The Thirty Years' War

The Thirty Years' War was largely fought in Germany, killing up to 60% of its population, with combatants from all over Europe. How much do you know about it?
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Last updated: October 26, 2020
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The war began when government officials were thrown out of a window. What is this act called?
In which city did mentioned act take place?
Mentioned government officials served Ferdinand, king of Bohemia and emperor of the...?
Holy Roman Empire
Royal house that controlled both the Austrian and the Spanish throne
City that was destroyed in a fire and lost 20 000 people in 1631. It is now the capital of Saxony-Anhalt.
Swedish king who was killed at the Battle of Lützen
Gustavus Adolphus
French cardinal who aided the Protestant side
General and military businessman who was removed, reinstalled, and then killed on imperial orders
Albrecht von Wallenstein
Treaty signed in Münster in 1648
Peace of Westphalia
Related conflict between Spain and the Netherlands; both ended with the same peace treaty
Eighty Years' War
Word for a commander who conjures armies and controls armies outside of state influence
Quote by Cato the Elder that is often associated with the Thirty Year's War
The War feeds itself
1939 play by Bertolt Brecht and Margarete Steffin
Mother Courage and her Children
Level 74
Oct 25, 2020
#1: None of the officials suffered severe injuries. Did they slip down the slanted castle wall? Did their long coats slow their fall, like parachutes? Did they fall softly on a dunghill? The officials claimed that angels had saved them.
Level 74
Oct 25, 2020
#5: Magdeburg was one of Germany's largest cities at the time. It took more than a century to regain its status. The event was known sarcastically as "Magdeburg Wedding". The Catholic emperor had forced the protestant Magdeburg to marry him.
Level 74
Oct 25, 2020
#7: This shows that the war was not simply a religious conflict. Richelieu's plan was to weaken his Habsburg opponents in the fight over supremacy in Europe. He succeeded.
Level 74
Oct 25, 2020
#12: Soldiers were not directly paid by the state but largely lived off pillaging. The Treaty of Westphalia might not have worked if many of the soldiers had not been given posts as government clerks at the same time.
Level 74
Oct 25, 2020
It has also been suggested that one of the reasons the Thirty Years' War began was that the Ottoman Empire was engaged militarily in Asia during that time. They were usually quarrelling with Austria in the Balkans. Now that Austria was free of that burden, it could employ its money and troops elsewhere. Quite fittingly, the Ottomans resolved their Asian struggles and refocused on Europe around the time the Westphalian Peace was signed. All of this information I base on lectures by Herfried Münkler, political scientist and author of a book on the subject.