different songs. How many of them can you name?
Can you guess these popular Taylor Swift songs based on the first line of the song?
Simply name all of One Direction's songs from all five of their albums and their EP.
Guess the missing lyrics to the song "Piano Man" by Billy Joel.
Can you name all of the original studio albums that Taylor Swift has released?
Guess all the historical events referenced in the lyrics.
Try to guess these Taylor Swift song titles where most of the words have been replaced by synonyms.
Name the songs that appeared on Off the Wall, Thriller, and Bad.
Oh no! Quizmaster's vinyl collection is mixed up and needs identifying. Can you name the musicians engraved on the vinyls as they spin inside a record player?
Answer the questions about the famous singer Elton John.
197,098Guess the Taylor Swift song with no hints
152,651 ALL Taylor Swift Songs as of February 2024
117,056Guess the Taylor Swift song with no hints #2
102,072Guess the Taylor Swift song with no hints #3
89,964 First Lines of Taylor Swift Songs
84,749Guess the Taylor Swift song with no hints #4
79,320ALL Taylor Swift Songs (updated at any new release)
75,171 Can You Name All Of One Direction's Songs?
67,655Guess the Taylor Swift song with no hints #5
63,724Guess the Taylor Swift song with no hints #6
63,190 Piano Man Lyrics Quiz
54,237Guess the Taylor Swift song with no hints #7
51,364 Name All of Taylor Swift's Albums
45,581Guess the Taylor Swift song with no hints #8
40,921Guess the Taylor Swift song with no hints #9
39,307Guess the Taylor Swift song with no hints #10
38,044 Lady Gaga Songs Quiz
37,729Harry Styles Songs Quiz (2022)
34,746 We Didn't Start the Fire Lyrics
34,149 Taylor Swift Songs by Synonyms
33,836Guess the Taylor Swift song with no hints #11
30,160Guess the Taylor Swift song with no hints #12
29,317Taylor Swift Lyrics: Love Story
27,876Guess the Taylor Swift song with no hints #13
24,741Guess the Taylor Swift song with no hints #14
24,502Every Taylor Swift Song (New Releases)
22,958The One Direction Quiz
22,669Lyrics to What Makes You Beautiful
22,406You Belong with Me - Taylor Swift (All Lyrics)
20,463 Michael Jackson Songs Quiz
20,359 The Miley Cyrus Quiz
19,054Taylor Swift Billboard Hot 100 (2006-2022)
18,875All Too Well (10 Minute Version) Lyrics
18,796One Direction Songs by First Line
17,261 One Direction Members
17,135 Taylor Swift Multiple Choice
16,776One Direction Facts
16,2865 Seconds of Summer Lyrics Quiz
16,269Guess the Taylor Swift song with no hints #16
16,229Guess the Taylor Swift song with no hints #15
16,064 Singers Spinning in a Vinyl Record Player
15,267Guess the Taylor Swift song with no hints #17
14,497Taylor Swift's Blank Space
13,737Lyrics To Little Things By One Direction
13,070 The Beyoncé Quiz
12,691Lyrics to One Thing by One Direction
12,558One Direction Bromances
12,500One Direction Songs by Acronym
12,140drivers license - Olivia Rodrigo (All Lyrics)
12,070Do You Know One Direction?
12,032 Elton John Quiz
11,985Cardigan - Taylor Swift (All Lyrics)
11,701Figure out the song - Taylor Swift #1
11,468Can you guess these Taylor Swift songs from one line?
10,531stray kids songs (up to 5-star)
10,327Taylor Swift "Style" lyrics
9,781Title in the Taylor Swift lyrics.
9,620Lyrics to Story Of My Life by One Direction
9,595Taylor Swift's Album "Reputation" Songs
9,436BTS Songs
9,278The Weeknd Songs (Updated 2022)
9,052Taylor Swift - fill in the blanks
8,853Dancing Queen - ABBA lyrics
8,675One Direction Name That Song
8,642Ariana Grande Songs Quiz (2021)
8,638 Spice Girls Members
8,452Taylor Swift - Shake It Off (lyrics)
8,317Taylor Swift - Anti-Hero (Lyrics)
8,117august - Taylor Swift (All Lyrics)
8,113ALL Taylor Swift Songs Discography
8,103Grenade - Bruno Mars Lyrics
8,085All One Direction (Including Solo) (UPDATED 2022)
7,964Hello - Adele (song lyrics)
7,892Figure out the song - Taylor Swift #2
7,674As It Was - Harry Styles (All Lyrics)
7,618Taylor Swift - You're On Your Own, Kid (Lyrics)
7,530Mamma Mia - ABBA Lyrics
7,497Title in the Lyrics - Taylor Swift
7,377ALL Melanie Martinez Songs
7,369champagne problems - Taylor Swift Lyrics
7,207Guess the Taylor Swift's song by the Bridge #1
7,132Shake it Off - Taylor Swift Lyrics!!
7,097Taylor Swift 1989 Songs
6,917Michael Jackson Songs by First Lyrics
6,913One Direction's Music Lyrics - MUST TRY THIS!
6,854♫ Stitches Lyrics - Shawn Mendes ♫
6,848good 4 u - Olivia Rodrigo (All Lyrics)
6,787Guess The Weeknd Song by Lyrics
6,756Taylor Swift Folklore Songs
6,710Lyrics- Look What You Made Me Do- Taylor Swift
6,450Do You Know Harry Styles???
