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672020-07-2450 most visited countries in the world🌎
572020-08-0350 Least Visited Countries in the World 🌎
462020-07-2410 most visited countries in the world 🌎
452020-06-13Most Spoken Languages in Europe
442020-07-24Top 10 Countries with the most deserts 🌵
442020-06-26Countries by 3rd Most Populous City
432020-06-13Most Spoken Languages in the World
372020-06-13Most Spoken Languages in South America
352020-07-2550 countries with the highest GDP💲💵
332020-06-13Most Spoken Languages in Asia
312020-08-0310 Least Visited Countries in the World 🌎
302020-06-17Countries by 2nd Most Populous City
292020-06-12Countries of Western Africa
282020-06-16Countries by Most Populous City
272020-06-14Most Practiced Religions in Europe
272020-06-13Most Spoken Languages in Africa
252020-06-13Most Spoken Languages in Oceania(Not in Order)
242020-06-15Caucasia: Official Languages by Country
242020-06-15Countries of Both Asia and Europe
232020-06-17Name the US State
232020-06-13Most Spoken Languages in North America
232020-06-14Religion by Picture
222020-09-09Geography, and Math Test
202020-06-15Caucasia: Official Religion by Country
202020-06-13Most Practiced Religions in the World
192020-06-14Most Practiced Religions in Africa
182020-06-16Capitals of South America
172020-05-0420 plus grandes villes d'Europe (en ordre)
172020-06-16Countries that Border Austria
172020-06-28Nommez tous les US Etats
162020-06-13Most Practiced Religions in Asia
162020-06-11The Flags of Oceania
152020-07-25100 Largest Cities in the World🏢
142020-06-24US State Flags
142020-06-10The Flags of Africa
142020-06-16Countries of South America
132020-06-12Capitals of the Middle East
132020-06-16Countries that Border Germany
132020-06-16Countries of Oceania
122020-06-13Most Practiced Religion in North America
122020-09-08Biggest Cities in Maine
122020-06-11Countries of Central Africa
122020-06-16Countries of Western Europe
112020-06-12Countries of the Middle East
112020-07-21Countries That Border Mali
112020-06-15Countries of Eastern Europe
112020-06-15Capitals of Eastern Europe
112020-06-11Countries of Northern Africa
112020-06-16Countries of Scandinavia
112020-06-16Countries that Border France
112020-06-16Countries that Border Iran
102020-06-15Capitals of Scandinavia
102020-06-15Caucasia: Biggest Cities
102020-06-15Caucasia: The Capitals and The Countries
102020-06-12Countries of Southern Africa
102020-06-10The Flags of Europe
92020-05-0420 ciudades mas grandes del Europa(en orden)
92020-06-16Capitals of Western Europe
92020-06-16Countries that Border Serbia
92020-06-11Capitals of Central Africa
92020-06-14Most Practiced Religions in South America
92020-06-16Countries that Border Russia
92020-09-16Former Yugoslav Capitals
92020-06-15Capitals of Central Asia
92020-06-10The Flags of Asia
92020-06-14Countries of Southeast Asia
82020-06-14Most Practiced Religions in Oceania
82020-06-16Countries that Border Ukraine
82020-06-11Capitals of Northern Africa
82020-06-16Capitals of Canada
82020-05-0520 ciudades mas grandes de Oceania(en orden)
82020-06-16Countries of Central America
82020-06-16Countries that Border Brazil
82020-06-13Former Soviet Union Capitals
82020-06-16Countries of the Caribbean
82020-06-15Name the biggest city that is in both Asia and Europe
82020-06-15Flag-Shape Picture Quiz
82020-06-15Countries of Southern Europe
82020-06-15Countries of Eastern Asia
72020-06-16Countries that Border Saudi Arabia
72020-06-16Countries that Border Zambia
72020-06-12Capitals of Western Africa
72020-06-16Provinces of Canada
72020-09-16Former Yugoslav Countries
72020-06-14Capitals of Southeast Asia
62020-06-10The Flags of the World
62020-06-15Caucasia: Bordering Countries
62020-06-28Name all the US States
62020-06-15Capitals of Eastern Asia
62020-05-0420 ciudades mas grandes de America del norte(en orden)
62020-09-09Biggest Cities/Towns on Long Island
62020-06-12Capitals of Southern Africa
62020-06-11The Flags of South America
62020-06-15Capitals of Southern Europe
62020-06-16Countries that Border China
62020-06-13Capitals of South Asia
52020-05-0420 plus grandes villes d'Oceanie(en ordre)
52020-09-13U.S States by population in 10's
52020-06-15Countries of Central Asia
52020-05-0420 plus grandes villes d'Amérique du sud(en ordre)
52020-06-13Countries of South Asia
52020-06-10Non-Country Flags
42020-05-0420 plus grandes villes d'Asie (en ordre)
42020-05-0420 ciudades mas grandes de America del sur(en orden)
42020-06-30Countries of the World Quiz (jbro addition)
32020-08-04Biggest Cities in East Timor
32020-06-16Capitals of the Caribbean
32020-06-16Countries that Border the Democratic Republic of the Congo
32020-07-25Biggest Cities in Moldova
32020-05-0420 ciudades mas grandes de Asia(en orden)
32020-06-13Former Soviet Union Countries
32020-06-11The Flags of North America
32020-06-16Capitals of Central America
22020-05-0420 plus grandes villes d'Amérique du nord(en ordre)
22020-08-06Biggest Cities in Bhutan🏯
22020-06-1020 ciudades mas grandes del Africa(en orden)
22020-05-0420 plus grandes villes d'Afrique(en ordre)