Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Fill in the Blanks, Quotes and other Trivia
Quiz by sierraistheshiz
Last updated: April 4, 2018
First submittedJuly 18, 2013
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In the beginning credits there is much talk about "many interesting furry animals", which one in particular?
The Majestic Moose
What happened to those responsible for the strange subtitles?
They were sacked
_______ 93² A.D.
Instead of riding horses the knights bang two half ________ together to simulate the sounds of clopping horse hooves
Who is King Arthur's trusty servant?
How much does it cost to get rid of your dead?
9 pence
"I feel _____! I feel _____!"
How old is Dennis?
Which actor plays Dennis's mother?
Terry Jones
"I am your king" ... "Well I didn't ___ for you!"
Which actor plays the Black Knight?
John Cleese
"You make me ___, so be it"
"Tis but a _______"
Which of the Black Knight's limbs is severed first?
left arm
"Just a _____ wound"
What do you burn apart from witches?
more witches
"So, if she weighs the same as a duck then she's ____ __ ____"
made of wood
"Who are you who are so wise in the ways of _______?"
Sir Lancelot the ...
Sir Galahad the ...
Pure / Chaste
Sir Robin the ...
Not Quite so Brave as Sir Lancelot
And the aptly named, Sir ...
Not Appearing in this Film
There are two characters names that are spelled two different ways throughout the movie, which two characters?
Sir Galahad / Gallahad and Sir Lancelot / Launcelot
"... and that, my liege, is how we know the Earth to be ______ ______"
banana shaped
"It's only a _____", is Patsy's only line in the film
"We dine well here in Camelot, we eat ___, and ___, and ____ a lot"
ham / jam / spam
"On second thought, let's not go to Camelot, it is a _____ place"
When given the task to find the Holy Grail, Arthur and his knights _____ their ____ from God while speaking with him
avert / eyes
"I ___ in your general direction"
The French guards catapult a ___ at King Arthur and his knights to rid of them
To enter the French castle, King Arthur's knights build a giant ______ ______
wooden rabbit / trojan rabbit
What do the knights yell when they're too scared to fight?
Run away!
Which actor plays Sir Robin's singing minstrel?
Neil Innes
Which animal is appropriately displayed on Sir Robin's shield?
a chicken
Sir Galahad is invited in to the Castle _______ which is populated only by women
Sir Galahad is wounded and is examined by "Dr." ______ and "Dr." _______
Piglet / Winston
Sir Lancelot saves Sir Galahad from the castle and from almost certain "_____"
Which actor plays the leader of The Knights Who Say Ni!?
Michael Palin
King Arthur and Sir Bedivere must "apease" The Knights Who Say Ni! by buying them a _________
How many times did the king of Swamp Castle have to build the castle before it finally stayed up?
Prince Herbet doesn't want land, he'd "rather just ____"
Which actor plays the inept guard with hiccoughs?
Graham Chapman
Sir Lancelot comes to save Prince Herbert because he thinks that he is a ____
What animal is often heard and seen being beaten, tortured or stomped on?
a cat
Which actor plays Roger the Shrubber?
Eric Idle
What word can't The Knights Who 'Til Recently Said Ni! stand to hear or say?
King Arthur and his knights meet up with ___ the enchanter
What foul beast guards the cave of Caerbannog?
a killer rabbit
"We better not risk another frontal assault, that rabbit's ________"
What weapon is used to kill the foul beast guarding the cave of Caerbannog?
The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch
Where in the book of Armaments does it explain how to use the weapon against "thy foe"?
Chapter 2, Verses 9-21
"1, 2, _" ... "3, sir!"
"He who is valiant and pure of spirit may find the Holy Grail in the Castle of ___________"
Who suffers a fatal heart attack?
The animator
What is Sir Lancelot's favorite color?
What is the capital of Assyria?
"I don't know that"
What is Sir Galahad's real favorite color?
"What is the air speed velocity of an unladden swallow? What do you mean, _______ or ________ swallow?"
African / European
Which actor plays the Bridgekeeper / the Old Man from Scene 24?
Terry Gilliam
"Hello, dappy English k-niggets and Monsieur Arthur King, who has the brain of a ____, you know"
"I wave my _______ _____ at your aunties"
private parts
"I burst my _______ at you"
"In the name of ___ and the _____!"
God / Glory
How does the movie end?
King Arthur and his knights are arrested
Which actor was forgotten in the ending credits?
No one was forgotten, there were no ending credits
Level 44
Feb 12, 2014
I kept guessing "they got arrested" or "they were arrested" for the how did the movie end question. It was to specific.
Level 74
Sep 15, 2015
Great quiz, although I didn't have an acceptable set of letters for "Aaaarrgghhhh" and "nine pence," apparently, is unacceptable.
Level 90
Oct 27, 2016
Might want to be consistent in accepting only last names of the actors. Also, consider accepting "intermission" as how the movie ended?
Level 20
May 28, 2017
But it didn't end at the intermission. And a true fan would know the first and last name of all of the actors.
Level 85
May 29, 2021
Yes, but most quizzes take last names, so it isn't obvious that you need to guess both the first and last names
Level 66
Feb 17, 2020
Can you accept "illustrator" or "drawer" or similar words for "animator"? Other than that, I absolutely love this quiz. Great job :)
Level 81
Apr 24, 2020
If you're not going to accept last names for the actors names, as is the standard here on JetPunk, you should say so in the description out of regard to the quiz-takers who take the time to try your quiz.