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1,0512019-05-06Countries invaded by the NAZIs
1,0352019-07-08Country Chain Quiz
6572018-04-21Country Chain Quiz #2
2372017-09-19George Orwells's Animal Farm
2212018-09-16Cold War Quiz
1462018-11-09LARGE WWII Quiz
1322019-06-20Countries A-Z
1072018-08-27Australian Prime Minsiters
972018-09-14Slavery in the USA
812018-05-12The Hitler Quiz
732019-05-06Fictional Characters - D
722019-03-08Australian National Anthem
702019-05-14Russian History 1894-1927
692018-07-28Indonesian Language Test
642019-05-20Game of Thrones Deaths
642018-08-28Inglorious Basterds Characters
632019-11-08Luke's General Knowledge #1
542018-08-28Pulp Fiction Characters
522019-11-08Countries with one Vowel
512019-06-24Countries visited by the Simpsons
462016-11-194 Letter countries
432018-10-25Apartheid South Africa
392018-10-07Great 1960's
382020-02-22Musical Artists - B
362015-11-19Australia A-Z
352016-11-28Castro Legacy
352016-09-09Luke's General Knowledge #3
342018-09-06Australian History
342018-05-12Infamous and 'Honorary Members' of the Nazi Party
322017-04-10Advance Australia Fair
302015-11-04Australia Quiz
292017-02-12Double Landlocked Countries
282018-09-06Australia By Australia
282015-12-31Luke's General Knowledge #2
282019-03-22Arctic Monkeys Song Quiz
272020-02-14Musical Artists - S
272016-01-287 Wonders of the modern world world
242015-12-22Star Wars
232019-06-25Australian Political Parties
232018-01-17Songs by Lyrics
222018-05-28Nuremberg Trial
212019-06-12Geographic SA's
202019-11-04I was only 19 lyrics
202019-06-16Australian Prime Minister First Names
182018-01-21Australia A-Z #2
162018-12-11Capitals of the former USSR
162016-11-13Vowels in 5 seconds
152018-09-16Household debt to GDP
152019-09-14Modern Chinese History
142018-12-26Reservoir Dogs Characters
142019-06-07Founding Fathers
132019-09-09Presidents of the Republic of China
132019-03-22QI Contestants by appearance
112019-11-07Fargo s1
92019-05-11Grand Budapest Hotel Cast
82016-11-26The Alphabet backwards
82019-08-25Paramount Leaders of the PRC
62019-11-07Wade-Giles Chinese Places
32019-08-09Waiting for the Great Leap Forward lyrics
22019-06-26Leaders of the CPC
22019-06-20The Long March