Facts About Every Flag in Europe

Can you guess interesting facts about every national flag in Europe?
Quiz by Nenadbs
Last updated: February 10, 2023
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What cross is the basis of the flag of Denmark?
What ocean does blue represent on the flag of Iceland?
What does white represent on the Finnish flag?
Off-centred white cross on a red field on the Norwegian flag was taken from which flag?
Where do the blue and yellow on the Swedish flag come from?
What geographical terms does blue represent on the Estonian flag?
What does the red represent on the Latvian flag?
What crop does the yellow represent on the Lithuanian flag?
National coat of arms
Sky, sea and lakes
Blood shed by the wounded leader
What political philosophy does red represent on the Polish flag?
The colors of the German flag were taken from the uniforms of German soldiers from which wars?
What color instead of red was used on the first adopted flag by the Dutch?
The gold color on the Belgian flag is the color of which animal that appears on the coat of arms?
What religious group does green represent on the Irish flag?
What is the British flag called?
What flag is the symbol of liberty adopted after the French Revolution?
The flag of Luxembourg is almost identical to what other flag?
Red and white are the heraldic colora of which family that rules Monaco since the 13th century?
Red and yellow on the flag of Andorra are taken from what other flag?
On the Portuguese flag green represents which explorer?
Red and yellow are the colors arms of which two Spanish regions?
King Henry the Navigator
Castille and Aragon
The flag was officially adopted when Italy became republic in what year?
What is the name of the cross on the Maltese flag?
What features on the flag of Vatican city?
What does blue represents on the flag of San Marino?
St. Peter's keys and the papal crown
Other than Switzerland what is the only country to have square flag?
The crown was added to the flag of Liechtenstein to establish what status of the country?
The traditional Austrian flag was retained after the fall of what empire in 1918?
The colors of Hungarian flag came from what ages?
White and red on the Czech flag are the heraldic colors of which region?
The Slovakian flag was officially adopted in 1992, following independence from which country?
The three mountain peaks on the Slovenian flag represent Triglav, which is the part of what mountains?
The Croatian flag was officially adopted in 1990, ten months before the declaration of independence from which country?
The flag was adopted when Montenegro was a constituent of the Union with what country?
Which three main ethnic groups of Bosnia and Herzegovina represent the three points of the triangle?
Which two-headed bird is shown on the coat of arms of Serbia?
The black eagle first appeared on the flag when Albania was a part of what empire?
Bosniaks, Croats, and Serbs.
What does the yellow circle represent on the flag of North Macedonia?
What detail was removed from the Bulgarian flag in 1990?
What religion is symbolized by the white cross on the flag of Greece?
Which African country raised the issue before the UN because it has a similar flag to Romania?
What details was removed from the Belorussian flag following independence?
In what year Ukraine gained its independence and re-adopted the original flag?
Which Russian Tsar adopted the variation of the Dutch flag for the Russian flag in the 17th century?
The blue, yellow and red on the flag of Moldova reflect strong links with what country?
Star, hammer and sickle
Peter the Great
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