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61,7352019-12-05 Countries with the Most Forest
42,3912019-02-02 Countries by Inland Surface Water
19,7912016-08-22 2016 Summer Olympics Medal Count
3,4452018-03-18Countries the US Invaded, Occupied or Fought
2,4002017-10-09Countries with a US Military Base (according to wikipedia)
2,0522014-03-17Top 100 People of the 20th Century
1,9492013-12-14NHL Teams by Clue
1,1932014-07-17Ethnic origins in Canada
1,0002013-07-28Countries by car production
7342013-06-23Top 100 People of the Millennium
7162015-02-08Hungry Countries -- Updated
7142013-08-16Countries which Execute
6882018-09-03Countries with the best science education -- 2015
6382015-03-21The Americas (except US) Geography by letter - B
5862015-03-27The Americas (except US) Geography by Letter - A
5472014-06-25FIFA World Cup -- Close but no cigar.
5252013-08-16Inactive Countries
5112015-03-28The Americas (except US) Geography by Letter - M
5102015-03-22The Americas (except US) Geography by Letter - C
4932019-08-07FIFA Lowest Ranked Countries - Updated 2019
4922016-04-09Top 100 Famous Women
4602015-03-29The Americas (except US) Geography by Letter - L
4562013-07-28Countries with the Largest Net Exports
4222014-05-12Countries with no Inland Surface Water.
4192013-07-28Countries by Oil Imports
4152015-07-04Countries the Netherlands Invaded, Occupied or Fought
4072015-07-03Countries Russia and the Soviets Invaded, Occupied or Fought
4042019-08-06Countries Worst Scores According to Press Freedom Index
3902018-12-01The Americas (except US) Geography by Letter - P
3892015-03-27The Americas (except the US) Geography by Letter -- G
3812015-03-23The Americas (except US) Geography by Letter - E
3682015-04-30The Americas (except US) Geography by Letter - S
3502015-03-27The Americas (except US) Geography by Letter - H
3482017-08-21Countries France Invaded, Occupied. or Fought since 1776
3342015-04-01The Americas (except US) Geography by Letter - N
3292013-07-28Countries and Cocaine Use
3192015-03-23The Americas (except US) Geography by Letter - F
3142015-07-04Countries Japan Invaded, Occupied or Fought.
3092015-03-23The Americas (except US) Geography by Letter - D
2922015-07-07Top 100 People of the 19th Century
2922014-06-25FIFA One time wonders
2812017-12-28UEFA Top European Football Clubs (Updated 2017)
2812013-06-30Top 14 Atheist Countries
2782013-12-30Top Events of the Millenium
2692015-07-05Countries Spain Invaded, Occupied or Fought.
2572014-01-03Top 20 Canadians.
2492013-06-30Top 20 Least Religious Countries
2412015-07-07Countries Italy Invaded, Occupied or Fought
2322014-03-16Top 10 Presidents and Bottom 10 Presidents
2282014-07-01Europe - Fragile Countries
2102017-10-21First Language of Toronto Residents
2032016-08-08Countries which Bid for the Summer Olympics
1892015-03-27Canadian Geography A - Z
1792018-08-2520th Century Wars
1482015-07-03Countries Portugal Invaded, Occupied or Fought
1452013-07-16Famous Canadians #2
1452013-06-21Wealthiest Middle Class
1442013-06-30Top 20 religious countries.
1432013-06-16IQ scores by Country
1362018-09-03Countries according to mathematical ability
1322015-02-08Europe - Bad Countries for Journalists
1312016-08-15Common Knowledge (for Quiztakers)
1302014-02-24Countries participating in the Sochi Olympics
1282016-03-23Top 20 Countries - HDI without and with inequality adjusted.
1232018-12-24NHL -- 1500 game players
1232016-09-05Women who Changed the World
1192016-08-10Olympic Gold Medals per Capita
1192014-07-01Stable Countries -- outside of Europe.
1162015-12-09Ethnic Origins of Toronto Residents
1122015-12-30Least Peaceful Countries - this decade
1022016-08-22Summer Olympics - Medalists in Gymnastics
1002017-02-11Summer Olympics - Medalists in Swimming
952016-08-29Country by City "L"
932013-06-16Top Cities by Murder Rate (2011)
912016-08-08Countries which Bid for the Winter Olympics
902014-12-31European Cities, Landmarks, etc.
