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Last updated: November 27, 2018
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Famous Person/Thing
The creator of Mickey Mouse
Walt Disney
The inventor of the Ford Model T Car
Henry Ford
A famous man who stood for civil rights in India
A famous woman who stod for women rights in America
Susan B. Anthony
A famous Confederate general in the Civil War
Robert E. Lee
Founder of the Red Cross
Clara Barton
The creator of the delicious Hershey franchise
Milton Hershey
A famous female scientist who died from too much radiation
Marie Curie
A scientist who discovered the three laws of physics
Isaac Newton
The first Latin-American inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame
Roberto Clemente
The two men who were the first to fly
The Wright Brothers
The inventor of the telephone
Alexander Graham Bell
The creator of the movie "Psycho"
Alfred Hitchcock
The president during the Civil War
Abraham Lincoln
The inventor of Apple products
Steve Jobs
The famous Union general during the Civil War
Ulysses S. Grant
The 26th President ofthe United States
Theodore Roosevelt
She is famous for living with chimps
Jane Goodall
The famous baseball player who played for the New York Yankees
Babe Ruth
The famous African who was put in prison because of his civil rights actions
Nelson Mandela
The longest reigning monarch in the UK history
Queen Victoria
The creator of Star Wars
George Lucas
A famous actor who is famous for his martial arts fight against Chuck Norris
Bruce Lee
He was stabbed on the Ides of March
Julius Caesar
An American marine biologist and conservationist
Rachel Carson
The first man on the moon
Neil Armstrong
The author of the Harry Potter series
J.K. Rowling
The author of "Little House on the Prairie"
Laura Ingalls Wilder
The first african American in MLB
Jackie Robinson
The author of "A Christmas Carol"
Charles Dickens
The first President of the United States
George Washington
A Native American killed at the Battle of Little Bighorn
Sitting Bull
A female musician/actress who starred in "9 to 5"
Dolly Parton
The creator of MARVEL
Stan Lee
The man who found out that the planets revolve around the sun
"Born on a mountain top in Tennessee, bravest name in the land of the free . . ."
Davy Crockett
The author of "The Cat in the Hat"
Dr. Seuss
The Ancient Egyptian king who ruled when he was just a boy
King Tut
The best of all escape artists
Harry Houdini
The blind man who invented a way for blind people to communicate
Louis Braille
The woman who refused to give up her seat
Rosa Parks
The famous author of "The Diary of Anne Frank"
Anne Frank
"The British are coming! The British are coming!"
Paul Revere
The director of Jurassic Park and Jaws
Steven Spielberg
The most famous abolitionist during the Civil War
Frederick Douglas
The creator of the Muppets
Jim Henson
A popular pool game
Marco Polo
The wife of the second President of the United States
Abigail Adams
The founder and Great Khan of the Mongol Empire
Genghis Khan
The woman who sewed the American Flag
Betsy Ross
The first African-American President of the United States
Barack Obama
A famous NHL player
Wayne Gretzky
An American feminist, journalist, and social and political activist
Gloria Steinem
The man who claims to have found America (Hint: Not Amerigo)
Christopher Columbus
Creator of Microsoft
Bill Gates
Considered the greatest heavyweight in sport's history
Muhammad Ali
A genius who discovered the theory of relativity
Albert Einstein
"I have a dream . . ."
Martin Luther King Jr.
"Thank ya, thank ya very much"
Elvis Presley
The author of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"
Roald Dahl
A mexican painter who is best known for her self portraits
Frida Kahlo
A woman who grew up blind and deaf
Helen Keller
A Spanish painter who is best known for his abstract paintings
Pablo Picasso
A composer who composed "The Magic Flute"
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
The painter of the "Mona Lisa"
Leonardo da Vinci
A runaway slave most famous for her work in the Underground Railroad
Harriet Tubman
The fifth and last monarch of the Tudor dynasty
Queen Elizabeth
The author of "Where the Wild Things Are"
Maurice Sendak
The inventor of the lightbulb
Thomas Alva Edison
The first American woman in space
Sally Ride
He flew a kite with a key in a lightning storm
Ben Franklin
The female pilot who disappeared over the Pacific Ocean
Amelia Earhart
An English band that consisted of Paul McCartney
The Beatles
She helped Lewis and Clarkon their huge expedition
The only president to serve four terms
Franklin Roosevelt
He made an expedition to Antarctica
Ernest Shackleton
An American singer-songwriter, artist, and writer
Bob Dylan
He is famous for his journey to the Galapagos Islands where he made a theory about evolution
Charles Darwin
He planted apple trees in a lot of different places, all while wearing a pan on his head
Johnny Appleseed
She was the wife of the president who served four terms
Eleanor Roosevelt
He was a famous jazz musician who sang "What a Wonderful World"
Louis Armstrong
She wrote "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
Harriet Beecher Stowe
The wife of the first African-American president
Michelle Obama
She was a famous sharpshooter of the Wild West
Annie Oakley
An American pioneer, explorer, and frontiersman who's actions mad him one of the first folk heroes
Daniel Boone
The third President of the United States
Thomas Jefferson
The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during World War II
Winston Churchill
A French researcher who invented scuba gear
Jacques Cousteau
The first person to circumnavigate the world
Ferdinand Magellan
Famous Person/Thing
He was the first Catholic president, but was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald
John F. Kennedy
An American artist who was the leading figure in pop art
Andy Warhol
The author of "Tom Sawyer" and "Huckleberry Finn"
Mark Twain
The President of the United States who liked jelly beans
Ronald Reagan
A famous painter of lilypads
Claude Monet
The playwright who wrote "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and "Hamlet"
William Shakespeare
The founder of Ripley's Believe It Or Not
Robert Ripley
