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World Thinkers 2013

Enter an answer into the box. According to Prospect magazine who are the top 25 thinkers of 2013.
Last updated: July 22, 2013
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Atheist, biologist, author, "The Selfish Gene", meme, "The God Delusioin"
Richard Dawkins
Professor at Columbia, Berkeley and John Hopkins, economist at World Bank, now Finance Minister of his native Afghanistan
Ashraf Ghani
Psychologist, linguist, cognitive scientist, "The Better Angels of Our Nature" "The Language Instinct" "The Blank Slate" "The Stuff of Thought"
Steven Pinker
World Bank and later Minister of Trade, Finance and Defence in post Hussien Iraq, "The Crisis of Islamic Civilization"
Ali Allawi
Keynesian economist, Nobel prize winner, critic of austerity, NYT columnist
Paul Krugman
Lacanian psychoanalysis, most annoying philospher alive,
Slavoj Zizek
Developmental economist, social choice theory, Nobel in 1998, argues against austerity
Amartya Sen
Physicist, "________ Boson" CERN proved him correct, expected to be given a Nobel this year
Peter Higgs
Former director of UN International Atomic Energy agency, Nobel peace prize 2005, led opposition to President Morsi of Egypt, possible PM of Egypt
Mohamed El Baradei
"Thinking Fast and Slow", psychologist, behaviorial economist, Nobel in 2002
Daniel Kahneman
Physicist, Nobel 1979, propoent of final theory, "Cosmology" "Lake Views"
Steven Weinberg
"Guns, Germs, and Steel" "Collapse" "The World Until Yesterday"
Jared Diamond
Neurologists, "The Man who Mistook His Wife for a Hat" "Awakenings" "Hallucinations"
Oliver Sacks
Chinese artist, knows for his work on the "Birds Nest" for the Olympics and "Sunflower Seeds" at the Tate, arrested and jailed by the Chinese in 2011 for 88 days
Ai WeiWei
Indian writer and political activist, winner of the 1997 Booker Prize for "The God of Small Things", now writes on the status of women, corporate corruption and Kashmiri independence
Arundhati Roy
Statistician, political blogger and NYT columnist, correctly predicted all 50 states in the 2010 election, "The Signal and the Noise"
Nate Silver
Iranian film director, "About Elly" "A Separation", won an Oscar for Best Foreign Language film and nominated for Best Screenplay
Asghar Farhadi
South Korean economist, now at Cambridge, "23 Things They Didn't Tell You About Capitalism", highly critical of free market economics
Ha Joon Chang
Professor of philosophy and law at University of Chicago, "The Fragility of Goodness" "The New Religious Intolerance"
Martha Nussbaum
South African-American entrepreneur and inventor, PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla Motors
Elon Musk
American philosophy professor at Harvard know for his "Justice" course available free online, "What Money Can't Buy: The Moral Limites of the Market"
Michael Sandel
Conservative British financial historian, "Civilization: The West and the Rest", best example of an arrogant academic, professor at Harvard
Niall Ferguson
Swedish statistician and physician, co-founded Médecins sans Frontières, Trendalyzer software for the anaysis of statistics was purchased by Google in 2007.
Hans Rosling
American journalist, fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, "Gulag" "Iron Curtain", Pulitzer Prize, married to the Polish Foreign Minister
Anne Applebaum
American geneticist and entrepreneur, one of the first to sequence the human genome, working on synthetic life forms
Craig Venter
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Feb 9, 2015
Nice quiz, but only got 7 correct.