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79,2032020-04-07 Most Mentioned Enemies of the USA
45,7632019-03-09 Top 10 Coldest U.S. States
44,9452021-03-04 Most Mentioned Enemies of Russia
26,5672020-09-18 U.S. States with the Most Immigrants
16,3872021-03-04 Most Mentioned Allies of Russia
1,7402016-05-09The 13 countries with Aircraft Carriers
1,2302016-05-16The 13 countries with destroyers
8822014-09-16Top 10 Most Visited Countries
6662014-06-1415 Most developed countries in Africa
6272019-09-08The Nuclear Countries Quiz
5922014-04-16Top 20 Countries With Most Economic Freedom
4422014-10-03Top 25 most patriotic countries
4292014-10-08Top 10 countries with the most advanced technology
3582015-02-2610 strongest countries of Africa!
3142016-05-1635 most powerful nations in Eurasia
2462016-04-22'Countries' that don't officially exist.
2452014-12-02Top 10 most technologically advanced African nations
2232015-02-2515 most powerful nations in The Americas
2152015-04-23Top 15 countries with largest immigrant populations
2122014-12-04Past and Present Communist Nations
1842014-11-21What if the largest nations held the largest populations?
1632016-04-04Potential Future Superpowers
1502018-01-0710 Senate Seats Most Likely To Switch Parties In 2018
1442018-01-0710 countries most likely to leave E.U.
1242015-03-03Top 15 largest military expenditures
1062015-01-06West African Countries
1012015-09-25Top 25 countries by Video Game Revenue
1002014-12-01Top 10-Fastest developing nations!
912014-12-15Top 10 HIghest Oil Producing Countries of Africa
912015-11-30The Mali Empire
762015-10-1510 countries with the smallest economies
752015-02-1310 states by quality of life
712016-04-13Niger River Countries
512016-04-12Congo River Basin Countries
472016-01-05Triple Alliances
382016-04-12Nile Countries
342016-04-13Southern Great Escarpment Countries
332015-11-25The Songhai Empire
322014-11-11Member nations of The Conference of American Armies
262016-04-12Zambezi River Countries
242017-11-30States won by 25%+ margin