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A raw strongly-flavoured vegetable pickle; the Korean national dishkimchi
A Korean system of unarmed combat resembling karatetaekwondo
A dish consisting of rice topped with other ingredients, typically including sautéed vegetables, meat (esp. beef), and chilli paste, often with the addition of a raw or fried eggbibimbap
The basic monetary unit of (North and South) Koreawon
The Korean national phonetic alphabethangul
A traditional East Asian unit of length now equal to approx. 3.93 kilometres (2.44 miles) in Japan and Koreari
A traditional Korean alcoholic drink, made from fermented ricemakkoli
A trained female entertainer; the Korean equivalent of the geisha girlkisaeng
A form of domestic heating having a flue or flues running underfloor from a fire or furnaceondol
A Korean martial art of self-defence, characterized by the use of kicking and circular movements of the arms and legshapkido
___virus: A genus of RNA viruses which can be transmitted to humans via the urine, faeces, and saliva of their natural rodent hosts, and typically cause either a haemorrhagic fever with nephritis or acute respiratory diseaseHanta
A type of Korean vocal music OR a Korean lyric poem usually consisting of twenty-four syllables divided into three linessijo

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