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1,1502021-08-10Histography (History and Geography) general knowledge quiz
9792021-05-15Fattest countries
8862021-08-29Asian geography
5402021-12-28Ist dein Englisch gut?- Ein sprachtest
4572021-05-16Countries that got nuked
4562021-07-04Countries that do the most manufacturing
4192021-08-01Countries with the most black people outside of Africa
3772021-06-19Länder mit der kleinsten Penislänge
3522021-08-10Geschichte und Geographie Allgemeinwissen Quiz
3362021-08-27Car logo to country
3092021-09-24Quiz de géographie totalement facile #1
3052021-06-29First names of all US presidents
2802021-10-17Squid Game characters quiz
2752021-07-24Länder, die mit "Stan" enden
2732021-08-10Länder nach Einwohnerzahl
2562021-09-07Totally easy geography quiz #1
2562021-09-26Völlig einfaches Geographie-Quiz-#1
2252021-08-26Welche Sprache spreche ich?
2172021-06-07Länder mit dem höchsten durchschnittlichen IQ
2092021-06-19Les pays qui produisent le plus d’armes à feu
2082021-07-16Englische Ländernamen
2072021-06-20Länder mit der größten durchschnittlichen Penislänge
2032021-07-20Dictators that killed the most people
2002021-10-19Countries with the most Hindi speakers
1962021-07-19Random German words
1932021-06-07Zufällige Geographiekenntnisse
1932021-05-18Countries that speak Russian, German, or Persian
1842021-12-2950 häufigste Wörter
1792021-06-09Geographie für Anfänger
1752021-07-29Most spoken languages in India
1702021-09-18Yugoslavia country quiz
1572021-06-26All languages you can learn on Duolingo
1482021-07-28Flags of countries and territories in Eurasia
1462021-09-12Totally easy geography quiz #2
1422021-06-07Meist gelernte Sprache auf Duolingo
1402021-07-31Countries with the most Gypsies
1362021-07-20Countries ending with, "Stan"
1312021-08-11Am Vietnamkrieg beteiligte Länder
1272021-08-10Countries involved in the Vietnam War
1262021-07-16The Terminator quiz
1262021-08-13Top 3 countries with exceptions
1222021-05-26Biggest empires by land area
1222021-07-19Land zu Amtssprache
1212021-08-15Zufällige Stadt zu Land
1212021-08-10Länder, die am meisten produzieren
1212021-08-11Countries that own the most gold
1162021-08-16Poorest countries per continent
1162021-07-29Du pays à la langue officielle
1152021-06-18Länder mit der meisten Waffenproduktion
1152021-12-29Whitest US states
1112021-06-20Länder, die Russisch, Deutsch oder Persisch sprechen
1102021-09-12Most studied foreign languages in the US
1092021-07-03All modern countries the US has went to war with
1092021-07-28Most popular German last names
1072021-12-28Countries that were in the Warsaw Pact or the Soviet Union
1062021-09-18Scotland country quiz
1062021-07-29Asiatische Geographie nach Buchstaben - P
1062021-07-15Länder mit den meisten Haiangriffen
1052021-08-03Länder mit den meisten Roma
1012021-08-12Capital cities of Eurasia
1012021-08-15Zufällige Stadt zu Land #2
1002021-06-07Most learned languages on Duolingo
992021-07-20Landen die eindigen op "Stan"
952021-07-01Countries with Z in their name
952021-08-01Sprachen des Nahen Ostens
942021-08-18Largest city in each US state that isn't a capital
922021-07-13“Never Gonna Give You Up,” lyrics
922021-06-07Heute gesprochene Germanische Sprachen
922021-08-11What language am I speaking?
