The Portuguese Empire

Answer these questions related to the history and geography of the Portuguese Empire.
Quiz by Aaron197
Last updated: September 21, 2019
First submittedJune 12, 2019
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What prince is given credit for kicking off the Age of Discovery in the early 1400s?
Henry the Navigator
What Portuguese explorer was the first European to reach India by sea?
Vasco da Gama
What modern-day country has more Portuguese speakers than Portugal itself?
What Atlantic archipelagos were discovered by Portugal in the 1400s and today comprise
the two autonomous regions of Portugal?
Which modern-day mainland African countries where colonized by the Portuguese?
What is the most-populous urban area of Africa that was once ruled by the Portuguese?
What African island nation was uninhabited until discovered by Portugal in 1456?
Cape Verde
In 1511 Portugal captured the region of Malacca, important for its role in the spice trade.
In what modern-day country would you find Malacca?
What island was named after Saint Thomas?
São Tomé
What is the most populous city that was once a part of the Portuguese Empire?
São Paulo
What term is used to refer to the Portuguese-speaking parts of the world?
What Indian state was once a Portuguese colony but was invaded and recaptured
by India in 1961?
What Chinese territory did Portugal control until 1999?
What Portuguese explorer led the Spanish expedition that sailed
around the world in the early 1500s?
Ferdinand Magellan
What Portuguese-speaking country became independent from Indonesia in 2002?
East Timor
Level 74
Aug 9, 2019
Good quiz, my 5 won't last...
Level 69
Aug 9, 2019
Nice quiz, good questions, I learned a few things!
Level 64
Aug 12, 2019
Please accept Magalhaes for Magellan.
Level 59
Oct 2, 2019
Level 81
Sep 21, 2019
Got everything except Madeira, but I might have also missed Lusophone if I didn't mistakenly try to type in Lusaka. However I remember Lusitania being the ancient Roman name for Portugal as it was also the name of the Portuguese-colonized planet in Speaker for the Dead.
Level 59
Sep 4, 2020
Thats why I typed 'lusi' and then didnt get it...
Level 42
Sep 21, 2019
How come so many more people got Azores over Madeira? They are pretty much the same in terms of relevance and population
Level 72
Sep 21, 2019
The Azores have more islands. Harder to miss.
Level 65
Jul 22, 2020
Cristiano Ronaldo was born in Madeira...
Level 67
Sep 21, 2019
What modern-day country has more Portuguese speakers THAN! Portugal itself?
Level ∞
Sep 21, 2019
Level 50
Jan 15, 2020
Only missed Luanda and Lusophone
Level 55
Mar 12, 2020
please accept Fernão de Magalhães (or only Magalhães) as an answer for Ferdinand Magellan.
Level 50
Nov 12, 2020
"What modern-day country has more Portuguese speakers than Portugal itself?"

You should include Angola as a correct answer.

Level 71
Feb 10, 2021
Yep, there are more Portuguese speakers in Angola than there are people in Portugal.