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18,2412021-01-03 Six Degrees Of Separation - Countries
15,9672020-11-17 Countries that are Free from U.S.A.
1,8372020-03-06Random Hamilton Song Lyrics
9862020-05-02Magic Eye Puzzles
8312020-03-23Words That Rhyme With At
6202020-01-04Countries That Border Denmark
4352020-01-04Words That Rhyme With Bed
3112020-05-09Toronto Landmarks by Picture
2852020-11-17Countries that are Free from CANADA
2482020-03-24Clickable Chess Moves
2462020-01-04Countries That Border Nepal
2452020-05-05Every Character In UnOrdinary
2302020-01-24Official Languages of Singapore
2052020-11-17Countries that are Free from JETPUNK
1702020-03-10Most Common Words In London Underground Station Names
1702020-01-04Countries That Border Bangladesh
1572020-01-24First Countries in Space
1492020-03-18Blurry Brand Logos
1432017-06-28Countries with the Lowest Homicide Rate
1272020-01-24Islands with 10M+ Population
1112020-05-21Most Liked Webtoons Series
1072020-04-022000 Summer Olympics Medal Count
1062020-01-04Countries That Border Ireland
972021-02-26All Hadestown Songs
952020-01-04Countries That Bordering East Timor
912017-06-21Countries With The Most Subway Restaurants
872019-12-23Cities by Metro System Logo
862020-04-18Canadian Geography Bunker
862020-03-22Countries That Border This But Not That
842020-02-26Countries by Road Signs
832020-11-29Most Guessed Cities By Random U.S. State
802020-05-12Geographic Portmanteaus
782020-01-26Countries That Border Panama
772020-01-04Countries That Border The Gambia
762020-11-28Most Guessed Cities By Random Country
752020-02-23Painting... or Photo?
732020-04-021996 Summer Olympics Medal Count
712020-02-02Random Countries by Phonetic Name
652020-02-11Countries With The Most 1M+ Cities
632020-01-11World Capitals Closest to Brasilia
632020-03-01Ultimate Geography by Letter - A
632021-02-05Top r/PictureGame Players
572017-06-29Countries with The Least Prisoners
562020-02-22Countries by School Lunches
562017-06-28Countries With the most Homicides
522020-03-22Oceans Bordering Canada
522020-01-02Most Guessed Answers on Random Jetpunk Geography Quizzes
482020-02-02Random World Capitals by Phonetic Name
472020-03-21Countries By Wikipedia Word Clouds
462020-03-17Most Common Words In Metal Band Names
452020-03-18Blurry U.S. Presidents
442020-02-28Famous Waterfalls by Picture
442020-03-22States That Border This But Not That
432020-04-18US Presidents With Longest Last Names
432020-03-10Most Common Words In New York City Subway Station Names
422020-01-10Most Populous US Islands
422020-01-29US States with Springfield
402020-03-29Cities By Wikipedia Word Clouds A-Z
392020-03-21Blurry Country Flags
392020-01-31Roundest Countries
392019-12-30Top Jetpunk Users Quiz
382020-02-22Famous Landmarks on Banknotes
322020-04-02Countries That Left The EU
302017-06-22Countries With Former KFC Outlets
292020-03-21Extremely Blurry Country Flags
272020-01-18Words that Rhyme with At with Definitions
262020-11-17Name a Jetpunk User A-Z
262020-03-10Most Common Words In Featured Jetpunk Blog Titles
252020-01-31Five Roundest Countries by Continent
252020-02-02Random US States by Phonetic Name
232021-03-11Divided Canadian City Name Puzzle
232020-01-02Most Guessed Answers on Random Jetpunk Sports Quizzes
222020-01-27Countries with Former Burger King
222020-01-31Most Populous Countries by Driving Orientation
202020-05-01Most Centrally Located U.S. Capitals
202020-01-12Countries on Random Islands
192020-02-03Random US State Capitals by Phonetic Name
182020-04-13Cities Five Hours From...
182017-09-012016 Billboard Hot 100 Chart-Toppers
182020-01-18Word Scramble - Random Canadian Cities
172020-04-27Cities With The Biggest Subreddits
152020-01-12Biggest Cities on the Mississippi River
152020-01-12Biggest Cities on the Ohio River
152020-04-11Most Weekly Viewed Wikipedia Articles
152020-10-29US National Parks by Google Maps Description
152019-12-30Top Jetpunkers by Year
152020-01-26North... or South of New York City?
142020-03-08Royal Canadian Air Force Bases
142020-03-10Most Common Words In Toronto Subway Station Names
122020-01-26Biggest Cities in Ontario A-Z
122020-01-12Biggest Cities on the Missouri River
122020-01-12Biggest Cities on the Rio Grande River
112020-03-08New York City Landmarks With The Most Google Reviews
112020-01-12Biggest Cities on the Arkansas River
102020-01-12Biggest Cities on the Colorado River
92020-01-27Countries with Former McDonald's
92020-01-12Biggest Cities on the Columbia River
82021-03-03Seven Wonder of Canada
72020-01-02Random City to Canadian Province or Territory
72020-03-12Wikimedia Commons Picture Of The Year Titles
02021-02-26All Come From Away Songs