902016-08-15Common Knowledge (for Quiztakers) #2
882018-09-03Countries with the best reading -- 2015
872017-12-28Top 20 Failed States Updated for 2017
872016-08-22Summer Olympics - Medalists in Handball
852016-08-29Country by City "H"
842016-08-22Summer Olympics - Medalists in Field Hockey
832016-04-12Top Cucumber Producing Countries
792016-08-29Country by City "C"
782014-11-09Ignorant Countries -- Index of Ignorance
772018-12-01Country by City "W"
752017-09-24Least Peaceful Countries Outside Asia and Africa
742016-08-29Country by City "K"
732016-08-29Country by City "J"
722016-08-29Country by City "A"
712016-04-15Top Soybean Producing Countries
702016-08-29Country by City "I"
702016-08-29Country by City "B"
702016-08-30Country by City "Z"
692016-04-15Modern Dictators A-Z
672013-06-18Top 20 Countries by Suicide Rate
672016-08-29Country by City "D"
662015-02-08Unfree Countries
652016-08-22Summer Olympics -- Medalist at Basketball
652018-01-05Least Muslim Countries by Population
652016-08-29Country by City "G"
642017-09-24Global Peace Index -- bottom 20 (Updated 2017)
642017-09-24Peaceful Countries This Decade (Updated 2017)
642016-08-29Country by City "F"
632016-08-30Country by City "Y"
622016-08-10Olympic Medals per Capita
622016-08-22Summer Olympics - Medalists at Badminton
612016-08-29Country by City "E"
602016-08-29Country by City "S"
582016-08-29Country by City "M"
572016-08-29Country by City "R"
562016-01-08Least Corrupt Countries outside Europe
562016-08-29Country by City "V"
552016-08-30Country by City "Q"
552016-08-30Country by City "T"
552015-06-21Countries with a low per capita police force
542016-08-29Country by City "P"
542016-08-29Country by City "N"
532016-08-29Country by City "O"
522016-08-29Country by City "U"
522013-06-29Winter Olympic Hosts
492017-09-24Peaceful Countries Outside Europe (Updated 2017)
482016-04-12Top Oat Producing Countries
472016-04-12Top Plum Producing Countries
462018-09-03Countries by Death Rate (2014)
452013-06-16Countries according to Human Development Index
422017-09-24Global Peace Index (Updated 2017)
412016-04-12Top 20 Cassava Producing Countries
402016-01-09Countries with Above Average Ecological Footprint
402016-08-23Summer Olympics - Medalists in Table Tennis
392016-08-22Summer Olympics - Medalists in Equestrian
392016-08-22Summer Olympics -- Medalists at Cycling
392016-08-22Summer Olympics -- Medalists at Boxing
372016-08-23Summer Olympics - Medalists in Tennis
372016-08-08Failed Summer Olympic Bids
362016-06-19Countries by Net Migration Rate
352015-06-21Countries with less than 1 soldier per 1000
352016-01-01Top 60 persons of the 18th Century
342017-12-28Global Militarization Index (Updated 2017)
342016-08-23Summer Olympics - Medalists in Fencing
332016-08-23Summer Olympics - Medalists in Water Polo
322016-08-23Summer Olympics - Medalists in Synchronized Swimming
322017-09-24Least Peaceful Countries Outside Africa
322017-10-10Countries with a US military presence
312018-01-05Least Catholic Countries by Population
312016-06-18Countries I Visited (hwes)
302016-08-19Top Female Athletes of the 20th Century
282018-01-05Least Protestant Countries by Population
282016-08-23Summer Olympics - Medalists in Rowing
282016-08-10Olympic Medals by GDP
282016-08-23Summer Olympics - Medalists in Volleyball
272016-04-12Top Buckwheat Producing Countries
272016-08-22Summer Olympics - Medalists at Diving
272016-08-23Sumner Olympics -- Medalist in Judo
262016-08-23Summer Olympics - Medalists in Triathlon
262016-08-23Summer Olympics - Medalists in Wrestling
252018-01-05Least Christian Countries by Population
232016-08-23Summer Olympics - Medalists in Rugby
222016-08-23Summer Olympics - Medalists in Weightlifting
202016-08-23Summer Olympics - Medalists in Taekwondo
192016-08-23Summer Olympics - Medalists in Sailing
172013-07-22World Thinkers 2013
162016-08-23Summer Olympics - Medalists in Shooting
142016-08-22Summer Olympics - Medalists at Canoneing
142016-08-23Summer Olympics -- Medalists in Modern Pentathlon