Harry Potter: Alliterative names

The following Harry Potter characters have alliterative first name and surname (e.g. Quirinus Quirrell). Ignore middle names.
All the following names appear in the books.
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Author of A History of Magic
Bathilda Bagshot
Strangled by a pot plant at St Mungo’s
Broderick Bode
Ravenclaw Seeker
Cho Chang
Fond of taking pictures of Harry
Colin Creevey
St Mungo’s Healer (1722–41) and Hogwarts Headmistress (1741–68)
Dilys Derwent
He and Hestia Jones escorted the Dursleys away from Privet Drive
Dedalus Diggle
Harry’s bullying cousin
Dudley Dursley
One of Draco’s two closest friends
Gregory Goyle
Dumbledore defeated him in a duel
Gellert Grindelwald
Founder of the house Harry belonged to
Godric Gryffindor
Charms Professor
Filius Flitwick
Sold ice-cream on Diagon Alley
Florean Fortescue
Founder of the house Cedric Diggory belonged to
Helga Hufflepuff
Her father edited The Quibbler
Luna Lovegood
Transfiguration Professor
Minerva McGonagall
Member of the original Order of the Phoenix
Marlene McKinnon
Slytherin girl
Pansy Parkinson
Went with Ron to the Yule Ball
Padma Patil
Went with Harry to the Yule Ball
Parvati Patil
Peter Pettigrew
Dudley’s best friend
Piers Polkiss
Hogwarts nurse
Poppy Pomfrey
Founder of the house Cho and Luna belonged to
Rowena Ravenclaw
Knight Bus conductor
Stan Shunpike
Founder of the house Draco belonged to
Salazar Slytherin
The Half-Blood Prince
Severus Snape
Nymphadora’s father
Ted Tonks
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