Religions by belief

Based on a belief that they are associated with, name these religions, sects and quasi-religious organisations or groups.
Obviously, not everyone in these religions will hold these beliefs.
Includes umbrella terms for different religions with similar beliefs.
Includes extinct religions
Quiz by TWM03
Last updated: October 13, 2018
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Cows are generous creatures who want to give away their milk to people.
There are people who can bless food and drink to turn them into the body and blood of a 2000-year-old man (and you are then supposed to eat it).
If you pray in front of a hill in Saudi Arabia in the twelfth month of the lunar calendar, and subsequently die, you will go straight to heaven while everyone else (except martyrs) will have to wait until the Day of Judgement.
The universe is at least 76 trillion years old.
If you build runways you can summon aeroplanes to bring you stuff and gain eternal prosperity.
Cargo Cults
Midgets (also spelled midgits), as well as pirates, are the chosen people.
Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
Humans were originally created in Jackson County, Missouri.
You shouldn't eat fava beans because they are made of the same thing, or originated from the same place, as people.
Pythagorean Brotherhood
There can only be 144 000 people in heaven.
Jehovah's Witnesses
Cutting the hair is an insult to God because it implies the imperfection of the body you have been given, but cutting nails is fine even though God also gave you them.
If you commit bad deeds in life you might get reborn as a hungry ghost with a big stomach and a small mouth.
Although everyone should have a goal of creating a new world order in which this religion is the state religion, there is a world government and there is an international language, you should not become involved in politics to achieve this.
Bahá'í Faith
A man as tall as a skyscraper once lived for over 8 million years.
Because they are a technology that was not present around 2000 years ago, rubber tyres should not be used on mobile equipment.
Japan was created when two gods stirred a spear around in some water.
Level 84
Apr 6, 2020
Bahai sounds similar to and makes about as much sense as the beliefs of a lot of people I know, included among them anarchists, communists, and those who watched the internet film Zeitgeist. Never heard of the Pythagorean Brotherhood, and didn't know that Jains believed in a very old very tall man. Those were the 3 I missed. Cool quiz.