Russian Inventions

Based on the clues, name these Russian inventions and discoveries.
Quiz by Aaron197
Last updated: October 10, 2020
First submittedOctober 8, 2020
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Sputnik was the first one
Artificial satellite
Type of "table" first published by Mendeleev in 1860
Periodic Table
Metal urn for making tea
Jewelled egg
Fabergé Egg
Type of ship that navigates through ice-covered waters
Blocky video game
World's most-popular military rifle model
Carriage drawn by three horses
The earliest form of this amusement park ride
Roller Coaster
Type of dome seen on many Russian cathedrals
Onion Dome
The first practical way to manufacture these diamond lookalikes
Cubic Zirconia
Thin Russian pancakes
Salyut 1 was the first, but Mir was the more famous
Space station
The first ICBM that could be launched from one of these
The world's first ______ power plant
Pavlov's discovery that he could make a dog salivate by ringing a bell, for example
Classical Conditioning
Infectious agent first discovered by Dmitri Ivanovsky in 1892
Children's toy that fits one inside the other
Matryoshka doll
The discovery of this huge area of land in 1820
Russia was the first country to introduce this type of currency, with one ruble
divided into 100 kopeks. The U.K. wouldn't do it until 1971.
Decimal currency
Level 79
Oct 10, 2020
Having Pavlov in the clue gives it away if you accept Pavlovian Conditioning as a type-in, but it is a valid name for that answer. Per Simply Psychology: "Classical conditioning (also known as Pavlovian conditioning) is learning through association..."
Level ∞
Oct 10, 2020
We don't allow Pavlovian conditioning.
Level 83
Oct 10, 2020
I see a new quiz on the list, I salivate.
Level 71
Oct 10, 2020
Always heard of them as "ice cutters"
Level 82
Oct 10, 2020
Argh, so close on the pancakes! I tried bellini, so was on the right track, but couldn't come up with the correct answer. Also I did not realize that the roller coaster originated in Russia! A couple of the others were news to me, too. Thanks for the fun and informative quiz!
Level 78
Oct 10, 2020
Maybe make blintz an acceptable answer for the pancakes question?
Level 83
Oct 10, 2020
The singular of blini is blin, so by accepting that (as you accept most singulars) you would automatically accept blintz as well.
Level 62
Oct 11, 2020
In French rollercoasters are called "montagnes russes" which literally means "Russian mountains"
Level 75
Oct 11, 2020
Same in portuguese, I came down here to comment this haha
Level 63
Oct 12, 2020
Same in Spanish hahaha
Level 70
Oct 13, 2020
And in russian they're called american mountains :D
Level 67
Oct 12, 2020
I was expecting the question "What Russians are really good at." The obvious answer would be "Copying". It's a Cold War joke, and only a joke! I look forward to all the backlash this will create.
Level 79
Oct 12, 2020
What about Russian reversal?
You know, in Mother Russia, Quizzes answer YOU!!!
Level 68
Oct 13, 2020
How about "the non-casino version of roulette"...