6,427Taylor Swift - Enchanted
6,365Think you know Taylor Swift song?
6,189Lover - Taylor Swift (All Lyrics)
6,186Hot N Cold - Katy Perry (All Lyrics)
6,161Taylor Swift - Our Song Lyrics
6,080Taylor Swift Songs by Bridges
5,963Getaway Car - Taylor Swift Lyrics
5,939Stray Kids Songs
5,778Guess the Taylor Swift Song
5,776Missing Lyrics - Harry Styles - Sign of the Times
5,706Umbrella Lyrics
5,690One Direction- Lyrics to Rock Me
5,686One Direction Songs
5,681Treat You Better - Shawn Mendes (All Lyrics)
5,669All Lana Del Rey Songs
5,536Boyfriend by Justin Bieber Lyrics
5,432Lyrics to Kiwi by Harry Styles
5,319Larry Stylinson
5,275Summertime Sadness - Lana Del Rey (All Lyrics)
5,119Sign of the Times - Harry Styles (All Lyrics)
5,101deja vu - Olivia Rodrigo (All Lyrics)
5,096ABBA songs by lyrics
5,097All Lana Del Rey Songs
5,028Unscramble the One Direction song
5,003All ABBA songs
4,966Taylor Swift Speak Now Lyrics
4,954Missing Lyrics - One Direction - Drag Me Down
4,790Lana del Rey - Born to Die Lyrics
4,747Lyrics Adele - Someone Like You
4,727Guess the song (Lover -Taylor Swift)
4,657One Direction
4,627Do you know One Direction
4,614Lyrics Bruno Mars - When I Was Your Man
4,593Bad Blood Taylor Swift Lyrics
4,586Guess the Taylor Swift's song by the Bridge #2
4,490I Kissed a Girl - Katy Perry (All Lyrics)
4,422Taylor Swift ft. Bon Iver - exile Lyrics
4,413Taylor Swift Dear John Lyrics
4,405Midnights by Taylor Swift tracklist
4,385Lana Del Rey Lyrics with No Hints (1)
4,309Harry Styles "Fine Line" Songs
4,279Name what album the song came from. (One Direction)
4,275Bad Romance - Lady Gaga (All Lyrics)
4,250Which Album in This Taylor Swift Song From? (Debut - Lover)
4,227How Many 5 Seconds of Summer Songs Can You Name?
4,195Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry
4,191Back To December - Taylor Swift (All Lyrics)
4,168traitor - Olivia Rodrigo (All Lyrics)
4,105Louis Tomlinson Songs Quiz (2021)
4,092I Want It That Way Lyrics - Backstreet Boys
4,075♫ Love Yourself Lyrics - Justin Bieber ♫ [Guess all lyrics]
4,073Taylor Swift's Mine Lyrics
4,059Taylor Swift lyrics
4,015Lyrics to Falling by Harry Styles
4,012Guess the Stray Kids Member by Picture
4,012Taylor Swift: Don't Blame Me lyrics
4,004Taylor Swift - The Way I Loved You Lyrics
3,996one direction inside jokes
3,984Lyrics Rihanna - Stay
3,892Death by a Thousand Cuts - Taylor Swift Lyrics
3,881Guess the Taylor Swift's song by the Bridge #3
3,869Taylor Swift - Betty Lyrics
3,843Niall Horan
3,810All Harry Styles Songs
3,808Lyrics - ...Ready For It? - Taylor Swift
3,780Taylor Swift - Would've, Could've, Should've (Lyrics)
3,751the last great american dynasty - Taylor Swift (All Lyrics)
3,748ABBA - The winner takes it all - Lyrics
3,730Harry Styles
3,7135SOS Songs Quiz (2021)
3,706How Well Do You Know One Direction?
3,703Video Games - Lana Del Rey (All Lyrics)
3,700Do YoU kNoW tHe LyRiCs tO... "Mamma Mia" - by ABBA
3,699Toxic - Britney Spears (All Lyrics)
3,700illicit affairs - Taylor Swift (All Lyrics)
3,673One Direction Songs By Album
3,664So, you think you know One Direction?
3,658All Released Lana Del Rey Songs
3,623One Direction Songs- Titles in the Lyrics
3,614They Dont Know About Us - One Direction (Lyrics)
3,551this is me trying - Taylor Swift (All Lyrics)
3,526The Weeknd Songs
3,522Matilda - Harry Styles (All Lyrics)
3,514Louis Tomlinson
3,502Taylor Swift - Lover Album
3,487Dollhouse - Melanie Martinez Lyrics
3,477Taylor Swift - Karma (Lyrics)
3,468All Frank Ocean Songs
3,464Taylor Swift songs by lyrics
3,442ALL Ariana Grande Songs
3,426Love Story by Taylor Swift Whole Lyrics
3,417Taylor Swift - All Too Well (10 Minute Version) Lyrics
3,369Taylor Swift Trivia!!
3,306One Direction- What Makes You Beautiful (Lyrics)
3,223All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor's Version) - Part 1
3,181Adele Song Lyrics
3,113No Tears Left to Cry - Ariana Grande (All Lyrics)
3,112Rolling In The Deep - Adele Lyrics
3,084Guess the Taylor Swift's song by the Bridge #4
3,071Name The Taylor Swift Song By Lyric
3,069Pentatonix Easy Quiz
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