A major character in the Bible who walked on water and was crucified
America's first major ballerina
Maria Tallchief
A Roman Catholic Religious Sister who was a missionary in India
Mother Teresa
The 28th President of the United States
Woodrow Wilson
A former first lady and Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton
A pirate who had black facial hair
A girl who was shot by the Taliban trying to get an education
Malala Yousafzai
A leader who took over most of the Middle East
Alexander the Great
The creator of most famous board games
Milton Bradley
A musician who was part of the Jackson 5
Michael Jackson
A woman who pretended she was a woman in the army
Joan of Arc
A New York Yankees player who recently retired
Derek Jeter
A musician who was the focus of a song by Eric Church
Bruce Springsteen
A female African American poet
Maya Angelou
An African American Olympic gold-medalist who competed at the berlin games in Germany
Jesse Owens
The author of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series
Jeff Kinney
The Crocodile Hunter
Steve Irwin
A civil rights leader who was born a slave
Sojourner Truth
A famous race horse
A female French leader who was beheaded during the French Revolution
Marie Antoinette
An African American scientist who experimented with peanuts
George Washingotn Carver
A famous science fiction author
Jules Verne
Moe, Larry, and Curly
The Three Stooges
A famous architect
Frank Lloyd Wright
The author of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy
J.R.R. Tolkien
The wife of the president who was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald
Jacqueline Kennedy
A famous British cook and chef
Julia Child
An author who wrote The Raven and The Pit and the Pendullum
Edgar Allen Poe
Two brothers who are famous for their collection of fairy tales
The Brothers Grimm
A musician who wrote and sang an Oscar winning song from The Lion King
Elton John
An African American blind musician
Stevie Wonder
The author of the Brer Rabbit stories
Beatrix Potter
The star of I Love Lucy
Lucille Ball
An American labor leader and civil rights activist
Cesar Chavez
The first Latina Supreme Court Justice
Sonia Sotomayor
A 1930s comedic actor who was in a lot of silent films
Charlie Chaplin
A princess and wife of Prince Charles
Princess Diana
A band who's lead singer is Mick Jagger
The Rolling Stones
A famous American monument who was a gift from France
Statue of Liberty
An expedition consisting of two men and one Native American who traveled across the country
Lewis and Clark Expedition
Where immigrants came to become a citizen
Ellis Island
What some slaves used to escape plantations, and Harriet Tubman was a part of it
Underground Railroad
An ancient city buried by the volcano Mt. Vesuvius
A huge blimp that burned down in a fiery crash
A canal that connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean
Panama Canal
When the pilgrims came over to America and had a feast with the Native Americans
First Thanksgiving
The beginning of World War II; the day of the Normandy landings
A famous fort in Texas that was used in the Mexican-American War
When the Japanese bombed a place in Hawaii
Pearl Harbor
When prospectors came from all over the country to get a mineral in California
Gold Rush
When the champions of MLB play in October
World Series
The turning point of the Civil War
Battle of Gettysburg
When colonists in Boston threw bxes of tea into the Boston Harbor
Boston Tea Party
When Martin Luther King Jr. gave his "I Have A Dream" speech
March on Washington
They happened in Beijing, London, and Rio, for example
Summer Olympics
A document that was signed by Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock, and Ben Franklin, among others
Declaration of Independence
What two airplanes flew into on September 11, 2001
Twin Towers
The huge football championship game
Super Bowl
The event that had a dozen men and women hung in the 1600s
Salem Witch Trials
The fire that was supposedly caused when a cow knocked a lantern onto a pile of hay
Great Chicago Fire
A natural disaster that demolished a Californian city on 1908
San Francisco Earthquake
A hurricane that happened in New Orleans in 2005
Hurricane Katrina
A music festival that happened in the 1960s
When the dinosaurs roamed the Earth
Age of the Dinosaurs
The event that was nearly a decade long in the 1930s
Great Depression
When cowboys had long cattle drives in the Midwest
Wild West
A monument in the badlands in South Dakota that has four presidents on it
Mount Rushmore
A wall in China
Great Wall of China
A monument in Arizona that you can walk over
Grand Canyon
Where the president resides
White House
The tallst mountain in the world
Mount Everest
Monuments in Egypt
Great Pyramids
The river that is home to the most famous rainforest in Brazil
A prison off the coast of San Francisco
A bridge that connects Brooklyn to Manhattan
Brooklyn Bridge
A group of waterfalls in between the USA and Canada
Niagra Falls
A cluster of reefs off the coast of Australia
Great Barrier Reef
The place that is home to the statue of Athena
A circle of stones that no one knows why they are there
A Roman monument that was home to gladiator battles
A building in India that has a reflecting pool in front of it
Taj Mahal
Level 32
Dec 1, 2014
Definitely need way more time
Level 34
Dec 2, 2014
If you have any suggestions for better hints, please tell me, because i just racked my brain for hints on most oif them. Thanks!
Level 51
Dec 3, 2014
Either more time or you don't have to type in full names. Some people only go by their last name and we are not sure of first name
Level 68
Dec 3, 2014
I can tell you worked hard on this quiz. Just a couple of things: you don't sow a flag, you sew it. Also please accept Benjamin Franklin as well as Ben Franklin. Couldn't figure out why I couldn't get that one!
Level 34
May 23, 2016
Sowed has now been changed to Sewed, and Ben Franklin is an accepted answer.
Level 34
May 23, 2016
More time has now been added.
Level 72
Dec 16, 2016
Niagara, not niagra
Level 37
Oct 3, 2018
You say that we must type in the full names, yet for so many you accept only the last name or popular name. What gives? And why did you refuse to accept both Julius Caeser and Caeser?