912021-06-09Geography for noobs
902021-06-08Größte Reiche nach Landfläche
862021-08-12Flags of Socialist or Communist countries
862021-08-21Fun fact to country
862021-10-14Most famous world capitals
852021-09-10Geography true or false
852021-09-13Commonly mistaken capitals
842021-07-05US cities with pro sports teams
822021-11-03Slovakia according to Wikipedia
812021-06-07Länder nach hinweis
772021-05-31Germanic languages spoken today
752021-08-19Most visited cities in Germany
752021-12-27Grüße aus Europa
742021-06-29Which city in the US
732021-07-1815 most guessed Hunger Games characters
722021-08-12Country flags that aren't rectangle
722021-08-01Middle Eastern languages
722021-05-24Countries the US searches most on google
722021-08-15Official languages of former countries
712021-11-05Second-biggest cities of Europe
712021-07-29Most popular Chinese last names
692021-07-14Countries that speak Germanic languages with exceptions
692021-07-30Countries with the best militaries, A-Z
692021-07-11Countries with the most non-native English speakers
682021-09-12Countries with the most cities with a population over 1 mil
682021-07-03Flags of countries that begin with S
682021-08-09The Amazing World of Gumball ultimate character quiz
662021-08-10Animals I have -Picture Quiz
662021-08-01Flags of Central and Southern Asia
652021-07-15Most populous countries in 1939
652021-07-12German country names
642021-07-15Flags of organizations
632021-09-25Person to languages they speak
632021-08-24Hong Kong country quiz
632021-05-24Dog breed to country of origin
612021-06-18Langues disponibles sur JetPunk
602021-07-18Looney Toons Characters
592021-08-06Biggest modern day cities in the Ottoman Empire
592021-05-25Country to previous name
592021-07-15Länder, in denen es am billigsten ist
592021-08-26Countries with the lowest crime rates
592021-06-29Countries where alcohol is illegal
582021-09-25Countries that use the Imperial Measurment System
582021-06-27Countries with the most alcohol consumption
572021-08-26Famous politicians
562021-06-17Countries with the biggest dog populations
562021-07-03Countries that competed in the first Eurovision
552021-07-01Countries that have the most youtube views
552021-06-28Countries that have the most executions
552021-07-15Countries with the most shark attacks
542021-08-05Capitals of the Americas
542021-06-29Biggest gambling cities in the US
542021-06-07Random geography knowledge
532021-08-16Biggest cities that contain the world, “Saint”
532021-05-27Countries that are allowed in the international space station
532021-08-12Most populous countries in 1989
522021-07-13Modern countries once owned by Denmark
522021-07-20Socialist or Communist countries
522021-12-27Animals in Esperanto
512021-07-15Countries that are the cheapest to live in
512021-12-27Flags of Native American tribes
512021-07-19Most populous countries in 2070
502021-08-19Southeast Asian geography groups
502021-10-09Countries where guns are illegal
502021-07-05Most populous Middle-Eastern cities
502021-08-05Countries with two official languages
492021-07-14Countries that produce the most cotton
492021-08-12Most populous countries in 1600
492021-12-2950 most common German words
492021-08-22Biggest cities in the US south
492021-07-05Happiest countries
492021-08-11Languages that make up Hawaiian Creole
482021-08-09Austria A-Z
472021-08-12Random city to country #2
472021-07-17Countries with the most bicycles
462021-07-04Flags With Only Red, White, And Blue
462021-07-26Countries Germans immigrate to
462021-07-03Countries with the most cars
462021-11-04Czech Republic according to Wikipedia
462021-08-15Most popular languages on Youtube
452021-06-29Most populous cities that begin with M
452021-07-04Countries with the most murders
452021-06-12Most populous cities in Germany that are not state capitals
442021-08-12Random city to country
442021-12-26Biggest Native American tribes
442021-12-27Greetings from Europe
432021-07-19Countries where Mohamed is the most common last name
432021-08-24European countries with the most Neanderthal DNA
432021-08-13Donald Trump quiz
432021-07-02Countries visited by Bald and Bankrupt
432021-07-03All Dorito flavors sold in the US
422021-05-18Country to second most popular language
422021-08-13Joe Biden quiz
422021-08-18Central Asian geography groups
422021-08-11Flags of the southern most countries
422021-07-14Country to official language #2
422021-08-29Countries by navy flag
412021-07-14Country to official language
412021-08-22Biggest cities in the US Midwest
412021-07-03Countries with the most smokers
412021-06-18Duolingo Dutch Basics 1 quiz
412021-10-17Biggest cities outside of Eurasia
412021-08-13Random city to country #4
412021-05-14Countries with the most millionaires
402021-08-03Countries where Star Wars movies were filmed
402021-07-07Countries with the most gamers
402021-06-17Countries with the biggest bird populations
402021-07-19Country to official language #3
392023-01-19Notable Dead People A-Z
392021-08-04Biggest US cities with exceptions
392021-06-28Länder auf Niederländisch
392021-07-14Most populous countries in 1700
382021-06-28Countries that have the most Twitter users
382021-05-30Countries by clue
372021-07-31Countries with the best militaries outside of Asia
372021-07-02Countries with secret police
362021-05-28Modern countries once owned by Britain
