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73,4312020-05-25 Save Humanity by Guessing Countries
41,3542020-08-10 Save Europeans by Guessing Countries
37,1632020-08-24 Save Americans by Guessing U.S. States
11,4642020-05-26 Sauvez l'Humanité en Devinant des Pays
11,4502020-07-20 Pixelated Flag Quiz
6,5762020-11-18 Rette die Menschheit, indem du Länder errätst
6,3482020-11-18 Ocal Ludzkość, Zgadując Kraje
6,1682020-08-11 Sauvez les Européens en devinant des pays
3,9472020-08-25 Rette Amerikaner, indem du US-Staaten errätst
3,8422020-08-25 Sauvez les Américains en devinant des états
3,6872020-06-19 Malta Country Quiz
2,6262020-11-21 Countries Sandwiched Between Two Others
2,3882020-08-11 Rette die Europäer, indem du Länder errätst
1,8702020-07-21 Drapeaux Pixélisés
1,1772020-08-11 Ocal Europejczyków odgadując państwa
1,0442020-08-25 Ocal Amerykanów odgadując stany USA
2762020-05-05Name a Valid European City
2072020-05-01Largest cities of Western Europe on a Map
1972020-12-04Trace the Coast of Afro-Eurasia with a Map
1912020-07-14Random Geography on World Map
1692020-05-27Random Country to 5 Largest Cities on Map
1642020-10-20Largest City for Every Letter for Every Continent on a Map
1542020-06-08All European cities with Metro System on Map
1542020-05-01Largest cities of Eastern Europe on a Map
1462020-05-01Largest cities of South East Asia on a Map
1462020-10-22Commonwealth countries on a world map
1392020-04-25Villes européennes ayant le métro sur une carte
1302020-09-025 Largest Cities for Every Letter on Map
1222020-04-12Largest cities on the Atlantic Coast on a Map
1162020-05-245 Largest Cities by Language on Map
1132020-09-28100 Largest Cities in 2100 (On A Map!)
1122020-05-01Largest cities of the Middle East on a Map
1112020-02-26NATO countries on a world map
1112020-05-14Name a Valid Megacity
1092020-04-26Les plus grandes villes de la côte atlantique sur une carte
1092020-05-24Category Elimination - Asian Cities
1092020-04-25Delhi by Pictures
1032020-10-135 Largest Cities for Different Peninsulas on Map
1022020-03-30States of India on an Empty Map
1012020-04-24Les plus grandes villes d'Europe occidentale sur une carte
1012020-09-01Every City in Euro Truck Simulator 2 on Map
972020-10-12Name A Valid City A-Z
972020-04-30Name a Valid Asian City
912020-05-12Random Country to Capital, Largest and Second Largest Cities
892020-04-13Largest cities on the Pacific Coast on a Map
882020-05-11Mots français aléatoires en allemand
822020-08-15Name a Valid Country for every UN Statistical Region
812020-04-07Random Pair of Countries
782020-05-20Geography of South Asia on Map
772020-04-07Biggest City in Time Zones on a Map
712020-03-30ASEAN Countries on a Map
692020-05-14Random Skyline to City
682020-04-27Pays de l'OTAN sur une carte du monde
672020-05-11Countries with Most Speakers of UN Official Languages
662020-10-12Name a Valid City for Every Continent A-Z
652020-04-24Größte Städte Westeuropas auf einer Karte
652020-05-16Biggest Mediterranean Cities on Map Quiz
652020-04-27Largest Cities of Eastern Africa on Map
632020-04-15Countries whose capital is not their largest city on map
622020-05-01Largest Cities on Islands
612020-05-11Zufällige französische Wörter auf Deutsch
612020-04-07Countries that are 2 borders away from North Korea
592020-08-22Largest Cities between every Major Latitude on Map
592020-03-30Countries with Open Border on a Map
582020-05-29Delhi Trivia Quiz
542020-09-01Every City in American Truck Simulator on Map
532020-04-21Largest Cities of South Asia on a Map
522020-08-13Largest Coastal Cities of World on Map
522020-04-20Largest Inland Cities on a map
502020-08-22World Landmarks - Picture Map Quiz
502020-03-23Famous Places of New York City Map quiz
492020-03-31ASEAN Countries on an Empty Map
482020-07-10Misc Geography #2 GUESS COUNTRY by MONUMENT
472020-04-18Coastal countries of Afro-Eurasia in order
472020-11-17Every 100k+ City in North East Megalopolis on a Map
452020-05-19Random Satellite Image Quiz!
