The Persian Empire

Answer these questions related to the history and geography of the First Persian Empire.
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Who founded the First Persian empire in the 500s BC?
Cyrus the Great
What dynasty was founded by the above, which ruled the First Persian Empire?
Achaemenid dynasty
What Mesopotamian capital or empire did that ruler conquer in 539 BC?
What group of people did he free from captivity in that empire, and helped
them rebuild their land?
What empire did he revolt against for founding the Persian Empire?
Median Empire
The clay "cylinder" of that king is considered to be the world's oldest charter of what?
(The United Nations have one of these)
Human Rights
What major modern-day country was invaded by Cambyses II in 525 BC?
Who ruled the Persian empire at its greatest extent around 500 BC, when it
ruled over more than 40% of the world's population?
Darius the Great
Who was that ruler's successor, appearing in the Bible under the name Ahasuerus?
Xerxes the Great
What modern-day country did that ruler invade in the 480s BC with an army
reported to be 1 million strong?
What was the capital of the Persian Empire?
What prophet founded the state religion of the Persian Empire?
The religion founded by the above was world's first to believe in one god.
What word describes such religions now?
At what battle did 300 Spartans, with Leonidas as their warrior king, die?
Battle of Thermopylae
What name was given to that army's elite group of 10,000 soldiers?
The Immortals
What title, "shahan shah" in Middle Persian, was used by the Persian kings?
King of Kings
What ancient highway connected the cities of Susa and Sardis to each other?
Royal Road
What language became the lingua franca of the Persian Empire,
following the conquest of Mesopotamia?
Old Aramaic
What river separated Persian territory from India?
What Greek ruler conquered Persia in the 336 BC and ended the empire?
Alexander the Great
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