362021-05-2910 most populous countries of the Americas in order
362021-08-22Biggest cities in the US Pacific
362023-01-16Most Googled People in 2022
362021-07-22Aardrijkskunde voor beginners
362021-06-08Countries that produce the most guns
362021-08-13Random city to country #3
362021-07-14Most populous countries in 1900
362021-07-01Countries with the most lakes
352021-05-19Richest people in the world
352021-06-01Countries that see the US as their top ally
352021-07-31Countries with the most soldiers per capita
352021-07-14Most populous countries in 1800
352021-05-2810 most populous countries of Oceania in order
352021-06-19Countries with the biggest fish populations
342021-08-24Which city in Michigan
342021-08-09Countries with the highest percentage of smartphone users
342021-08-12Flags of OPEC countries
342021-06-28Countries with the most Covid cases
342021-08-28Flags of countries during 1900
332021-07-21Countries with the most volcanoes
332021-11-09Smallest countries and dependencies
332021-06-17Countries with the biggest cat populations
332021-05-22Modern countries the Scandinavians had settlements in
332021-07-21Nations in the Arab League
332021-07-31Countries with the most Duolingo German learners
332021-05-23Modern countries once owned by Germany
332021-05-30US states by population in order
332021-06-27Countries that use pesos
322021-08-04Countries Taiwan claims
322023-01-19United States Immigration- Top 5 Countries per Continent
322021-07-29Countries that drink the most soda
322021-08-25African countries with the Covid-19 highest vaccination rates
312021-10-17Countries with the most Malay speakers
312021-09-03Countries where college is free
312021-07-21Countries with 100% literacy rate
312021-08-12Most populous countries in 2100
312021-07-11Countries that are total monarchies
312021-07-05Most populous slavic cities
312021-08-24Biggest cities in the US Northeast
312021-08-11Least guessed countries on Jetpunk
312021-05-16Babushka Countries
302021-05-2810 most populous countries of Europe in order
302021-07-15Falkland Islands country quiz
302021-06-14European capitals with exceptions
292021-07-01Countries with the biggest rabbit populations
292021-05-27Countries with the highest average IQ
272021-07-26Countries with the most men
272021-05-2810 most populous countries of Africa in order
272021-05-14Countries with the most modern slavery
272021-08-24Biggest cities in the US west
272021-05-2810 most populous countries of Asia in order
262021-08-10Nordic trivia quiz
262021-05-17Hindu Countries
262021-08-16US states, regions, and territories
262021-05-16Luke's Dictionary-Random words from languages I know
252021-08-27Languages available on Babbel
252021-05-24Modern countries once owned by the Dutch
252023-02-25Pairs of Things #1 (LH)
242023-01-24Animals in European Languages
242021-07-01Countries with the most skin cancer
242021-08-22Countries where United Nations leaders were born
242021-07-31Red Crescent countries
242021-12-29Capital scramble!- Europe
242023-01-07Top 10 Most Populous U.S. States in 1900
242021-05-26US most populated overseas territories
242021-08-24Official country names
232021-09-19Languages available on Google Translate-updated
232021-08-06US states with the most Bigfoot sightings
232021-06-27Countries that grow the most cocoa beans
222021-07-30Montserrat country quiz
222021-07-26Countries with the most women
222021-06-27Modern countries once owned by France
212021-06-29Countries with the most people born in December
212021-08-21Biggest cities in the Americas with exceptions
212021-05-29Country to most populous city
212023-02-21Countries With the Most HIV- Percentage
212021-12-29Capital scramble!- Asia
212021-07-16European Union official languages added in 2004
212021-06-18Languages available on JetPunk
212021-07-05Countries that recognize Taiwan
202021-06-29Countries where there is no minimum drinking age
202021-07-16Engelse landnamen
202021-08-07Countries by population
202023-01-27Popular Pasta Types: The Top 10
202023-02-25Countries That Have Experienced a School Shooting
202021-08-12Least populated countries and territories
202021-07-29Countries with the most hunger
192022-01-01Countries with Luxembourgish embassies
182023-01-07Top 10 Least Populous U.S. States in 1900
182021-07-02Countries that fought the US in 2018
182021-06-30Fortnite matchmaking regions
182021-06-28Countries with the lowest currency exchange rate
172021-05-15Where things were invented
172021-06-16Vatican city quiz (LukasHistography version)
172021-08-19Biggest cities in OPEC
162021-05-22Adventure time characters
162021-12-31Contributing countries 2021
152021-08-06Subdivisions bordering the United States
152021-08-19Countries in OPEC
152021-08-24Biggest cities in Ethiopia
152021-12-29Squid Game Charaktere Quiz
152021-08-22Where popular Jetpunkers are from
142021-08-22Biggest cities in the US Pacific- With exceptions
132021-08-19Capital cities of Southeast Asia
132021-06-30Countries with the most people born in October
132021-06-28Subdivision to country
122021-06-09Benelux region quiz
122021-12-28The Guineas quiz
102021-07-20Stratego stukken quiz
92023-01-02United States Travel Advisories 2022
92023-02-04Middle School History
82021-07-20Stratego pieces quiz
72021-08-05Biggest cities in Guatemala
72021-09-26"Everybody hates Chris," characters
12021-12-27Tute facila geografia kvizo #1