442020-04-04Districts in National Capital Region of India
432020-04-08Which came First
432020-02-26Misc Geography #4 COUNTRY by DESCRIPTION
422020-03-31Name a Valid Country that uses Time Zone of ...
412020-11-17Every 100k+ City in Great Lakes Megalopolis on a Map
412020-07-07Name a Valid - Outer Space Edition
412020-04-15Second Most populous Cities of Countries on a Map
402020-02-26Misc Geography #3 TRUE or FALSE
402020-06-23Largest Cities by Different Criteria
392020-06-21States on the Outline of US
382020-04-11Cities closest to Milan
382020-06-23The Earth Quiz
382020-09-12All cities with upcoming Metro System on a Map
372020-04-27Largest cities of Iceland on a Map
372020-04-15Largest Cities on longest Rail Routes
372020-04-22Coastal Capitals on a Map
362020-10-15Every 100k+ City in Cascadia Megalopolis on a Map
362020-10-15Every 100k+ City in Gulf Coast Megalopolis on a Map
362020-10-22Every 100k+ City in Piedmont Atlantic Megalopolis on a Map
352020-04-17Capital Cities Closest to the Equator on Map
352020-05-06Countries with their map on Flag
352020-04-08Countries that are 2 Borders away from Poland
342020-04-11Loneliest Cities in the World
342020-10-16Every 100k+ City in Northern California Megalopolis on a Map
342020-04-08Countries that are 2 borders away from Germany
332020-08-23Word Scramble - Western European Cities
322020-04-04Random Island to County
312020-10-16Every 100k+ City in Southern California Megalopolis on a Map
312020-06-20Random Water Body to Largest Cities
312020-10-14Every 100k+ City in Texas Triangle Megalopolis on a Map
302020-06-16Random U.S. States by Second Most Populous City
302020-05-28Cities Around Delhi on a Map
302020-04-28Least known Flags of the World
292020-09-11Landmarks by Silhouettes - Map Quiz
292020-02-28Select 5 Most Populated Country (Tile Select)
292020-09-04Word Scramble - Middle Eastern Cities
292020-10-15Every 100k+ City in Florida Megalopolis on a Map
282020-04-21Countries of Danube in Order
282020-04-25Buildings by Silhouette - Map Quiz
272020-04-11GeoPhilia's Basic Geography Test #1
262020-03-24Countries closest to Antipodes of Cities
262020-03-28Largest Countries with Single Time Zones
252020-04-11Capital closest to the Center of the Map
242020-03-30Countries with Open Border
242020-03-31Basics of Trigonometry
242020-04-07Countries that are 2 Borders away from Suriname
242020-05-19Random Picture to Country
232020-10-12Random Animals by Picture
232020-04-08Countries that are 2 Borders away from Egypt
222020-10-04Animated Movies by Description #1
222020-02-25Countries bordering Indian Ocean by order...
222020-02-27Misc Geography #1 SATELLITE IMAGES
222020-03-31ASEAN Countries on a Map by Capitals
222020-04-22Non Stan countries with Stan suffix
212020-05-09Antarctica by Pictures
212020-05-31Countries that have Mediterranean Climate.
202020-09-08Name the country by their Border
192020-05-11Random French Words to German
182020-11-24Random Country to Capital Multiple Choice Quiz
182020-12-01Countries that are 2 border away from India
172020-04-11Countries that are 2 border away from DR Congo
172020-05-22Largest Cities of Bangla Speaking Areas
172020-03-21Which US state tops in...
162020-03-28Smallest Countries with Multiple Time Zones
162020-04-30Highest Grossing Animated Movie
152020-04-20Tallest Buildings Map Quiz
122020-03-25Indian cities BY WIkiPedia description
122020-08-20Word Scramble - South Asian Cities
122020-04-02JET---PUNK WORD CHAIN of INDIA
112020-07-03How Many Runways does this Airport has?
82020-01-04Miscellaneous Tile Select Questions #1
62020-03-22Famous Places of Delhi Map quiz