Every English King and Queen

Name all the kings and queens of England since 1066. You'll be given a hint for each one.
Both Roman Numerals and numbers are allowed
The two Lord Protectors are counted in this quiz
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Last updated: May 29, 2020
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Invaded England in 1066
William I
Was given nicknames due to his red hair
William II
Died after eating too many lampreys (eels)
Henry I
Spent a lot of time fighting Matilda over the throne
First Plantagenet King
Henry II
Is said to have only spent 6 months in England
Richard I
King who signed the Magna Carta in 1215
Was the longest reigning monarch until 1816
Henry III
Known as the 'Hammer of the Scots'
Edward I
Died from being poked by a red-hot poker
Edward II
King who started the Hundred Year War
Edward III
Dealt with the Peasant's Revolt aged only 14
Richard II
First King since 1066 to primarily speak English instead of French
Henry IV
Famously won the Battle of Agincourt
Henry V
Had multiple mental breakdowns and his reign led to the War of the Roses
Henry VI
First King form the House of York
Edward IV
Allegedly murdered in the Tower of London
Edward V
Falsley claimed to have died saying "My kingdom for a horse!"
Richard III
First Tudor King
Henry VII
Known for being overweight and having 6 wives
Henry VIII
A sickly teenage king who only lived to 16 years old
Edward VI
Only ruled for 9 days
Known for burning hundreds of Protestants
Mary I
Never married but had many suitors
Elizabeth I
Survived the Gunpowder Plot
James I
The only King to have been beheaded
Charles I
Lord Protector of England after winning the Civil War
Oliver Cromwell
The above's son, the last Lord Protector of England
Richard Cromwell
A flamboyant King who was the first King of the Restoration
Charles II
The last Catholic king of England
James II
Ruled alongside his wife and died following a fall off his horse
William III
Was the wife of the above and was able to reign in her own right, the only to do so
Mary II
The last Stuart monarch who oversaw the Union of Scotland and England into Great Britain
First King from the House of Hanover, and under his reign the role of Prime Minister was created
George I
The last King to lead an army into battle
George II
Famously went 'mad' towards the end of his reign
George III
Was Prince Regent for 10 years prior to his reign
George IV
Was previously a sailor before becoming King
William IV
Ruled for 63 years, and spent most of it mourning her dead husband
Wondered if he would ever become King due to his mother's long reign
Edward VII
King during World War One
George V
The ony King to abdicate
Edward VIII
King during World War Two, and was known for having a stutter
George VI
Longest reigning monarch at 64 years
Elizabeth II
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May 29, 2020
I understand, however I wanted to keep the title concise. I’d still keep them in for the sake that they were rulers of England. If you want me to take them out, or add Lord Protectors to the title, I will, however I think it’s best to keep them in.