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39,4322018-09-24 U.S. States with the Fewest Borders
33,2332020-12-23 Highest HDI Countries with Exceptions
19,8372017-01-27 Major U.S. Rivers with State Names
18,2252020-12-23 Lowest HDI Countries with Exceptions
9,2592019-12-09 New York Pro Sport Teams
6,5152019-10-13NBA Teams that Have Never Been to the Finals
5,8782018-03-162018 NCAA Tournament Teams
2,7372017-10-13US States with no MLB, NHL, NBA, or NFL teams
2,1632018-02-05NFL Teams that have never won the Super Bowl
1,0752020-04-12Hockey Teams Without A Stanley Cup
8332016-05-11African countries that have been to the FIFA World Cup
6852016-05-13Countries unrecognized by atleast 1 member of the United Nations
4212018-03-13European countries that have been to the FIFA World Cup
3792017-11-08Countries starting with Central, East, West, North, or South
3752016-05-12Asian countries that have been to the FIFA World Cup
3062016-11-23Countries With the Most Large Cities
2812016-04-29Most spoken non-European languages
2762017-11-18MLB Teams With Zero Championships
2752016-05-13European countries NOT in the European Union
2492018-03-13North American countries that have been to the FIFA World Cup
2412016-12-10New York Yankees Players By Last Name
2132018-02-05NBA, NHL, NFL, and MLB teams founded in 1990 or later
1822016-05-15Most powerful European militaries
1702016-05-08All-Time gaming consoles
1622016-06-02Top 3 Longest country names that don't repeat a letter
1592016-06-02Countries that start with P - One Minute Sprint
1482018-04-202018 NBA Playoffs Teams
1412016-11-14African Geography A-Z
1312016-11-22US States That Have Voted Republican and Democratic 6 Times Since 1960
1292016-06-02Countries with the smallest coastlines
1262016-12-14Philadelphia Plillies Players By Last Name
1182016-05-17Most populated island countries
1082016-12-052016 MLB Season Recap
1052016-05-11Countries with no "A" in alphabetical order
1042016-05-05Countries that use the US Dollar as their official currency
1032016-05-31Letters that start only one country
1022016-05-23Countries that start with B - One Minute Sprint
992016-09-28African countries with a population over 20 Million
992016-05-07US States with no "A" in alphabetical order
982016-04-29Sports teams located in Texas
922016-12-09Coldest Countries A-Z
902016-05-21Most developed countries
892016-05-16Most powerful African militaries
892016-04-29Sports teams located in Pennsylvania
862016-05-31Countries (or territories) that share an island with other countries
842016-05-06Bands/Singers with 10 or more #1 hits
812016-05-23Countries that start with A - One Minute Sprint
792016-05-03Country Capitals That Start With W, Y, or Z
782016-05-23Countries that start with G - One Minute Sprint
782016-11-17Largest Cities A-Z With Exceptions
782018-04-20Countries with 10 or more FIFA World Cup appearances
772016-06-19African Countries receiving independence from an African country
752016-04-29Sports teams located in Florida
732016-05-18Landlocked countries that border no landlocked countries
702016-06-01Countries that start with L in alphabetical order - One Minute Sprint
702016-05-26Countries H-L - One Minute Sprint
692016-05-19Least developed countries in Asia
692016-05-13African countries with a billionaire
682016-05-29Countries that border Iran
682016-05-27Countries N-Q - One Minute Sprint
662016-05-25Countries that start with M - One Minute Sprint
662016-05-283 Letter codes A-C
662016-05-25Countries that start with S - One Minute Sprint
652016-10-20Countries With The Lowest Population Density With Exceptions
642016-12-07Top 10 Countries Per Animal
612016-10-11Countries bordering Ukraine and their borders
612018-04-23Countries with only 1 FIFA World Cup Appearence
612016-05-24Countries that start with T - One Minute Sprint
612016-06-09Countries containing an F in alphabetical order
592016-06-03Countries that end with E - One Minute Sprint
582016-06-09Countries with the same smallest bordering country
572016-06-08Smallest Bordering Country #1
542016-05-25Countries that start with F - Fifteen Second Sprint
542016-05-30US States in multiple time zones
532016-05-24Countries that start with C - One Minute Sprint
502018-02-09Top 5 FIFA World Cup Countries by Continent
502018-04-25Countries with the Most Olympic Gold Medals at Team Sports
492016-04-30Sports teams located in California
492016-06-11Matthew's American Sports General Knowledge Quiz
482018-05-08Biggest Country by Trait
472016-05-02Largest Island Countries
472016-05-31Countries in Multiple time zones
472016-05-16Countries with the strongest Navies
432016-05-30All billboard #1 hits of 1981
422016-05-05Central Asian Countries
412016-12-15What Is It?
412016-06-01Countries that start with J - Fifteen second sprint
402016-04-30US States that border the Mississippi River
402016-05-13Countries with $100,000,000 Debt or less
392016-10-10Countries with the same highest point
382016-05-28Guess that random country - Country Chain edition
382016-06-08Smallest Bordering Country #2
372016-05-29European countries with six letters in alphabetical order
372016-05-26Countries that have no A E and I in alphabetical order
222018-03-07US Cities By Iconic Sites
202016-05-27Guess that random country #1
182016-04-27Countries created by Simon Bolivar
162016-05-28Double typing test - the alphabet backwards, twice
152016-06-12Impossible Quiz - Fast Typing to 50 in Words
132017-05-23American Pro Sports Teams - One Minute
102016-04-27Baseball's Longest scoreless innings streaks
92016-06-01Image flag game #1
72016-06-01Top 10 quiz creaters by total amount taken
62016-06-01Image flag game #2