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Country Chain Quiz

Each country starts with the letter that the last one ended in
Last updated: May 26, 2017
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Largest country in the world by area
Country between Spain and France
Small country that starts with an A but doesn't end with an A
Himalayan country
Tiny country between Austria and Switzerland
Scandinavian country
Only country beginning with this letter
Country with an erratic leader
North Korea
Land down under
_______ and Barbuda
Nationalist Extremist group from this country committed 9/11
Not Never Land the ___________
Sally sells SEA SHELLS by the sea shore
Pissed off Austria - Hungary starting WWI
level 55
Jul 28, 2016
good quiz, seychelles is accepted but is spelled wrong in the answer key. Also shouldnt the last question link back to the first letter of the first answer. Only answer that would be close is singapore.
level 44
Sep 2, 2016
Good idea but sorry, i would have to change the whole quiz to do so
level 58
Jul 28, 2016
If you're counting Afghanistan as Middle-Eastern, which goes outside of the normally defined limits (Egypt to Iran), I assume you're talking about countries in that area of the world with a similar culture instead of just the geographical boundaries. This means that the answer for "Middle-Eastern" country could also be Algeria, Azerbaijan, and Armenia, because these three (though Azerbaijan and Armenia are a bit of a stretch due to their USSR past) could also be answers that start with A. Please accept Azerbaijan as it fits your parameters.
level 38
May 24, 2017
Sorry, I'm tired of this argument, but here goes, again: If you're going to insist on identifying Egypt, which is in AFRICA, as part of the Middle East because of "cultural similarities" therewith, then you must also add to the list of Middle East Countries, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Sudan and, possibly Somalia, because of the same "cultural similarities."
level 39
Jun 14, 2017
Part of Egypt is in the Middle East
level 39
Jun 14, 2017
It is very small though
level 38
Apr 10, 2018
To RayH518: And part of Turkey is in Europe; that doesn't make it a European country, does it.
level 23
Apr 30, 2018
Ummmm Afghanistan didn't commit 9/11. It was the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and Egypt.
level 44
May 1, 2018
Well, the Taliban did it. Bin Laden lost citizenship from SA in 1994, before the attack in 2001. The extremist group was mostly in Afghanistan but was also fought across the middle east. And I did write 'Extremist Group' not country