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Middle Eastern Geography Quiz

Can you answer these geography questions about the Middle East?
Last updated: September 13, 2018
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What is the dominant religion in the Middle East?
What gulf is often referred to as simply "The Gulf"?
Persian Gulf
What is the historical name for the land between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers?
What is the largest peninsula of Egypt?
What is the capital of Qatar?
What is the second most populous city in Syria, after Damascus?
What is the tallest mountain in Turkey, thought by some to be the place
where Noah's ark landed?
Mount Ararat
What is another name for the Persian language?
What is the tallest building in Dubai - and also the world?
Burj Khalifa
What mountain range separates the Middle East and Europe?
What mountain range, starting with the letter Z, passes through western Iran?
Zagros Mountains
What ethnic group's homeland is split between Turkey, Syria, Iran, and Iraq?
What river is the West Bank on the west bank of?
What is the largest dam on the Nile river?
Aswan Dam
In what city would you find the Kaaba?
What "strip" of land borders Israel, Egypt, and the Mediterranean Sea?
Gaza Strip
What country borders Saudi Arabia on a small, man-made island called "Passport Island"?
What peninsula makes up most of Turkey?
What major city is located on the South Coast of Yemen?
What type of star is depicted on the flag of Israel?
Star of David
level 66
Feb 7, 2018
Good quiz, missed a couple but enjoyed the test.
level 73
Aug 9, 2018
"What is the tallest mountain and Turkey" should be "in Turkey".
level 74
Aug 9, 2018
Wikipedia: "Aleppo was the largest Syrian city before the Syrian Civil War; however, now Aleppo is probably the second-largest city in Syria after the capital Damascus."
level ∞
Aug 10, 2018
level 68
Aug 10, 2018
Dari/Tajik should be accepted for the Persian question.
level 59
Nov 6, 2018
Both are varieties and not usually called simply Persian.
level 69
Aug 10, 2018
burj means tower in arabic. please accept khalifa instead
level 69
Aug 10, 2018
What's your idea to call "Arabian sea" just "the sea" for more simplicity?!
level 58
Oct 7, 2018
level 71
Aug 11, 2018
It would be interesting to see how the average-person-on-the-street would do on this quiz, particularly those with the whole "we should just bomb the whole Middle-East and be done with them" mentality.
level 59
Nov 6, 2018
level 45
Aug 14, 2018
What is Aleppo?
level 58
Oct 7, 2018
A leprous hippo.
level 74
Nov 6, 2018
Poor Gary Johnson will never forget that day. "What would you do, if elected, about Aleppo?" "What?" "Aleppo." And he replied, "What is a leppo?"
level 74
Nov 6, 2018
You guys might enjoy this series

If I make another one of those I'm going to have to remember Zagros mountains. Z answers are a little hard to come by.
level 44
Nov 6, 2018
Can gulf of persia maybe do for persian gulf...?
level 33
Nov 6, 2018
All easy. Perfect score.
level 69
Nov 6, 2018
Is Burj al Khalifa not acceptable?
level 31
Nov 10, 2018
Raise your hand if you've never heard of the Zagros mountains