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Vascular Reactions to Injury

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First submittedApril 5, 2019
Last updatedApril 5, 2019
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What is described? "Anuclear discs, with a life span of ~7 days, produced by fragmentation of the cytoplasm of megakaryocytes in bone marrow"
What factor mediates adhesion of them, by bridging between exposed collagen (in endothelial damage) and glycoprotein IB on their surface?
Von Willebrand
After adhesion activation of them occurs comprising of two key components secretion of chemicsal signals and which other?
Shape change
What chemical that is released leads to aggregation of them due to increasing their recruitment?
Thromboxane A2/TxA2
What is the initial block that occurs due to fibrinogen binding the platelets together referred to as?
Primary haemostatic plug
Activation of the coagulation system leads to the production of which enzyme that then causes conversion of fibrinogen into insoluble fibrin, and creates a solid mass through fusion?
What condition whos name derives from the purple colour of the regions of skin affected occurs due to reduced platelet count and bleeding from skin capillaries?
What system is used to disassemble the plug afterwards?
What is the name for the key active protease in this system?
What gaseous substance that can cause vasodilatation is a potent platelet inhibitor?
Nitric oxide/NO
What molecule that is produced by endothelial cells leads to activation of fibrinolysis?
Tissue Plasminogen Activator/tPA
What is being described here? A mass composed from blood constituents within the circulation during life.
What is it called when this mass travels off and blocks a vessel elsewhere?
Whose set of three rules defines the predisposing factors for thrombus formation?
Two of the three are, changes in vessel wall, changes in blood constituents, and what third aspect of blood change may predispose?
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