American History- After French and Indian War, before the Revolution

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________ was an Indian chief who waged a rebellion against the British in May 1763
To prevent settlers from settling the backcountry, the British issues the Proclamation of _____
In 1764, the British place a ___, or import tax on Sugar called The Sugar Act
To enforce the Proclamation from #2, the British established The ________ Act, forcing colonists to keep soldiers in their homes.
In 1765, The ____ Act forcing colonists to buy special ____s for their letters, cards and newspapers
Merchants in New York organized a _____, or an organized campaign to not buy certain goods, in protest of the acts.
In October 1765, delegates sent a _____, or a written request to a government, to the king.
The British gave __________________ in the colonies, or court orders that allowed officials to make searches without saying what they were searching for.
Writs of Assistance
On March 5, 1770, a protest in Boston became bloody killing five and wounding six. It was later known as the _______________.
Boston Massacre
This well-known Massachusetts lawyer defended the soldiers in court, who had killed the protestors.
John Adams.
His cousin, ______ established Committees of Correspondance, which kept colonists informed on British actions.
Samuel Adams
In 1773, the British passed the ___ act.
British Prime Minister ___________ said that the colonists should not object to the act from the above question.
Frederick North
On December 16, 1773, a group of sailors snuck into a ship moored in Boston harbor and dumped its entire cargo into the bay. It was later called the ___________.
Boston Tea Party
In September 1774, the ______ met and demanded the end of the acts, known as the intolerable acts.
First Continental Congress
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