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5722017-09-17Countries that reject passports from Israel
2522019-10-27European sovereign states that recognize the Armenian genocide
2432017-09-04Top five Middle Eastern countries with the highest percent of Christians
1622017-09-06Countries with laws against the denial of the Holocaust
1302017-11-04European countries that have a smaller population than Mongolia
1152018-03-20Countries where the capital is not the largest city
982017-09-04Countries where alcohol is illegal
852017-09-14Countries with the worst press freedom
812018-08-04Countries that end in AN
772019-02-16Official languages of Oceania
762018-04-21Countries where atheists can be executed
592017-09-05US states with GDP higher than the US military budget
582018-04-21US states where atheists can't hold public office
572017-11-26The five oceans of the world
482017-08-21Countries that use fahrenheit
472017-08-21Countries that have more then one time zone
462017-10-09Official languages of South America
452017-11-06Municipalities of San Marino
452017-11-04Municipalities of Liechtenstein
402017-09-09Countries that are part of the purposed East African Federation
392017-09-01Top ten countries by population that use only one time zone
372018-04-22Holodomor genocide recognition
362017-12-29US states with a larger population than Moscow
332018-06-25Countries represented at Epcot
312017-10-09Official languages of Alaska
302017-08-21Countries that only have one time zone
302017-08-26Places that use the Australian dollar
282018-04-03Words that end in “cide”
272018-08-28US states with an In-N-Out Burger location
272018-04-22African countries by rate of literacy
262018-04-22Nordic-Baltic Eight members
262017-08-27Places that use the South African rand
252017-09-16Countries with the lowest life expectancy
252017-10-15Country flags that only have one star
252018-04-22African countries by rate of illiteracy
252017-11-04Cantons of Luxembourg
232018-04-22Asian countries by rate of illiteracy
202018-04-22Asian countries by rate of literacy
192018-04-22Countries with more than one capital
182017-08-21Currencies used in Zimbabwe
162017-11-03Official languages of Northwest Territories
152017-08-26Places that use the New Zealand dollar
152018-07-05Pacific Islands Forum members
122019-07-30US States without a lottery system
112017-09-04Countries where school is not compulsory
102018-04-19Prefectures on Kyushu
92017-09-01Life of Helen Keller
92018-04-22The Inner Six
72018-04-22EU Med members
72017-08-23Countries that don't use the metric system
72018-01-23Seven sister states of India
72017-11-10Atlantic hurricane names that were retired between 2000 and 2009
72018-07-05Western European Union members
62017-11-04Provinces of Mongolia
62018-04-21Prefectures of Chugoku
62018-04-21Prefectures of Chubu
52019-07-30Firsts in the House (Women's edition)
52018-04-22The Outer Seven
52018-07-05Pacific Community members
42018-04-21Prefectures in Kanto
42018-04-21Prefectures of Kansai
42017-11-06Administrative districts of Nauru
42017-09-30Provinces of Wallonia
32018-04-22Salzburg Forum members
32017-11-04Wards of Monaco
32018-08-05Counties of Hawaii
32018-07-05Western European Union associate members
32018-07-05Western European Union Observers
32017-11-04Quartiers of Monaco
32017-11-05Parishes of Andorra
32017-09-14Members of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf
32017-09-14Arab states of the Persian Gulf
32017-10-06Recognized regional languages of Guyana
22018-07-05Western European Union associate partners
12018-04-21Prefectures of Tōhoku