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137,9092019-12-13 Countries with the Longest Total Borders
81,4742019-04-03 10 Biggest European Countries by Area
58,6322018-09-20 Countries with Multiple Big Islands
57,1912018-11-23 10 Biggest Asian Countries by Area
53,2412019-04-18 Top 10 European Countries by Coastline
49,3662018-11-01 10 Biggest American Countries by Area
37,7972019-04-18 Top 10 Asian Countries by Coastline
36,2332019-04-19 Top 10 American Countries by Coastline
31,7822019-04-18 Top 10 African Countries by Coastline
3,6332019-07-14Men's Tennis - Singles: Top Wimbledon Winners (Open Era)
1,5292020-10-12Men's tennis (singles) - Most wins (Open Era)
1,2332017-01-28Women's tennis: Top Grand Slam Winners (Open Era)
1,2252020-10-11Men's tennis: Top Roland Garros Winners (Open Era)
1,0932016-07-09Women's tennis: Top Wimbledon Winners (Open Era)
8972018-01-14Third World countries (in terms of human development-HDI index)
8592020-02-02Men's tennis: Top Australian Open Winners (Open Era)
8512018-10-06100 Biggest Islands of the Earth
8192020-11-30Men's tennis: Most weeks at No1
8032020-10-11Men's tennis: Top Grand Slam Winners (Open Era)
7392019-01-28Women's tennis - Most weeks at No1
7202019-09-09Men's tennis: Top US Open Winners (Open Era)
5322020-10-24Countries with Population over 100 million
5202015-06-06Women's tennis: Top Roland Garros Winners (Open Era)
4522018-05-23Women's tennis: Top Australian Open Winners (Open Era)
4372016-07-11Women's tennis: Top US Open Winners (Open Era)
4332019-10-18Most Populated Island Countries
3222016-04-22Four-word countries
2712016-01-23Borders from South Africa to Norway
2652016-04-19Rivers by number of countries they pass through...
2622019-01-27Balkan Countries by Area
2412016-06-23Countries Bordering Guatemala
2142013-03-06Tolkien - Silmarillion - The 7 sons of Feanor
2122016-04-21Three-word Countries
1992016-04-25Former USSR States not bordering Russia
1982016-04-21Countries by percentage of the total area of their continent
1752020-09-06Lord Of The Rings - Kings of Rohan
1672018-06-27Borders from Senegal to Papua New Guinea
1492019-10-09Countries with B and Z
1482016-01-12United States of America with the longest coastlines
1382016-01-23Countries by number of sizeable islands (over 1000 km2)
1362016-01-19Most Populous Mediterranean Islands
1272017-02-20Countries Bordering Germany by Population
1202016-04-2220 Largest Countries with continental land borders
1132016-01-12United States of America with the longest international borders
1112016-07-10Euro 2016 Scorers
1072017-10-0140 Largest Asian Islands
982019-10-09Countries with W and E
972016-07-16Countries Bordering Republic of the Congo
952016-01-2310 Most Populous Provinces of China
942019-10-09Countries with W and I
942017-04-05J.R.R. Tolkien - The Three Rings' Bearers
932016-05-06Countries Bigger than 1 Million Square Km
912016-04-24Countries bordering neighbours of China
902016-04-26European Union Landlocked Countries
862019-01-27North Hemisphere Countries
822016-04-22Middle East Countries by Area
792015-12-27Himalayas' Highest Peaks
782017-02-20Countries Bordering Germany by Area
762020-11-24Men's Tennis - Singles: Top 10 Ranking
722016-04-26Top 10 Oceanian Coastlines
722016-05-06Countries Bigger than 1 Million Square Miles
712016-01-12Most Populated Islands of the Americas
692020-04-3050 Largest Countries In Order - No Initials
652020-01-13Women's Tennis: Most Singles Titles (Open Era)
652020-10-11Men's Tennis: Most Singles Titles (Open Era)
632016-01-12Most Populated Asian Islands
632016-01-11World's Biggest Lakes by Volume
582020-03-02Women's Tennis - Singles: Top 10 Ranking
572016-01-11Most Populated African Islands
552019-11-04Men's Tennis (Singles) - Top Masters Series winners
542013-02-27Lord of the rings (Appendix A) - Kings and Queens of Numenor
522016-01-21Countries with the Lowest Low Points
512016-06-28Countries with 6-digit Population
492016-04-20Three-word Capitals
472020-03-02Women's Tennis - Singles: Most Wins (Open Era)
462016-01-23South Hemisphere Countries
462016-04-18Largest Oceanian Islands
442020-06-19World Capitals With Multiple A's
422019-08-30Former Soviet Countries And Capitals
422018-04-18Top 10 Countries With A Land Border By Coastline / Area Ratio
422016-04-19Most Populated Oceanian Islands
412016-01-12Largest Islands of the Americas
412016-01-21Greek Islands - Largest Islands of the Cyclades
392016-01-22Countries along the American coast
352019-02-17Countries "Met" More Than Once Along The Afro-Eurasian Coast
332020-04-3050 Most Populous Countries In Order - No Initials
332020-05-17Capitals With The Most Letters
312016-07-07Euro 2016 Top Scorers
302016-01-2310 Most Populous States of India
292020-01-25Presidential Primary Elections: States With Caucuses
262019-02-17Countries That Appear Only Once Along the American Coast
252020-06-14"-Stan" Countries by Population
222020-05-17Prime Meridian Countries by Population
212020-06-14"-Stan" Countries by Area
142020-06-17Flags With Letters
142016-01-24Umberto Eco's 7 Novels
142020-06-16Greater Sunda Islands
132020-05-16Tropic of Capricorn Countries by Area
122020-05-17Prime Meridian Countries by Area
122020-05-31Multiple Ocean American Countries
112020-05-16Tropic of Capricorn Countries by Population
112020-05-17Countries Bordering Both Brazil and Argentina
112020-05-16Tropic of Cancer Countries by Population
72020-05-16Tropic of Cancer Countries by Area
62020-06-16Lesser Sunda Islands
62019-10-03Lord of the Rings - The Beacons of Gondor
62020-05-31Top 10 Highest Volcanoes of the Earth
52020-05-0310 Largest Lake Islands