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Near Quito, Ecuador, what is the name of the Mountain Peak with the initials CGP?Cerro Guagua Pichincha
According to the map, what is the largest city on the coastline of Kenya?Mombasa
What is the name of the southern-most island of Greenland with a name on the map?{Ikeq} Island
Drawing a straight line from Lisbon to Madrid, which Spanish city is in the middle of it?C{áceres}
Between what two "Streets" is the Empire State Building bordered by?33rd + 34th
What is the name of the zoo next to Cairo University, Egypt?{Giza} Zoo
Heading to Svalbard, north of Norway, what is the National Park on the southern tip?{Sør-Spitsbergen} National Park
What 'bay' is located right next to the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort{Discovery} Bay
What is the name of the Hospital just south from The Shard, London?{Guy's} Hospital
What Strait lies between Vancouver Island and Olympic National Park in Washington?Strait of {Juan} {de} {Fuca}

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